Monday, September 15, 2014

ME OR WE, YOU CHOOSE Inspired by Archangel Uriel


Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher

Received and Messaged by Phillip Elton Collins

Dear Divine Human Souls,

It is the destiny of your planet and humanity to move from a "me" consciousness to a "we" consciousness.  Let us examine the two forms of consciousness and through your discernment and freedom of will and choice, decide what resonates for you. Which do you wish to be?

This is a way of feeling and thinking that you are individuals who are responsible for your own achievements. There is little true intimacy or compassion for or with others. There is little connection to higher realms from whence you came, and love and support you now.

The ways and means to support your human reality/existence are:

(1) Materialism/Social Status 
(2) Power/Control (few controlling the many)
(3) Accumulations of monetary wealth, and 
(4) Imbalanced focus with the self

The mental body housing the ego is powered by:

(1) Fear
(2) Narcissism/Arrogance
(3) Doubt 
(4) Ignorance 
(5) Resentment/Rage 
(6) Lack of self-love, thus others

Most truth is hidden and knowledge and wisdom (applied knowledge) are replaced for validation and profit often through deceit and denial of the deceit.  

Through applied knowledge (wisdom) it is understood that you are all connected and integrated and are here to support and love one another in creating communities of equality, harmony and balance.

There is a constant readiness and commitment to support the purpose of each of you being here (soul plan) through a balance of giving and receiving and the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. There is an innate knowing there is a limitless supply for all.

Truth reigns supreme. There is neither deceit nor denial of the deceit. All information/communication is authentic and transparent. You all know the same thing at the same time.

The world is filled with heartfelt intentions, not just ego satisfaction; you are learning to "think" with your knowing/loving hearts, not just your minds.

The sacred journey of each individual is recognized, honored and valued as an essential aspect of the whole of humanity.

Love is known and seen as the powerhouse of all reality, thus seen in all things (plants, animals, minerals, air, water, and the seen and unseen).

Learning how to heal individual wounds and defenses is being mastered, allowing unconditional love, supporting each one’s highest good is being achieved.

Which consciousness resonates for you? Once you choose one, fully embrace it in your individual life and radiate it out to others. Be prepared for the responsibilities and consequences of each choice. One of these contains a higher vibration than the other, which will allow the other to entrain to the other. Are you ready to create a new world paradigm? The formula is here, if you so choose to apply it.