Thursday, September 11, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Resonant Causation and Consciousness

How Does One Affect The Other?

From Archangel Uriel and Mother Earth

Received by Phillip Elton Collins , Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Beings, being Human,

What you resonate with causes you to become conscious of it and manifest it. Resonance often comes through as a result your feelings. Resonance and discernment are mighty tools in pointing you in a direction that serves your highest good and that of others. Your resonance (how you feel about it) is within your emotional body that lives within your heart and your discernment (what you think about it) lives within your mental body.  Within your ascension process your mental body powered by the assertive masculine energy is moving back into service to the knowing/loving heart, empowered by the receptive feminine energyYou are in the process of balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Can you better see why now?

Resonance is created when the frequency/vibrations of a person, place or thing is vibrating at a matched frequency to the other. The synchronistic resonance between the two feels pleasant, and actually activates your life force energy to live. This resonance can attract more of the same. Your ability to be aware of the resonance is what awakens your consciousness, as you become further aware of what truly resonates for you.

Resonance in effect becomes your truth; knowing what resonates and what does not. Through resonance you can better be able to speak your truth, define you needs and set your boundaries in life. All this  is reflecting self-love.

Resonance is a key component in creating communities of equality, harmony and balance. A lack of resonance creates dissonance, duality, separation and often conflict. Resonance is an initial step within your ascension process moving into higher frequencies of existence (your divine destiny). This is the reason you have been gifted with resonance causation and consciousness.

So resonance is like an internal gyro system, a gift from the gods, for you to know within your divine soul plan what is true for you and what serves your highest good and perhaps the world best.

Resonance actually creates a frequency around itself of which others can entrain. You entrain to the highest frequency within the environment. Resonance is actually creating your weather patterns and many natural events.

An excellent way to connect with your resonance is to become quiet and connect with your heart space, where your resonance resides. Allow your mental body (discernment) to more and more move into service to the heart. This process takes practice and commitment but it is worth it, dear ones.  Your heart knows all of which we speak; your dormant telepathic abilities, your sixth sense, is alive and well inside your heart. When you quiet your other five senses, and not make it about you, a whole new realm of possibilities and probabilities come forth from the void, the unknowing. This will allow you to access your own resonance and that of another more easily.

The application of your resonance and consciousness allows many wonder-filled moments in your life such as:

*Connecting with like-spirited/like-minded people

*Connecting with higher realm frequencies beyond the human mind and spirit

*Gaining wisdom beyond any knowledge that exists within you at present

*Expanding your soul plan through the application of your talents and gifts

*Better understanding who you are and why you are here

*To improve your well-being, health and longevity with increased purpose

*Connecting the past and present into the now

*Having the secrets of life and the universe revealed in relation to your soul plan

The universe is an ever growing and expanding being and so are you. Your resonance and consciousness are tools gifted to you to fully activate your reason in being here. Now if it resonates, share all you have learned with others and create a new world paradigm of love.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins.


We have a gifted gyro system 
In each of us.

It is a must that we use it, 
Or we lose it,

And experience the consequence.

The system is called resonance. 
It’s how you feel about something, 
To determine dissonance or not.

It is a vibrational frequency 
Of a person, place or thing, 
That will determine 

If you have a similar ring, 
Or frequency.

The ability to use resonance

Is a key component
In the moment of expanding

Your discernment, awareness and fairness.