Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Channeled by Jeff Fasano

In conjunction with messages from Adama & Mother Gaia 
Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

All messages and notes edited/transcribed 


How Do You Communicate With Others?

You have come to this Earth plane to heal this core wound that may be holding you in a place of isolation and separation from others.  It is important to identify what it is that you say you want and then communicate that with others.

How do you communicate with others? Do you clearly state your needs and set your boundaries and what you want?

Are you being you when communicating with others? How are you communicating with others? We ask you with your partner to begin to communicate and to see the mode and the way in which you are communicating with each other. It is important to see how you communicate.

The style in which you communicate with others will indicate, A) your relationship with your self and B) your relationship with others?

Is your style of communicating pushing others away?

Is it a demanding style? Do you take into account the other?

Are you communicating through love from the heart space?

Do you place the blame on others in communication?

Are you telling others who they should be, why they should be, and what they should be?

It is important that you look at communication with each other and simply communicate your needs and your boundaries. And to communicate what you want. Clearly state what it is you need and want.

Your style of communication reflects quite possibly avoided feelings.

Are you being you?

Are you aware of you?

Are you open to be aware of you? 

Are you open to the mirror and to be aware of you?

Many of you are moving through blind spots. You may not be aware of your style of communication with others. We ask you to communicate with your partner.

State your needs, set your boundaries and feel your feelings.

As you move forward in your life it is important to see how you treat others.

Once again, do you push your energy at others?

Do you demand from others to be the way you want them to be?

And then when they are not what you want them to be or who you want them to be based upon quite possibly your wounds are you wanting them to be someone who they aren’t?

What are you communicating? How are you communicating?

Look at your relationships. Are you trying to fit square pegs into round holes in your relationships?Each of you is at an intersection or cross roads in your life in certain relationships. It is time to see the relationships and the communication in the relationships.

It is important that you move along the path of beingness, that you begin to recognize yourself with yourself. Are you being you in your relationship with others?

You are coming to an important crossroad as you come to the mid-point of your year. Look at your accomplishments in this year. Where are your priorities? Are you allowing yourself to move through the flow of life based upon the joy, the aspects of your life that is most important to you at this moment?

AS WE have asked many times, is your life filled with joy? What you are doing? Are your relationships filled with joy. Are your relationships raising your level of resonance and vibration?

Many come to blind spots where what you are doing in life , the relationships you are having in life, you are doing this through your wounding and your conditioning. Through some sort of false pretense that this is the way it should be.

Is your resonance and vibration raising in joy the connection with others and in the soul family in the endeavors that you are in with others.? Are you being you in those relationships? IN THE true authentic beingness of you it is about raising the level of resonance and vibration in joy in life. Are you enduring relationships? Are you enduring your endeavors based upon your wounding or your core wounds, based upon a sense of obligation. If in fact I state my needs, set my boundaries, made choices I will not be loved. So it is important to look at this as you move to the mid point of your year and the beingness of you.

It all ties in. It all connects. It may not seem that way, but it all does. It is important to open your hearts to yourselves. Look at your mirror in your partner across the way. See what you see and quite possibly what you don’t want to see. It is what you don’t want to see that may be your greatest lesson for shifting yourself and your relationships.