Sunday, May 4, 2014

ADAMA, High Priest of Telos, May 1st 2014

Adama and the Council of Twelve
Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins
Interviewed by Joel D. Anastasi

Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters upon the surface of our beloved Mother Earth, Gaia.

You have requested us at this time to be present with you as the veil between us  becomes thinner and thinner and thinner, dear brothers and sisters. As the veil becomes thinner more and more of your cleansing of yourselves, of humanity, of the planet herself is taking place. More and more we are in concert working with Mother Earth, the archangelic realms, the inner earth, the intergalactic federation, and the star realms, which seeded our beloved planet.

The destiny of our planet is coming farther and farther into fruition: the laboratory of learning to love the combined frequencies of all those who have gathered in the past and who are now present to be a part of the divine activation of the soul plan of the planet in combination with humanity. Oh what a marvelous, miraculous time it is for all of us brothers and sisters.

As you have recently been told by your beloved Lord Michael, your teachings and direct connections with higher realm frequencies are becoming more and more essential in your development and in your evolution as a species. It is time, in combination with your personal processes of healing self, to make further and further direct communications and connections with entities such as we and the inner Earth, the archangelic realms, the galactic realms, the star realms, the universal realms, the multi-verse realms, dear brothers and sisters.

So much is happening and much is taking place. As your beloved Mother Gaia has recently told you through the channel that we are coming through, the time is upon you. The now has arrived in your frequency.  Many of the weather and other natural events--and the political, economic, social, governmental, religious and corporate activities that are taking place on your planet--are a reflection of the process of your evolution, a process to move into consciousness, to realize the connection with the higher realms and with yourselves is the pathway, is the vortex, is the portal, if you will, of your ascension process.

You brethren have gathered upon our beloved home of Mt. Shasta with two of your sacred journeys acting as proxies for humanity, and I am the father of humanity, dear brothers and sisters.  You laid an energetic pathway with the rituals and the portals that you worked with within those rituals for much of what was to take place now.

 Many of you did not understand what was taking place at the time. It will become more apparent to you. That is why we guided the channel we are coming through now to put down in the document you call, Coming Home to Lemuria, all that took place at that time. It is an essential reminder of what took place and why. Now you will more and more begin to realize how that is happening, exactly what is taking place through this portal called Mt. Shasta. And how that is networking out as Mother Gaia has recently reminded you or enlightened you to know. It will activate the previous golden ages of what was Atlantis, Lemuria, early Egypt, Inca, Aztec, Hopi and others as well. All of these geographic and spiritual portals will now be activated at this particular time on your planet.

It is time to realize that your planet is a conscious living being and that how you have been treating yourselves reflects how you have treated your home. It is time that you know you are all integrated and that you all need one another. You need your love, you need to be love and the entire process taking place. You are about to bring in some teachings from your beloved Lord Michael that will assist in this process. But we shall be ever so near, dear ones. Your inner Earth civilizations are so close to the heart and the mega hertz of Mother Earth herself.

We chose to nestle within the interior of the planet because the surface became uninhabitable. You are being prevented from making it uninhabitable again through the interventions of the higher realms or you would have destroyed yourselves or your planet. Again, this will not take place. It is not the soul plan of the planet for that to take place. So the solution lies within your task to raise the vibrations to match as close as you can the unconditional love vibration of the core of your planet. Once that frequency vibration takes place, you will evolve into the mortal beings of light and create your final golden age upon your beloved Mother Earth.

So having said this and giving this preamble, we realize you have questions of your own that you would like answers to and is the reason you have sequestered with us. How may we help you? I am Adama. I am here with the Council of 12. 

J: Thank you so much for joining us it has been a long time since I directly communicated with you and the Council of 12.

A: It is time for the reunion, dear one.

J: I feel that too. I would like to fulfill my mission as completely as I can. (I read some statements made by Adama in  Coming Home to Lemuria. You describe our work on the mountain as very significant. I thought Michael told us that the vortices we helped open on Mt. Shasta were a few of many opening around the world.

A: It is a primary one, but as you have stated and we have stated many times, it is one of many. The many portals associated with earlier civilizations are being activated (Egyptian, Aztec, Hopi, etc.) planet wise. These were all civilizations that were created as a vestigial effect of the Atlantean and partially the Lemurian civilizations after their destruction. So all of these energetic portals are in the process of being activated as well as others planet wide. Does that help you?

