Monday, September 29, 2014



From The Council of Archangelic Realms,  
Received on Michaelmas by Phillip Elton Collins

Dear Beloved Humans,

We now gift you with THE TEN TENETS OF BEING: COSMIC COMMANDMENTS to set you free from yourselves.

1. Know that this living, conscious planet and all upon and within her are sacred; not taking responsibility for this truth will result in her and your physical but not spiritual death.

2. Maintain and sustain connection to the Higher Realms from whence you came; not doing so will ultimately lead to your physical demise, and spiritual truth.

3. Know you are each other in disguise; see the mirror of self in all; not being/doing so will continue your separation and confrontation until you have had enough of it.

4. Be and do together in honoring the diversity of your Oneness; allowing the good of all to manifest.

5. Balance giving and receiving through compassion wherever need exist; there is plenty for everyone.

6. Your heart knows the authentic thing to be and do in every moment; no matter what the mind is saying.

7. Honor your body temple that houses (for now) your eternal soul returning to spirit through your emotions and mind creating your reality.

8. Be truthful and transparent all the time by knowing your truth, needs and boundaries through knowing who you are and why you are here; your soul plan and purpose in being here.

9. By taking full responsibility for your actions, the reality you create, you eliminate consequences of learning not to your liking.

10. Know you are creation experiencing itself in order to be in world and universe service.

*Poem is from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins.


Look above, or below, 
Whether you can see it or not, 

Things are the same. 
It’s all part of the Oneness 
That is the essence of the Oneness and Same, 

Whether high or low consciousness 
We’re all on the same path 
And shall arrive at the same destination, 
No matter the math.

There are forces above and below, 
Sending wisdoms and love 
To, we, in the middle, 
Who have thought ourselves so little, 
So long.

The time has come for the middle, 
Above, below and not so little, 
To join in the middle, 
Once more.

Once we unite, 
Things are going to get quite bright, 
As legions of light and angels, 
Dance with us in the middle, not so little. 
When we unite with the bright light, 
Our world service, and beyond 
Begins and we shall experience 
How truly mighty and grand our Soul plan, 

Then, the “is” joins the I AM, 
And we know I AM is who 
I AM that I AM.