Wednesday, July 2, 2014


From the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)

Dear Beloved Humans learning to escape incarnational cycles,

The last hurdle of humanity is to learn to escape what you call death; knowing even now there is no such thing as death, you simply transform yourselves from the physical back to the energetic. You are eternal beings of light that never can die, since you are a reflection of Creation itself. All Creation knows how to be and do is to eternally grow and expand—and that’s you, dear ones.

Let us briefly discuss where you are in relationship with death at the present. Know, dear ones, within your present consciousness and cycle of reality, no soul leaves its physical body one moment before its divine soul plan is complete. This applies to an infant who is within your frequency for just a moment and those who choose to live into what you call old age.

You humans are learning to live your lives within the Universal Laws of Love, learning how to fully love self and others. You have not mastered this yet. The sooner you do master the Laws of Love, the easier and more graceful your lives will become. You will learn to create communities of equality, harmony, and balance while honoring one another and your home planet. Those who choose not to love are not going to enjoy the continued consequences of not loving.

When you learn to love, you will release yourselves from the karmic wheel of birth and death, and all problems of human existence will disappear.

While you are still in process with the experience of physical death, let us further discuss what you are experiencing. It is essential that you feel the grief and loss of a loved one during so-called death. Deeply feel the feeling, dear ones, in order to release them from your cellular memory DNA. Also focus on the greater good and journey of the lost loved one. You do not wish to do anything to impede this soul from moving into greater joy and perfection. Try not to make it about yourself.

The God-consciousness within you cannot and does not grieve. This awareness knows and is showing you that everyone is an essential part of the universe and cannot ever leave it. It is your destiny to evolve into ever-increased positive levels of beingness. Through the love force, you can never not exist and must be somewhere, always being drawn to love.

In true divine love there is no such thing as the separation you currently experience; that which feels a sense of separation cannot be love. Love is always functioning through your individual consciousness.

Dear ones, when you think of or feel a loved one who has made his/her transition back into spirit, you are really with that loved one in his/her higher emotions and mental bodies; in effect, your consciousness has merged.

If you can understand the truth shared here, you can lift the chains, which cause useless suffering. Not completely understanding physical to energetic transition is due to the fact that your personality/feeling or belief accepts the body as being the individual, instead of knowing the body is only a garment, which the individual wears temporarily.

Dear ones, when you truly love another, you wish for the other to be happy and harmonious. Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive that your loved one is going on to greater ease and freedom?

When you master the Laws of Love, you will no longer need your cycle of birth and death. You will be eternally free to be just love!


*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 


Within our inner being
A life stream flows
Through our physical body.
This stream is a gift from above. 

Like water in a stream,
This life stream runs through our pineal,

 As no menial task filling our nerves.

The nerves beat our heart,
And that gets everything started.
This permits walking and talking, 

And chalking it all up to
The energizing light, often called,
The silver cord,
The accounts and accords the life, we know.

At so-called death, 
This silver cord cuts, 
And the stream of life, 
Stops in its tracks, And the body stops, as well.

But the real reason things finally stop,
Is due to the waste of life energy,
Through uncontrolled feelings and thoughts
That cause, not so oddly, the disintegration of all our bodies.

The life stream simply slips away, 
From the top of the head,
With the silver cord cut,
We are really dead,
As the heart finally ceases to beat, 

And we are complete in that lifetime.