Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Confirmation from Lemuria From Coming Home to Lemuria

“The time has come for us to connect directly. Each one of you brothers of the awakened heart are being prepared to do so, if you so choose. You have connected with the Lemurians through the heart energy of your beloved Michael. For only through your hearts can you connect with the fifth dimension. Situations are happening faster than even we Lemurians thought possible. Much is in the process of being revealed to your world. Other worlds and realities are coming forth, and humankind is almost ready to receive the truth. We dwell in your inner planet, safe from your density and separation. We are assisting in your awakening to the truth of your being from below and from above, from your archangelic and star realms. The above and below are meeting in your hearts, dear ones, bypassing your minds.

“This change is more change than your world has ever seen from the unseen. For it is time. The time has come for humankind to know who you are and why you are here, and this begins with each and every one of you individually. Your beloved Michael is teaching you this, as this realm created and taught us. You are finally awakening to the divinity within you and to remember that you are eternal life force light connected to the Creator.

“Your impending sacred journey to our inner home Mount Shasta is a journey the five of you are being guided to receive by us and Michael...others shall follow. During this trip we shall reveal ourselves to you so that you may fully know that we exist and prepare others for this truth. You have prepared for this journey your entire life—and even before. The work and exercises that you are presently involved in doing with Michael are essential prior to this trip. That is why Michael is guiding you to do them. Only through the healing of yourself can you heal your world and receive our reality, the new world order.

“This is a precious opportunity for your world that shall not come again soon. You chose to be here now to assist in the necessary shift. Again, it is essential that you do the work on yourself, to remove yourself from yourself, in order to move into the ‘we.’ The world Lemurians live in is all about the ‘we.’ For the ‘we’ is all there is. Your veils are being lifted to see us and the truth. You are beings of light and must return to the light. Your planet has already done so. Thus, all things within and upon your planet must do so also. Those who choose otherwise shall dwell in another reality elsewhere, if necessary.

“We love you beyond your present love of self and are as anxious to meet you, as you are to meet us. But you must be ready. Are you ready? We must meet at a similar frequency, and that requires you coming to us. We await you.”