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Adama Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins 5-16-14

Adama channeled by Phillip Elton Collins 5-16-14

Interviewed/Edited by Joel Dennis Anastasi 

Dear ones, it’s only your relationship with yourselves that is causing our separation, the separation between you and the higher realms and we of those realms. It is all about you, dear ones. It is all about you. How may we help you?

Joel: Thank you for joining us, Adama and Archangel Michael, how blessed.

Adama: You’re welcome, dear ones.

J: We want to make the theatrical version of Phillip’s book as effective as possible. We’re going back to the original source material. What would you say about the new effort that Omar and I are bringing to the writing of the play, which we have decided to title the same as the book, Coming Home to Lemuria?

A: As you know it is a reflection of your soul plan, a reflection of the resonance you have had with the project which is now coming more into clarity, is it not? More clarity about exactly what took place, why it took place and how it is continuing to resonate with you in regard to this new endeavor.

J: It makes sense that people who were on the trip, understood it in a deeper way are working with it.

A: It has to do more with fragments in the soul plan of the individual and why he chose and was chosen to be part of this particular journey serving for proxies for humanity.

J: What part of the choosing would have to do with adapting it into a play? Is that just my choice to work with it?

A: It’s a use of your talents and gifts, is it not dear one?

J: I believe it is.

A: You believe it or you know it?

J: I know it. (laughing) You call all of us on these little subtleties.

A: And why do we do that, dear one? What is our intention to tweak your impeccability of your word?

J: You want to keep reminding us of who we really are.

A: With the impeccability and the integrity of the word you will manifest what you intend. You will create what you say you want.

J: And we’re grateful for that. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel. Everyone who is working with this information feels very blessed.

A: It is mutual, dear one.

J: We want to serve the project as well as we can to bring out the teachings in a fuller way but in a way that engages the audience. We want it to be entertaining as well as informative.

A: The book was put down as a requested documentation to serve as a history of exactly what happened for only you, dear ones, are even coming into the full fruition of understanding what took place. So it came fearlessly out as a recreation as best as could be done by the channel we’re coming through now of a representation of what happened on the journey and what he experienced.

The adaptation of it into another form of communication, in this case a play, brought in other variables of: Will they like it?  Will they believe it? So it induced into the process a fear response that was not concurrent in the book. So you have two different intentions. So what you are attempting to mingle at this point is the integrity of the journey itself—the meaning, value and purpose of the journey—and will they like it? Will it be entertaining? Will it be understood? Will it be believed? Will they think we’re crazy? All of those questions were not a part of the endeavor of the book.

So you will use your own resonance and discernment and your talents and gifts to amalgamate the new version, and you, through your own discernment and resonance, will decide where you are being the author and where you are being the audience. You’re going to be mirroring back and forth, how will they receive it, will they like it, in combination with what is the meaning, value and purpose of this and the core of the story.

J: That gives perspective. Can we draw on you for guidance and help?

A: Yes, dear one, we’re here to support you every step of the way any time you need support. But we cannot interfere with your freedom of choice and freedom of will or expressions of your unique talents and gifts in this particular endeavor. Because what matters most, which we believe you already know, is how this affects you and how it affects the resonance of your soul plan. So we would say, be true to that resonance. As with all great art, if it resonates and it is true and it is authentic and it is integress for the creator and it allows the song of the soul to sing, to sing for the creator, it will for others dear one. So tap into your soul song as you are involved in this endeavor and realize it is the process of the creation of the coding of the vibrations of the frequency of the song that will connect you and your projected audience and to the experience of what you wish to share. Does that help you?

J: That was so beautiful expressed. I think that is what we are trying to do.

A: Trying to do or intend to do?

J: Intend to do. (Laughing)

A: Be careful not to create an endeavor of trying. Perhaps the first version of it was filled with trying, was filled with concern. But, again, it represents the fragments of the individual’s souls, or their place in their relationships to their soul plans at that particular time. You just may find along the way that it’s not a matter of right or wrong or good or bad, but it’s a matter of, how do I resonate with this? Was that my experience? How can I share that experience with, in this case, a projected audience?

J: So just like life, we take each step that resonates for us, that brings us joy and seems right for us.

