Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gabriel Message from Joel Dennis Anastasi

Receive Through Joel Dennis Anastasi

Dear Ones:

The time line of separation for humanity is ending.

You have been chosen and you are choosing to help bring this great spiritual drama to a close.

In past incarnations you have played your part in this great cosmic drama that has been described as a great journey of discovery and love.

You have been entrusted with many spiritual teachings and information so that those with eyes to see and ears to hear can understand what is unfolding and to assist in their awakening to their roles, if they choose, in this great drama unfolding for mankind.

Much wisdom has come to you and you have stewarded it well, so that it may be understood by this and future generations.

The teachings that have come to you through your beloved Archangel Michael are intended to help facilitate the spread of this wisdom, to oil the gears, if you will. For the dissemination of this wisdom may be slowed or weakened if you as light workers and way showers fail to be the message you have been entrusted with.

That is the primary reason why beloved Archangel Michael has come to you once more with guidance as to how to be in the world.

Can you truly bring a message of love to the world if you are not being love?

In many ways you are just beginning your journey after many years of preparation. You have done well. We ask you now to truly honor the message of how to be in the world as you continue to step forward to bring God’s great message to the world.

To carry the banner of love, you must be love.

You are demonstrating righteousness, which has always meant to be the right use of energy. You cannot teach the right use of energy if you are not demonstrating it. In fact, being the message is truly the only way to teach it. Beloved Archangel Michael’s teachings are really all about the right use of energy. Every lesson in the Laws of Beingness is about the right use of energy.

Demonstrate the message by being it and you will go forward with great power to facilitate the great awakening that is now unfolding for mankind.

We love you. We are your eternal guide, Gabriel.