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ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Universal Laws of Self-Empowerment & Love

Angel Answers & Actions

Channel, author and co-founder of The Angel News Network


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian

Dear Beloved Humans, meaning “god being man,”

There are universal laws throughout the universe that allow creation to be, and remain in balance.  One of these laws is called CAUSE AND EFFECT. It is time to know such laws exist and learn how to apply them, if you so choose…


Humanity has often not been aware of this law or has chosen to ignore it with dire consequences. We are once again asking you to connect the causes and effects in your life in order to create the life you say you want.

You’re not being able to connect cause and effect has created much imbalance and unnecessary suffering in your lives and world. By becoming conscious of how cause and effect works, and becoming accepting and compassionate about it, you can greatly alter/effect what is transpiring in your life and world.

In effect you are the Creators of the world around you. The aim is to take OWNERSHIP of this moment-by-moment; to know what effects one, affects all.

Dear ones, all cause bring forth effect and vice versa. Your present and future varies as cause brings forth an effect. By looking deeply into the cause you will see that all is affected.

All cause and effect are affected by your freedom of choice and will; look within the causation and you will find the effect. By becoming better aware of the effect that follows the cause you can create a higher frequency effect, if you so choose.

The soul journey of humanity has often been filled with struggle as a result of a lack of awareness and compassion for cause and effect. If you so choose, you can begin to make new choices as you see the effect of cause and effect within your ascension process.

Know Dear ones you are destined to proceed ever onward moved by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect until in the end both become one.  That is the reason the law exists; as darkness = light; problem = solution; as wrong = right; giving = receiving; masculine = feminine, AS ALL BECOMES ONE.

Soon if you so choose, you will see ALL IS ONE, including yourselves. The Law of Cause and Effect is just another way to get you to your Oneness.

Remember dear ones, the universe is filled with laws to maintain and sustain itself, often to protect itself from unconscious/abusive behavior like yours. If you so choose, it is take to wake up, become aware of these laws and learn how to apply them in order to create a life of grace and ease.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins.


There is a cosmic law
Called Cause and Effect
That automatically balances
In order to prevent a wreck.

This balancing process addresses,
And governs all forces everywhere
So we don’t have to ever care.
If we understand this law,
We don’t have to see human experiences
As wholly flawed.

This law is the only logical explanation
For the infinite complexities,
And experiences of many people and nations.

There really is no such thing
As chance or accident
That really never had
A true ring.

All is really under direct and,
Exact perfect law,
Where there can be no rawness.

For every experience
Has a former cosmic cause
Since everything is
The cause of a future eternal effect,
Thus, all can be correct.
Are we all set?

If you should injure one
Through one’s life,
You are certain to know that form
In another life,
And endure that strife.

Through Cause and Effect
We can experience everything
Possible in the world
To know in effect
We are the same persona and thing.
Through freedom of choice and will,
We shall keep creating Cause and Effect
Till we know full well,
Our purpose is to,
Balance giving and receiving, female and male.

And then you’ll really know
There is no such thing as we call

Angel Answers & Actions


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael & Uriel

Greetings Beloved Humans being the best you can be,

We come to you once again with a message and teaching of love and support for the journey you have chosen to be human on this planet Earth:  a planet that has been ‘seeded’ by twelve different star systems in order to create a diversity of a LOVER-VERSITY like no other in the universe. For you are simply here to learn how to love self, first and foremost, in order to love one another and create the world of Oneness you are destined to create. The twelve Universal Laws we are now to share once again is to honor and support your highest good and a way to free yourselves from yourselves, if you so choose.

The basis of all of your duality and separation and often confrontation is the result of your relationship with yourself. You have heard many times the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself. The taught shame of self is the reason for every emotional, mental and physical imbalance (dis-ease). Let us now re-program yourselves and create a new reality through a loving relationship with self, by better understanding what has caused your lack of self-love, and how to move through the lack to love.

While each of the following twelve laws represent gifts from the various worlds that help create, and maintain and sustain you, each law builds upon the other, no matter what order they are in. Are you ready to create a new loving you?

Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive all the ways you have chosen to learn what you came here to learn. Taking ownership of your choices is vital. It is time to release all shaming, blaming and judgment of self that allows that of others. You cannot shame, blame nor judge another without first doing the same to yourself.

Rather than focusing on what is not in your life; focus on what is. Make a list of you assets and liabilities, and see what you would like to maintain and sustain in your life.