J: I mentioned to Adama that the audience for our work seems to be so small.  I have been feeling saddened that so few people are hearing the messages. Few people here are attending our training programs. What would you say about the small numbers who appear to be responding to our work?

A: Dear one, what really matters is that you are receiving it, that your brethren are receiving it and that those who show up are receiving it as well. Those who choose not to through their freedom of choice or will or who doubt the reality will experience the consequences of that. So see it for yourself. See it for you that everything you are being and bringing out into the world is really a reflection of a fragment of your soul plan. And that is really what it is all about, the activation of your soul plan through the support of higher realms. So see it for you and worry not  who else comes forward.

For you do not know through the fiber technologies of communication that have been gifted to you, who else can be affected by it and the future. It is not just those present at that particular moment. It is those who will be receiving the information simultaneously through their own energetic frequencies and ability to receive it through others as well. So worry not about your numbers. Worry not at all. Be able to receive what you are able to receive at this time. Be with it, resonate with it and bring that out into the world how you will. Does that help you?

J: Thank you, I needed to be reminded of that, I guess. I observed to Adama that Coming Home to Lemuria has so much spiritual depth and power which at this stage I find missing from the play adaptation. The participants on the journey had a great deal of spiritual training; whereas, the characters in the play come off as spiritual neophytes which necessarily would create a very different experience from the one we had. Even though we experienced much separation on a journey of unity.

A: Being the perfect proxies, dear one.

J: What would you say about my observations and how I see the characters in the play?

A: Each of you will see it differently, dear one. Each will see it differently through your filter and your gifts and talents. All who are resonating with this information are doing so as a component of their soul plan. And how they express it or reveal it will be through their individuated talents and gifts and their experiences. How they see bringing the book into another format.

There seems to be a fear of the material to a certain degree. How do we take the wisdom and the information that lies within this book and make it interesting, entertaining, enlightening, exciting, fun and challenging without attempting to force feed a certain wisdom to the audience. There seems to be a concern about how it will be received, and that is what we would say in response to you, dear one.

How you would proceed brings us great joy as it does the channel we are coming through at this time that there is an interest, a passion and a resonance with the material that all of you who are in common with this have that soul family, the karmic connection having been in Lemuria yourselves. So be gentle with one another. Be loving with one another as you attempt to come to an individuated solution or format of the endeavor and allow each to be where they are with it—as we have done with humanity for many eons, dear one, as we have watched you struggle with connecting with us.

There is so much concentrated wisdom within the endeavor you call Coming Home to Lemuria. When you take that and attempt to translate it into another format, it’s a bit like fitting a round peg into a square hole. So you are attempting through your various talents and gifts to find the fitting, are you not?

So how do you do that? Do it with love, dear one. Do it with patience. Do it with compassion for one another and, remember, you were all in Lemuria. That is the reason you are resonating and using your discernment with this project at this time. See yourselves as Lemurian brothers coming together with a sacred mission to bring our teachings, Lemurian teachings, archangelic teachings, to humanity at this vital time, this vital cross roads on your evolutionary path. Be patient, be kind and realize what is most important of all is that you get it. Does that help you?

J: Yes, that is so consistent with what Gabriel and others have said. It’s about you getting it

A: We are a united club, dear one. (Said with a touch of wit.)

J: You are the father of humanity. I know this is a separation idea, but I realize I am one with you. That is a wonderful truth, but it is awesome for me at the same time; it’s awe inspiring.

A: What within yourself do you think would create this separation of receiving that oneness dear one?

J: I would have to love myself enough to believe that we were one, part of the same thing.

A: And learning to connect with the reality that you chose to be human. It was a choice that you made to go through these various epochs and golden ages, and you chose to be here now surrounded by those around you. Remember that. 

J: That is such an important memory.

A: A memory filled with joy and melancholy. For we have all been through so much together, dear one. The channel and I remember the night when we lost hundreds of millions of our brothers and sisters. And even though we had forewarning, the reality had to take place. Even our brotherhood civilization, Atlantis, across the planet, even though they went through a series of warnings, when the time came for that end, that melancholy, that sadness, that auld langsyne, dear one, is still in your hearts.

What we are asking is, do not create that again. Do not see it necessary to learn that way again. For the processes that you are going through now are so much easier than what we had to go through, dear brother. Make it not an arduous path. Make it one of grace and ease and love of your brother reflecting your love of self.

J: When Mother Gaia came through to us the other night she referred to the opening of the vortices as an “emergency.” Are we, mankind, in a state of emergency as to whether we will be able to create what we have been told would be the last Golden Age? Are we at risk of doing what Atlantis and Lemuria did?

A: How does it feel to you, dear one?

J: I have dwelt in the comfort that we were on the path to our last Golden Age. I thought we were told the path was assured. Then I began to wonder if the path is assured.  Are we moving towards unity or just continuing the separation that we’re here to heal?

A: The path of Ascension into light where you came from and where you will ultimately return to is assured for your planet, for your home. The reason why your Lord Michael is connecting you with the frequency of your Earth is because that Ascension, that evolutionary process, takes place from the frequency emanating from the core of this planet that we are so close to in the inner Earth. So as a result of connecting with that, whether you choose as humans upon the surface of the planet to allow yourself to go through the process of Ascension will be the choice each individual will make. As your beloved Lord Gabriel has taught you, it will factor out to a third, a third, a third.

There will be those who will choose not to be here and to resist that of which we speak. There will be a third who will assist a facilitation. It will not be a comfortable place to be by not evolving with the light, dear one.

J: I think those of us who have heard this teaching of a third leaving the planet recognize that by any measure that would be catastrophic; it represents over two billion people.

A: Dear one, there are millions leaving daily.

J: Of course, that has always been true, hasn’t it?

A: As your population has increased the numbers that will be leaving will be increasing as well, dear one.

J: is that through disease and the normal ending of the life cycle that we have created for ourselves?

A: It is the result of the components of the individual soul plan, dear one.

J: You referred a few minutes ago to you and the channel being together when Lemuria sank. What was Phillip’s connection with you?

A: He is my son, dear one.

J: Aren’t we all your sons?

A: Yes, dear one.

J: What’s my connection with you and Phillip?

A: We are all brethren is our connection. We have all chosen through our soul plans to come to this planet from various locations throughout the solar system, the galaxy and the universe to be here, to be a part of this process of this species and this particular planet in order for it to more fully serve creation and the universe. We have all, in your language, signed that contract.

J: Well then in what way are you the father of humanity?

A: I brought the impetus of human beings configured in the diversity of the twelve star systems that seeded this planet and orchestrated that gathering and saw the concurrence of different levels of consciousness and frequencies to come together to create the species known as humanity, which has had several root races through the evolutionary process of this planet. Does that help you?

J: Was there any ability to see or predict how that was all going to unfold, this coming together of these twelve star systems and the diversity they represented?

A: It was something never attempted or achieved before. It is a tremendous gift to creation and to the universe itself, dear one, that so many confluences would come together to create something so diversified. So once the evolution of that process is finalized it will insure an intention and a service to creation like no other. It is, in your vernacular, huge.

J: Yes, I can understand that. Was there any awareness or consciousness that humanity would go as far from source as we have?

A: It apparently has been essential. Once humanity, through its evolutionary paths, disconnected through previous golden ages from the higher realms, which had allowed the creation of those golden ages, and since the pattern of separation has been repeated and repeated and repeated, we would say, apparently, it is essential and necessary.

But the timeline and the end time on that process of learning what is through what is not, that is ended within itself, dear brother.

J: Our mission as a soul family--Phillip, Omar, others and me, to some extent--seems so tiny in some ways, at least from my perspective; yet, it seems to be so connected to the larger vision you have outlined.

A: Why do you say of yourself “to some extent,” dear one?

J: I guess because I wasn’t directly involved in the creative effort with the play adaptation of Phillip’s book Coming Home to Lemuria and I have sort of viewed it from the side.

A: Do you wish to be, dear one?

J: What I wish to be is a helpful force to bring clarity to the spiritual mission….

A: What prevents you, dear one, from stepping forward and communicating with your brethren your intention and your passion and the direction you wish to take?

Why are you remaining on the sidelines in the shadows to a certain extent, dear brother? Come forward. Come into the light.

J: I suppose one way to explain it is that I didn’t see it as my project. I didn’t want to impose myself and I was just kind of responding to what I read.

A: So what is your intention, dear one?

J: My intention is only to help. That’s all. I just want to clarify the message.

A: Simply state that to your brethren, dear one. Come forward and state that to your brethren. Come into the light. Acknowledge that you are brethren. Acknowledge that you are all Lemurians. Acknowledge that your are all resonating with this particular project because of a resonance within your souls, dear one. Are you not?

J: Absolutely.

A: Share that. Let that be your communion, dear one. Let that be the wafer that dissolves upon your tongue.

J: That was lovely, thank you.

A: You’re welcome.

J: The teaching that’s coming forth now with Michael and Mother Gaia, what would you tell us about it?

A: The final healing of self in combination with the direct frequency connection of your planet, which maintains and sustains your ability to live and to be here. That is what will be taking place in your Law of Beingness. Sometimes it takes a direct plug in to be effective, and it just appears that humanity needs that plug in at this time, dear brother.

J: Plug in. I’m not sure I’m getting what you’re saying.

A: Plug in to the energy, the frequency, the actual vibration, the megahertz energy of the core of your planet, dear one. That plug in.

J: That sounds like a powerful download.  That should be a wonderful experience.

A: Let us hope so.

J: I first became aware of the high vibration energies coming to the Earth plane to raise mankind’s consciousness in this journey of ascension through Gabriel, and there has been a lot of energy coming into Earth the last eleven years.

A: Dear one, that was not your first. What was your first, dear one?

J: The first awareness of the high vibration energies--in this lifetime?

A: Yes, dear one.

J: I’m sort of feeling inadequate here not knowing how to respond to you. (Laughing)

A: Dear one, you have been in service to the Mother Mary energies for millennia, have you not?

J: Oh, yes.

A: The mother, dear one. And I am your mother and your father in concert with the planet who is your divine mother. You have had many incarnational cycles on your planet with the Mary Mother energies that you have resonated with, have you not?

J: Oh yes. This is what my life is really all about. And when I’m drawn to other activities I’m drawn back to working directly with the Marys and the Mother Mary energies.

A: Allow them to come forward, dear one. You’ve heard that message before. Allow them to come purely through you, dear one. Allow your father to ask this of you if you are not able to ask it of yourself.

J: That’s beautiful. Thank you for that. I wasn’t planning to ask about me Is there anything more that you would add to that?

A: That is the basic counsel, dear one. Open yourself to the Mother Mary energies yourself. Receive them directly. Is that not what Lord Michael is asking you to do with this new teaching in the Law of Beingness to directly connect with your Mother Earth who we in Lemuria and the inner earth civilizations have been so close to?

So we ask you, if you so choose, receive these frequencies, connect with these frequencies directly, dear one. That is the destiny. That is your divinity.

J: Would you have a word for Omar who seems to be expanding his sensitivities to connect with Raphael and other energies?

A: We would say this beloved soul is opening his gates.

J: And what word would you have for the channel?

A: The channel knows, dear one. The channel is in the process of clearing and cleansing past life and karmic connections, releasing them. He has configured it so he is experiencing these processes through his physical vessel. But he knows only too well how to transcend them.

J: He seems to have so many physical infirmities. Is there anything you would add to what he knows?

A: He simply has to call upon us, dear one, and surrender to higher realms as you all are in the process of learning to connect and surrender to higher realms to transcend the human mind, to transcend the alter ego, to transcend your wounds, to transcend your ego defenses, to transcend self, transcend self.

J: Yes, I feel as though I have been having that experience with my experience down here in S. Florida and the renovation of my new apartment. I have felt the synchronicity and the embracing support of the higher realms that is almost transcendental. It has been so easy and I have been so aware of it almost like a gift being presented to me.

A: Indeed, dear one. Fill your heart with gratitude and allow the gratitude to create even more synchronicity and abundance.

J: The first time that I spoke with you, you told me that I was familiar with your energy. In my head I was thinking you meant my beloved Adam who had left this dimension a couple of decades before. So I misunderstood what you said entirely. You alluded now to the fact that we were all together in Lemuria and perhaps before.

A: Indeed, dear one. How could you not remember your father?

J: Well I had managed to wander away and I am easing my way back. Is there anything you would say to Phillip and me about our long connection? We seem to have a very special connection here that is unlike the connection with anyone else.

A: It is an ancient one, dear one, with many twists and turns but, yet, similar. It has always been about bringing truth out into the world when the prevailing winds did not wish to receive it. And now it takes on a path of directly connecting to the frequencies of truth and putting it fearlessly on the line, to use your vernacular, not unlike how you have done in the past golden ages.

But this one is a unique opportunity for its place in the timeline of the planet and humanity itself. The history making is done. The three dimensional frequency, the law of cause and effect, the laws of duality and separation and confrontation, the law of learning what is through what is not, the laws of self mastery are upon you in order, through mastery of self, to become the ascended master and teacher to the universe, dear one. We leave you with that message.

Remember, the destination is to become the ascended immortal master teachers in total service to creation—nothing more, nothing less, dear brethren.