Sunday, June 15, 2014


by Joel D. Anastasi Joel D. Anastasi

With Trance Channel Robert Baker (1948-2013)

Your whole soul exists in another realm or dimension of being which is called oversoul consciousness. Oversoul consciousness is the wholeness of all of your lifetimes in the physical: past, present, and future. So it contains all of the soul fragments that make up the whole of you as a physical being in your evolution through all of your incarnations—all of your physical experience from the beginning to the end, because physical experience has a beginning and an end.

Joel: You seem to be saying that when we are communicating with God, we are really communicating with our own oversoul consciousness.

Gabriel: Yes, your oversoul consciousness is governing your overall connection with the wholeness of you that is fulfilling the wholeness of your purpose in the divine plan as directed by God. So your oversoul is acting as an intermediary between your soul fragment and the unindividuated force of God.

Joel: When Neale Walsch was communicating with God when writing the Conversations with God books, are you saying he was communicating with his oversoul that was communicating with the God consciousness?

Gabriel: Yes. You see you can go beyond that. There are different levels and layers of hierarchy that expand the consciousness of God in its hierarchy. For instance, a cell contains the entire consciousness of God, one cell. It contains the entire consciousness of the erotic, sexual, and love force of God. At the same time it records all of that, that cell expands into individual cells. The earth is a cell of God. It is a physical manifested experience. So you could say that physical manifestation is one level of God’s experience. Then, within that experience is the experience of each individual soul fragment. Each of those soul fragments has an oversoul, which is the entire experience of their whole soul, past, present, and future of all their lifetimes. Each soul fragment in a lifetime contains the whole soul of the planet or the planetary monad, the oversoul of the planet. That is the divine plan in evolution through those soul fragments for that lifetime.

Beyond that is the monad of the oversoul of all the oversouls of the planet that contain the entire oversoul evolution for the physical experience of that planet, the entire divine plan for the evolution of matter into its Godliness, in conscious awareness. Then you have the oversoul for the planetary logos. The planetary logos is a solar system that contains the information of all of the planets in interaction with one another for the evolution of that particular solar system where the consciousness of God is concerned, and the divine plan of the evolution for that solar system.

Then you go beyond that to the solar logos, which is the particular sun the mind of God uses to transfer the information of the divine plan into that solar system. So you might say that is the oversoul of conscious evolution of that entire solar system as implanted through the mind of God.

You can go beyond that to intergalactic awareness, and you move into the oversoul monad of the particular galaxy and all of the solar systems within that galaxy and the divine plan for that. And then interconnected intergalactic awareness of galaxies in unification and beyond and beyond and beyond. It gets larger and larger, so to speak.

Joel: You described oversoul consciousness as containing “all of the soul fragments that make up the whole of the God consciousness that make up the whole of you as a physical being in your evolution through all of your incarnations. All of your physical experience from the beginning to the end because physical experience has a beginning and an end.”

Gabriel: At some point in evolution, where the experience of your solar system is concerned, there will be the development of intergalactic awareness, which will bring about the ascension of your entire galaxy as well as the ascension of interrelated galaxies. The one and the whole are all the same. They are all interacting, interrelating all of the time. They are already at one. But God consciousness, in this solar system, is simply a way of focusing on twelve aspects and studying the experience of twelve aspects of its being and then billions of fragments of the expression of those twelve aspects through individual soul fragments. And then archetypes of those soul fragments as they are studied through the oversoul of the combination of all the fragments of an individual soul in all lifetimes. So God gets to discover and explore the experience of him/herself in many ways at once because it is all simultaneous. 

Once it has left, the soul is free of the physical world until it decides to reincarnate. In the soul plane, you connect all the dots, so to speak. In other words, you get to connect to your oversoul. You get to look at the whole plan and evaluate it—to see how the oversoul plan of all your soul fragments interweaves in its connections, interactions, and purpose with all the souls where the planetary logos is concerned, the entire Akashic. Then you decide from there what would be the best kind of soul fragment to create for yourself for the next stage of soul development, where and how you can best serve it. Then it will gather together a specific astral body based upon the type of life it has chosen to embody and its level of soul development. It will then reincarnate again in the physical, and it will go through the same process again.

Some souls, as we said, remain trapped in the astral world for years. For instance, Queen Elizabeth I spent about three hundred years in the astral realm because she couldn’t let go of trying to control the government of the United Kingdom. And so she stayed attached for that period of time. She has finally left the astral world and gone into the soul plane. 

Joel: Do souls in the soul plane communicate with souls here?

Gabriel: Yes, of course. You have many types of guides. You have guides that are angelic presences who are aspects of your soul group that have moved beyond the soul plane and into the lower areas of the angelic plane. These kinds of angelic presences act as guides and guardians. They help guide certain aspects of the connection between your soul fragment in this lifetime and your oversoul plan. And so they act as guides and as guardians to keep you on the path, keep you safe. They give you clues along the way, but they will not interfere. They will not tell you what to do. They will offer guidance. 

At this time on your planet there are very few baby infant souls developing because it has no reason or need for it. The planet’s present process is in the final stage of development where physical matter is concerned. It would be of no import and it would not serve the progress of this stage of development of the planet’s oversoul to begin introducing new souls when you are at the final stage of your soul level development. Infant souls would not contribute. It doesn’t do you any good to know survival. You’re moving out of survival. Therefore, you will have more souls at higher levels that are incarnating.

At this time you have the highest resonance of higher soul levels incarnating in the physical. There are many of them, but for the most part they are dormant because they haven’t been activated. They haven’t been inspired. All you have to do is inspire them, and they will become activated and they will respond. And they will respond faster than ever before because they have created and maintained a resonance of a certain vibration. They will move right ahead from there because they are operating at a very high vibration as opposed to when they came in at previous cycles when the earth was at a much lower vibration. 

A dimension of being that contains all of the soul fragments that make up the whole of you as a physical being in your evolution through all of your incarnations, your physical experiences from first to last. It acts as an intermediary between your soul fragment and the unindividuated force of God. It governs your overall connection with the wholeness of you that is fulfilling your purpose in the divine plan.