Two of the most important phrases ever created are KNOW THY SELF and TO THY OWN SELF BE TRUE. It is essential to know WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE. What is your purpose in being here?  What are your talents and gifts you uniquely wish to bring into world service? Create a divine soul plan for yourself. You can begin by listing your qualities, talents and abilities. The Angel News Network has many teachings to assist you in better knowing yourself. Once you firmly know who and why you can build the what, where, when and how of your life…

A basis for many human lacks is not feeling good enough or worthy enough to embrace all the abundance of life. You are not born feeling not good enough or worthy enough. People who profess to love you but who do not fully love themselves teach you this. As a result you create self-imposed limitations and lacks that you can now release by becoming conscious of them. List where you feel deprived and make another choice to receive.

Your self-esteem is your view and feeling about yourself. How do you see yourself right now? Stand in front of a mirror unclothed and see what feelings and judgment comes up about yourself?  From whence did this chatter come?  It came from your sabotaging mental body that was taught by others. This is not the truth. You are a divine being having a human experience just the way you have chosen. It is time, if you so choose, to see your goodness. Look in that mirror and praise yourself; begin a “Good Book” listing all the little and not so little good things you do for yourself and others each day.

Self-confidence is the wisdom of knowing you are capable of being and doing what is important to you. You all have moments of not being sure about this.

Surrender to not always knowing and allow the probabilities and possibilities of not knowing to flow through. Self-confidence is not to be confused with arrogance, which is a defense for a lack of self-confidence. Begin writing down your accomplishments, you’ll be surprised and delighted how confident you are.  Remember, you are Creation/God/Source expressing itself.

People who have self-respect are able to speak their truth, express their needs and set their boundaries (with no intention of harm) and allow others to do the same. Do you know your truth, needs and boundaries? Many do not know their truth, or accept and know their needs, thus do not set any boundaries and become consumed by others through their lack of self-respect. The Angel News Network has many tools to assist you in knowing your truth, needs and boundaries.  If not now, when will you stand in your truth, needs and boundaries with no intention to harm; knowing how others respond or react is their process, not your concern.

Self-service means you are able to take care of your truth, needs and boundaries by prioritizing them. At the beginning and end of each day review what needs to take place the next day that was incomplete. Ask yourself: what do I not like to do that would serve me if these things were done?

Self-discipline is the ability to routinely practice your talents, abilities and qualities of self, which creates and supports your self-empowerment. This may require you to move out of your comfort zones of habits and patterns that may be limiting and to support the ones that create growth and expansion.

The components of forgiveness are acceptance and compassion. Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive the ways you have chosen to learn what you need to learn in being human. Through your ownership and forgiveness you move from victimhood to self-empowerment. This will set you free from the me.

Through your resonance (internal gyro system) and discernment you can look at your limitations without shaming, blaming nor judging them. You can look at what you want and need and see what stands in the way of that through ways to improve yourself. All mistakes are simply a way to learn, not punish you. Every problem is the other side of the solution. All this is an essential part of the choice you made to be human and experience this frequency.

The purpose of life is growth and expansion; this includes you, your planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and multiverse.  It’s not a matter of being better than someone else; it’s being who you came here to be…letting go of being special in order to embrace the ordinariness of being fully human, which is divine.

Once you remember and know your are God/Creation/Source experiencing itself you can embrace the reality that you have fragments within your soul plan that insure your self-reliance through your talents and gifts. You do not have to be dependent on anyone else for the reality of who you are. Are you ready to receive this? If not, there are many endeavors here to support you in this truth, this is one of many!

To reiterate, this is one of many endeavors/teachings to allow you to know and embrace the truth of who you are and why you are here. You are never alone. You are loved and supported by forces beyond your comprehension that will love you unconditionally until you do yourself.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins.

Throughout humanity’s history
People have not understood
Thus, much strife has with stood.
People seem to drop into depression
Rather than understand how life
Can compress into compassion.

They seem not to know
Their blessings are the result
Of something within,
Rather than outside in.

It is an innate fantastic force
That’s always been there.
It’s just a matter of accepting it,
And bringing it to the fore.

All that we’ve experienced
Is meant to awaken this internal force,
And know we are the source within.

Through this Self-Source
We can know who we are,
And why we are here,
And then the real fun can begin.

Once we know the Source
We can choose to be in service to All,
And never have to fall, again.

Then forever more...
It’s win, win, win, win, win.