A: Yes, you’re going into a deeper understanding of what resonance and feelings are. The discernment starts with the mental process. The resonance goes into the emotional heart space, does it not?

J: Could you clarify why our journey to Mt. Shasta was important and what we achieved by becoming proxies for mankind in opening those specific vortices?

A: It has to do with the location of Mt. Shasta itself which is a violet flame portal and location which networks out to all of the previous Golden Ages upon the planet which are in the process of being reactivated energetically at this time. The significance for you individually was that you chose and were chosen as part of your soul plans to be these proxies. That was the purpose of Children of the Awakened Heart. When that mission was complete, the purpose of that endeavor was complete.

So while there are, were and continue to be all types of portal and vortice activations throughout the planet, and this may have been one of many, but it was one unlike any other. It had a uniqueness, it had a force, it had a power to it unlike any other. It allowed it to network energetically out from above and below to activate your multi-dimensionality, to connect it in concert with our frequencies of inner earth, archangelic and to have these forces come together as they are now in the new teachings that you are receiving through Michael who is in concert with us now and the laws of beingness healing that final separation of self from your multidimensionality.

That is why the energies of Michael are joining us at this time. Those were his opening comments when we gathered with you at this present moment. It has only been your relationship with self that has prevented the intersection, the joining of our two frequencies into one.

J: I mentioned that Dianne Robbins" early discussions with Adama are now about twenty years old and probably the same with Aurelia Louise Jones. You are quoted frequently as saying very soon we are going to be uniting and very soon many of the spiritual events discussed in the books were going to take place. Twenty years later we’re still wondering when these things are going to take place. I know it depends upon us but many of the folks who are reading this material are wondering, what does soon mean?

A: Dear one, remember to take into account the filter of the channel that the material is received through. In this particular case it appears that it was important to be specific with dates and times for that individual’s filter. As you are aware, as your experiences have garnered within yourselves, we live in a timeless environment. We do not work with your calendar or your concept of time. We caution you to use any reference to specific dates as an astral projection from the channel that it comes through.

J: That is a wonderful reminder. I referred to many observations that Michael made to us members of Children of the Awakened Heart that we were all coming together as one. Neither Phillip nor I really felt that coming together. From our perspective our input was faced with resistance in the decision making process. So neither Phillip nor I resonated with Michael’s observations that we were coming closer and closer together as members of the group. I was always puzzled why he continued to describe our experience that way when that really wasn’t our experience at all.

A: The clue for you, dear one, of what that really meant was the resonance that you all felt when you said yes to doing and being a part of the journey. The unity that Michael, whose energy is integrating with us at this time, was explaining was the mission itself. The oneness was reflected in the resonance of saying immediately, yes, and appearing in your frequency not to completely understand what it was.

So understand it was your higher selves, it was your I Am presence, it was your Christ Consciousness energies that were connecting with the oneness, the beloved energy of Michael, who is entwined with us at this time, was sharing with you, dear one. Now you have a full understanding.

J: Yes, that is helpful. Thank you, I’m glad I brought it up. It doesn’t feel comfortable talking about dissension, but I had to address it. The play has a wonderful potential for raising consciousness and awareness. So I’m wondering if you have any additional counsel, advice or guidance for us in addition to what you have already said?

A: It is the intention and part of the channel’s soul plan that we are coming to you through now so what you speak of comes through, dear one. That the story becomes known, that the information in it moves from fiction to non-fiction. There have been similar stories told throughout humanity in the last hundred years, which have been afraid to tell the truth, been afraid to speak in a non-fictitious format. As the energy shifts and changes upon the planet and peoples’ consciousness raises, they will be more open to receiving, to understanding and to being entertained by such an endeavor, dear one. Does that help you?

J: Absolutely. That is why I suggested we use the same title as the book. Why call it some inscrutable name like More?

A: Again, use your resonance and discernment through your talents and gifts and pay attention to how you’re feeling, the journey that you are having through the endeavor called the creation of a play. How you’re feeling about the process, how you’re feeling about the journey itself, dear one. Is there joy, is there pleasure, is there a feeling of, in your vernacular, on the mark? Is it resonating with, this is who I am, this is why I’m here. If all these components are in place--joy and bliss—then the pathway of the endeavor is clear, dear one.

