Friday, May 9, 2014


Raphael Received through Om Ar

“These are the days of miracle and wonder.“

Today and every day you are moving deeper inside, listening to the messages received through your internal gyro system—what you resonate with and what you do not.

“This is a long distance call.”

We are telling you that you must search within your heart to listen. Putting your head in the sand does not and will no longer serve you—even if it means speaking your truth to those you once believed whole-heartedly and respected emphatically. If they are not being the message then you must change the channel. If there is an ounce or a drop of doubt, you must either address it or call yourself or them on it.

“The way the camera follows us in slow-mo.”

We are watching, the whole universe is watching, the drama unfolding. So many dichotomies, people preaching one thing while doing another. You are confused. You are angry. You are tired. How can so many wonderful yet destructive things be happening at the same time? How can people be so rigid, admonishing the problems of others, while not being able to admit their own pain, their own suffering? Thus they add to the troubles of the world.

You feel hopeless, frustrated. We ask you to do only what you can do. There is no need to be heroes or to stand on pulpits telling everyone what you know to make yourself and your causes be heard. All the wounding that has brought you to this point is what is bringing you to the brink of despair.

“The way we look to us all.”

Simply be in stillness and do nothing. You do not need to do anything. You have done enough already. Is there joy in your life? If you say yes, and yet exhibit destructive, chaotic behavior and perpetual conflict in your life with others, then we say your are simply fooling yourself and certainly not others. Where is the joy?

If you spend your life distracted and unaware of your neighbors, your loved ones, the small details in your life that really matter, then you have nothing. You are the boy in the bubble—only aware of yourself, your life, your wants and needs and are not community oriented or balanced or equal. You are living in fear and ignorance because it makes you feel safe and safety is comforting, however, not a way to grow, to push out of your comfort zone and embrace all that life and humanity have to offer.

You cannot and ought not impose your will upon others. It simply will not work anymore. All you have to do is witness the world around you, the turmoil that has created. If possible, release those people and factions that create these conditions externally and internally. You do not need them. You are self-reliant. You are capable of building and existing in like-minded circles where there is no need for guru worship. You are worth your own worth and do not need a price tag on loyalty or reassurance. You are beautiful creatures filled with miracles and wonder. Now live this truth. Be this truth. You do not need another’s approval or manual to live!