Monday, September 22, 2014


Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received & Messaged Phillip Elton Collins

Dear Beloved Humans,

Within your ascension process it is time to review the agreements you made prior to becoming human. You came from the light and surely shall return to it.


1. From the light you agreed to receive/create a dense carbon-based physical body. The evolution of this body is in the process of transmuting back into light, soul to spirit.  Within this physical body is housed your emotional and mental bodies that complete your humanity. You agreed your emotions and thoughts are creating your reality all the time; that’s how powerful you are.

2. This planet is a LOVER-VERSITY of learning love. You are learning the necessary lessons/laws of the universe in order to return to light. You are often learning what is through what is not. Each life time and day within those life times you are creating and being given choices of learning. Some of these lessons may appear harsh but they are the only way you can learn them in order to free yourselves from your selves. This is preparing your for world and universal service.

3. There are neither accidents nor mistakes within your learning process. Through ownership of each lesson you shall become free of their cause and effect.  Your growth and expansion is not always a straight line journey.

4. You agreed to repeat all lessons until they are mastered; until applied knowledge becomes eternal wisdom. When one lesson is learned you are given the next one; usually a core issue lessons for each life time.

5. As long as you are within the frequency/dimension you exist within now, your lessons are continuous. As long as you abide within a human body there are lessons to be mastered. When you ascend to a higher frequency this type of learning process will not be necessary. Also remember the universe is an ever expanding process, as you re-connect to the higher realms that maintain and sustain you.

6. Being present in the now moment will assist you in escaping the entrapment, your agreement of being in the past and future. In reality now is all there is.

7. Every other person is you in disguise. You agreed not to see the mirror of self in others for a while and now the end time on that agreement has come.

8. You agreed to be given a supply of energy in each life time for you to use through your freedom of will and choice. How you use this energy is up to you; you are evolving to use this energy for the good of all.

9. Everything being said here is inside you. You agreed to look outside yourself for a while to seek truth. Now you are realizing all you need to know is inside you and that life is a process of inside out, not outside in. This will allow self-mastery and move you into a higher state of consciousness (Ascension).

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