J: I always wanted to write plays. I took a play writing course but I never really felt I was good enough.

A: Ah, that old core issue, dear one.

J: Yes, that old core issue. (laughing).

A: Enjoy the collaboration that brings to you two divine souls that here is a project, here is a journey that you can share joyfully together, dear one. Another journey, dear one.

J: I referred to two conversations in which I asked Adama to tell us why he refers to himself as the father of humanity. And I came to realize what a vast story he is part of.

A: You’re waking up, dear one.

J: Yes, and as I was waking up I thought, Adama played such a huge role in the creation story. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Adama to tell his story? What do you think about that?

A: It is a story that the world is getting ready to accept, dear one. Right now the civilizations on the surface of your planet are filled with religious and historical misinterpretations of reality that have become people’s truth, which, of course, is not truth. And it would be a game changer, to use your vernacular, for many of them to begin to embrace the concept that there is a new entity, a new being, that is involved in this. What that will require is accepting with compassion and understanding and knowing that there is something so much more vast than anything humanity has ever been told about itself in order to understand our, Adama’s, role and involvement in humanity. Does that help you, dear one?

J: I certainly understand that. Wouldn’t a good place to start be to give them the information and wisdom?

A: Oh it is accessed in many places, dear one. Perhaps you haven’t accessed it yet.

J: Maybe I’m overestimating our potential to work together, but I wondered whether you wanted to work with us to tell your story.

A: If you so choose, dear one.

J: What does it involve from your side? Will you respond to whatever we choose?

A: If the choice is with no intention to harm, yes--within the confines of what you are able to comprehend at this particular moment, realizing that much of what came together of what we are calling the father of humanity is beyond the comprehension of the human mind at this particular moment. That will change.

J: So we would have to define our intention within what the human mind could comprehend.

A: If you so choose. The information would be made available. How it is comprehended and how it is used and disseminated and understood is something else, dear one.

J: We have talked about the fact that the numbers of people participating in our classes and subscribing to our work are small. You and the Marys and others have said, don’t fret. You’re bringing this energy into your dimension.

A: You are completing your soul plan resonance, dear one.

J: It’s really how well we bring the message into the dimension. It’s not about what people do with it.

A: You can use your previous messengers of such information in the past as a guideline if you so choose.

J: The Marys have told me many times that they had a very tiny mission.

A: Tiny and huge, dear one.

J: It became huge of course.

A: It was huge all along dear one. It appeared tiny to those who couldn’t comprehend.

J: Exactly. They didn’t mean the importance. They were referring to the numbers of people that they were sometimes interfacing with. There were just small groups at times. That’s what happens with us.

A: And look how that information is still being disseminated and understood and misunderstood and corrupted at this time.

J: Part of why I thought it would be wonderful to tell Adama’s story is we would yet again have one more opportunity to set the record straight.

A: Are you not doing that as well in the play, dear one?

J: I certainly intend to do that.

A: And so it is.

J: I just wanted to approach the subject with you to see what your response would be about telling Adama’s story.

A: If it resonates within your soul plan then we are connected, dear one, as it does with the channel we are coming through at this time.

J: Well, it resonates with my heart.

A: So be it, dear one.

J: It is my intention that Phillip and I live heartily and long so that we may be able to fulfill that in this lifetime. The Marys and I have been talking about doing a book on Immortality.

A: Well, that is where humanity is headed, is it not? Learning all the obstacles standing in the way of that. The teaching that your beloved Michael is giving at this time is a key to go into the keyhole of immortality, dear one. For connecting with us will be your gateway to being the immortal beings of light that you are and consciously being aware of that in every moment of now.

J: Could you make a connection between the teachings we are receiving from Michael and your growth and evolution into the father of mankind?

A: It’s all joining in oneness, dear one. You’re beginning to understand the capacity and the ability to be multi-dimensional beings by connecting first and foremost with the consciousness, the vibration and frequency of your home planet itself, of we of civilizations within the core of the planet, with the archangelic frequencies and frequencies beyond. It is all at play.

