Saturday, May 17, 2014


Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael 

Lesson Two

We come to you now bringing you to you the fruition of the beingness of self and we ask you, How much of you are you embodying?

The reason why We bring this up is because many of you reside in the mental body. And move in the thinking process, the projecting process of what you may believe is in your heart space. We utilize the term believe because it is about what you believe yourself to be through your conditioning. How much do you believe about you?  How much of you are you embodying? These are two different questions. What do you believe yourself to be? Who do you know yourself to be?

It is time to look at these two questions because what you believe yourself to be is what you have been conditioned and told you are. Can you see the difference in the two questions? What do you believe yourself to be and Who do you know yourself to be?  What have you been led to believe you to be? Quite possibly what you should be doing, could be doing, can’t be doing, what you are not doing? All to satisfy the needs of another perhaps and satisfy the requests of mom and dad.  Who do you know yourself to be? 

Knowing yourself as the individuated self into the beingness of the individuated adult.

We are asking you to look deeper at the wounded child and what this wounded child believes them to be.  So We ask you to connect with your wounded child and find what that wounded inner child believes them to be. What to they believe about them? When you do this write down your answers. It is now about making a re-connection in the depth of you to the wounded little boy and the wounded little girl.

What does that wounded little boy or girl believe them to be?

What were they told by mom and dad they should be, who they are supposed to be, who they are not?

It is time to move into the depth of your heart and connect with that wounded child and write down those beliefs.

Then connect with your heart and look and this list and bring yourself back into the adult you and ask:

Does it resonate?

Do you know yourself to be this?

It is time to embody who you are through the love a self and the sense of self.

It is time to look at your belief system that is perpetrated in the mental body.

Many of you will see a difference to what you believe yourself to be and who you are in the depth of your heart. It is time to move into the depth and breadth of your heart to know you, honor, value and love you.

It is time to see the wounds of the inner child and your behaviors through them. 

Look at your behaviors. How do you behave? It is time to move into the depth of your heart to see you more deeply. 

So then we ask you, "Who are you?"

Who do you know yourself to be?

Make two lists. Who do you believe yourself to be and Who do you know yourself to be.  Then give these lists to your partner and your partner will give their lists to you.

It is time now to reveal the depth of you, not only to yourself but to others. It is time to see when you reveal what you believe yourself to be how shame and judgment arises within you. The theme is to look at shame and judgment because this is a constant in your life, judging the self. Though you may not be conscious of your judgment and your shame it is there. The shame and judgment predicates your behavior and how you interact with others. What you shame and judge, you hide, you suppress. Look at what you are suppressing and repressing and share this with each other.  

It is time to move into the next step of intimacy with each other. This is another step to do that and reveal aspects of you that you may not have revealed to anyone much less to yourself.  It is time that you reveal to another what you reveal to yourself in these exercises. When you reveal yourself to another you will most likely see that another in not judging or shaming you though you think they may be.  More or less what you will feel is acceptance and compassion.   It is time to open yourself up to receive this love.

So We ask you, "Are you frightened to receive love?"

Do you fully open your heart space to receive love? 


Do you create a veil, a layer around you that allows you to keep a distance between you and another so you can remain safe and secure and avoid your feelings?

How close are you truly connected to another?

It is not about the other, it is about you. 

What you will find in these exercises is the myth you have perpetrated outside of you based upon your conditioning, what you have learned and what you shame and judge.

You are creating your myth and illusion in your relationships with others.

Because I am shaming and judging me they will not love me.

Because I am shaming and judging this about me they will not love me.

Because I am repressing this they will love me if I repress it because I am shaming and judging it.

It is time for your myths and illusions to be revealed. Your myths, illusions and projections based upon your shame and judgment is how you project you out into the world through the mask. Your portrayal of you out in the world is predicated on your shame and judgment of self.  How you show up in relationship with others is predicated on how you feel about you.

Are you showing up?


Is the mask still in place?

Through acceptance and compassion for you and fully revealing yourself, your belief systems and conditioning you will realize the myths and illusions you are perpetrating and projecting out in the world and living your life by.  This is all based upon how you feel about you and how you see yourself.

Is it important for you how you are perceived in the world?

Is it important how others perceive you and see you?

If this is important, it is time to look at this.

It is time to move within to your heart and to the truth of you, the truth that lies in the depth and breadth of your heart. Many are beginning to see the conditioning in the mental body and what lies in the depth of your heart.

The reason why we ask you to make these lists in this lesson is so you can see the difference. And why We ask you to look at the list of your beliefs and ask, do these aspects resonate with me?  

It is time to take another step toward intimacy within you. So you can reveal the aspects of you that you have been judging and shaming. And realize that it is only you who is doing this.

This exercise will reveal to you how the wounded child through the wounds directs you life. 

The importance of the connection to Mother Earth

It is important to connect to Mother Earth to build a connection and foundation. This will ground you and through connecting to this energy you then can connect in your heart with another.

It is the vibratory force of your inner mother earth that allows you to remain grounded and in your heart. Grounding into Mother earth is important because you connect with each other through this connection. It is this connection that is constant in these exercises.

Theses lessons and exercises will bring up variables. Variables in multi-dimensional connection, variables in the connection with each individual who participates in the exercises.  Feelings that come up are variables.  

By connecting and rooting into the vibratory force of Mother Earth will allow you remain constant throughout this process. It is through the connection to Mother Earth that will allow the variables to rise and shown to you to heal.  This is why it is important to connect to Mother earth before each lesson. Do this together with your partner. This will solidify your foundation in the work you need to do in this process. The connection is from you to Mother earth and your heart.

When working with another in partnership you are connecting in your heart space. You are connecting through love acceptance and compassion.  When connecting with Mother Earth the energies move through your heart and connect with each other. This is what is constant, similar and the known factor. The unknown factors will transpire in each and every exercise. 

Allow the process to transpire.

If you allow this process to transpire, you will allow what will come up in the process to surface so you can move through the process. And through the process heal what you need to heal and to receive the answers.

If you allow the process you are in your heart space. When you are looking for the answers you are in your mental body and moving into this with an agenda.   As opposed to allowing what will be reveled to be revealed so it will come to your consciousness and bring your awareness to your blind spots and something you may not know about you that is important to be revealed. 

Love one another. Be one another

Can you see another?

Can you move through you to see another?

How much are you paying attention to another?

When another responds, reacts and interacts with you do you make it about you?

Quite possibly, what they should be doing, supposed to be doing, who they are supposed to be. This is all based upon the narcissism of you.

By projecting on to another who they should be, what they should be doing so they can satisfy you, can you see that you may not be satisfied with you?

It is always about you, but it is never about you.

It is important that you understand this so you can move to intimacy with another.

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, a trance channel and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart