Saturday, May 17, 2014

SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES: Oath of a Lightworker and Wayshower


Adapted from The Angel News Network

We are all light workers
To a greater or lesser extent,
It merely depends on your bent.

You have a mission and purpose
In this lifetime.
And if you so choose,
It is time to release the conceal and reveal
The various healing modalities
That are your true realities.

You may partake in those modalities,
Any way you choose,
There is no way to lose.

Some may work with individuals or groups
In certain techniques,
And that remains your mission and purpose,
Feeling quite complete.

Way showers are light workers
Who bring their gifts and talents
Out into the world in a larger way,
That is their pay.

A way shower shows the way
For others to move onto their path,
With no wrath,
To create communities,
Of equality, harmony and balance,
So there is no malice.

You may ask, at last:
Am I a lighter worker?
Am I a way shower?
How can I know?
Am I both, not to boast.

Some will know this total purpose now,
Others need time for it to reveal,
And that’s no crime to let it be real.
Not to worry,
It will all be defined and refined
As you continue your journey,
For life is a continuous refinery.

You are all on the path of the light worker,
Some may choose to remain where you are,
Others will go further far,
To support self,
And that of another.

If and when you are steady,
And ready to take the oath of both
The light worker and way shower,
The heavens will shower their Light on you,
No matter what you decide to do.