J: Said I wanted my move to Ft Lauderdale be fruitful and happy. Asked for a weather report.

A: You are building a home, dear one. You are developing a resonance and a foundation of home and heart unlike ever before that reflects the expanding, ever increasing consciousness of your relationship with self. That is what is taking place. And it is no more or less of that. Your previous residences have been residences. Here you are anchoring your soul plan, committing to that anchor, that portal, that vortex that you are creating and, perhaps, dear one, for the very first time, you are coming home.

J: That was beautiful. Do you have a word for the channel?

A:  The channel is in mission with several other projects that he is completing in service to We and in service to other higher realms. He is clearing and cleansing corruptions of power of the past, and through his defenses and his wounds he is experiencing what he is experiencing in order to clear and cleans that. He is consciously aware of all of which we speak. He has the tools, he has the ability to move through this clearing and cleansing. He has much divine and 3D support within that. He is aware of that. His heart is filled with gratitude. He is at peace. He longs for nothing more than to be of service to humanity and we of the higher realms, dear one. So be it.

J: Could you speak to why Phillip and I are together? We have a special relationship unlike our relationships with anyone else.

A: What you are being and doing at this time you have been and done in many life times before, bringing truth and light into the prevailing winds when the wind was not blowing in that direction, and you were against the wind. That has sometimes cost you your incarnational life. You’re connected to the Christ Consciousness through The Great White Brotherhood, dear one, as brethren within the Great White Brotherhood.

There is an ancient connection, responsibility, within that brotherhood that is reflected in your current endeavor. It is something that is being guided through your soul plans and the divine entities around your soul plans that are guiding you without interfering with your freedom of choice and will. It is a holy pact, dear one, a holy pact of truth, a holy pact of bringing light and wisdom into the world and surviving the process yourselves as you heal your own wounds and defenses. Does that help you, dear one?

J: It really does. How does Omar factor into this?

A: Every single soul that you are encountering in resonance and discernment at this time has been with you in many past incarnational cycles. This divine soul has also been a part of your lives, but is in the process, in this particular incarnational cycle, of moving from childhood to adulthood. For he has been like a child to you in the past, and now he is growing up becoming an adult, standing in his truth, knowing what his truth and his needs and boundaries and his gifts and talents are, no longer giving himself away. He loves and honors and has gratitude for all of you that are around him at this time supporting his process for he knows there are times when you know when he does not know. It is a time to choose love amongst yourselves for you are all Lemurian brothers, dear one, are you not?

J: Yes. The Marys said that Omar was the original spirit of Akhenaten and Phillip was a walk in that completed that incarnation. What can you tell us about that?

A: There is much of that relationship to be revealed through channeling that will come through the two of them at a future time. But the basis of that information is correct. The channel that we are coming through now has held many powerful ancient positions in the past, some for the glory of light and some for the glory of self. All is being healed; all is coming together. All of it is a grand reunion that through the information that will be coming through you at this particular time will delight you, will surprise you, will entertain you. Allow it to unfold, dear one.

J: That’s wonderful. Michael was saying, and the Marys have said so also, I may work with the Gabriel energy. I simply have to be open to it. I think I have been open to it. The automatic writing is the only avenue that I know that would be an avenue to that channeling. Do you have any observations about my relationship with Gabriel and working with Gabriel?

A: Begin to listen, dear one. Begin to go into the silence and listen. As Michael has recently reminded you, you are all so stuck in your mental bodies. Attempt to shut off the mental body to go into the silence and the void and listen, and, if you so choose, to record what you hear. It’s all about being ready to listen, dear one.

J: I feel a very strong connection with the Mary energies. I have enjoyed working with them and intend to continue.

A: And they wish to come through directly as well, dear one, as you have heard many times before. It is time that the filter that you receive those energies through is your own. Take ownership of that. Readiness is a preparation for commitment. You are still in a state of readiness. Be silent to listen and to commit.

J: We have a wonderful, rich, varied plate of things to do and be and to grow with. Do you have any parting thoughts before we thank you for joining us?

A: Enjoy, dear one. Enjoy the magic. Enjoy the synchronicity. Enjoy the joy.

J: Thank you.