Friday, July 25, 2014

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Channeled Through Jeff Fasano

Michael 7/25/14 Channeled Through Jeff Fasano

You are seeing and sorting out aspects of your life that no longer resonate for you, as you go deeper into your heart space.

You are opening up to all the parameters of life, misconceptions of life, the illusions of life. You are seeing the myths and illusions of your life. All based on the conditioning from mom and dad and also seeing past life overlays into this life which is coinciding with your conditioning—what you have learned in this lifetime along with the past life overlay.

It’s important to go into your hearts to feel the feelings you have suppressed and have avoided feeling, going into your heart where you have experienced past trauma that you have not experienced that coincides with repressing and avoiding feelings.

Look into your hearts at what you say you want. Are you living the life you say you want or are you still searching for that life but is that life is clouded? You may think you want that life or this relationship or you think you want what you think you want.

You may be living the life you think you want; yet, there are aspects of that life that are old. That is where you turn into looking at yourself, looking at the aspects of your life that are old. You are still repeating the old habits, patterns and rituals, blaming and shaming creating victimhood in your life.

It is about speaking truth to yourself. It is about opening up to the truth in the depth of you when you hear the feedback from the mirror that we have provided for you in your body of teachings known as the Laws of Beingness. When the mirror is reflected back to you, are you seeing that and acting upon that to shift and change the old behavior?

As you prepare to make the choice to embark on this new journey, it is time to take a look at everything in the depth of you and the relationships that you are having outside of yourself. It is time to take what is in the darkness of your closet in your relationship with another and bring it to the fore.

As you bring this to the fore you will then see the relationship at hand. You will be able to make a decision and a choice whether to continue that relationship or not. It is time to open your eyes to what is, to the relationships that you are having.

So we ask each of you in your relationship with each of you, what is old? What haven’t you resolved yet? What is important for you to resolve? Write that down, if you choose.

There is an undercurrent, an underlying aspect of each relationship that is still there that may not resonate for you. Also, look at what resonates for you.

It’s about looking at the glass as full. The only way you can do that is to go to the aspects of the relationship and see what you need to express to another. At the same time look at what does resonate in the relationship because, when in the wounds of the defense, many simply look at what doesn’t resonate and you focus on that and possibly miss what is in the relationship and resonates for you. 

That is simply a reflection of yourself, a reflection of the defense system, a reflection of the oral defense where nothing is ever enough.

So it is time to take this step, if you so choose, to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to see the relationships at hand—what resonates, what doesn’t and then look at your list and ask, what am I focusing on? Where do I place my main focus of attention? What is on the list that does resonate? What is on the list that doesn’t resonate?

As you now embark on this process, to then the culmination of the process, make a choice as to whether it is important for you to embark on the journey with the relationships at hand. It is now about moving into the purity of relationship, dear one and see if you can co-exist and allow yourself to heal what needs to be healed and allow yourself to define and refine the relationship, to tweak, in your vernacular, the relationship but ultimately come to a conclusion that yes or no we can take this journey together.