Saturday, May 3, 2014


by Joel Anastasi with Channel Jessie Keener 

TWO MARYS 2/19/14


We are the Two Marys entwined in this frequency for the purpose of supporting humanity in his and her ascension process.

We salute you and we greet you today. We acknowledge that you both have been endeavoring and truly putting the yoke on in your lives and truly working the walk and walking the work and truly having progress. It is something worth mentioning; it is important that you note that underneath whatever you would both say about your circumstances, underneath what you have both already shared about what you have been endeavoring with or endeavoring into, as it were, that you recognize the profundity of what is actually happening.

What is actually happening is you are both being trained in the balance of the masculine and the feminine. It is very masculine to seek answers and direction. Remember, we said to you early on in our dialogues, the masculine quality is that quality that seeks direction. The feminine quality is the quality of creation. You have been experiencing yourselves almost like volley balls going back and forth across the net for the purpose of what—disappearing the net, having it be in the flow.

You are both improving in that area. You are both learning the subtleties of the feminine way to have things show up in your life, the sheer intention, the opening your heart and embracing your worthiness. That is the masculine and the feminine creating together. That is the dance, and you both have been accomplishing this in very important areas of your life. Not the little stuff, as you might say, but the big stuff.

So the game you’ve been in, of course, is the ascension process, but we wanted to deliver this important aspect to your consciousness to illuminate that it is the dance of the masculine and the feminine. That is what has been going on for you both while witnessing others going through their dance, sometimes graceful and elegant, sometimes not so much. Sometimes being stuck on one side of the volleyball net or the other, overly aggressive or overly passive and waiting and not moving with the energy.

So it is all about flow. It is about the union and the balancing of the masculine and the feminine. It is not about being 50% masculine and 50% feminine. It doesn’t work that way. It’s about in every instant being both. What direction wants to happen in this conversation? How does my creativity apply here? Using my creativity, what direction shall I go?

You see how simple that is? It is so utterly simple. There are so many things that you will not be able to address in your lifetime that are going on around you. Many, many things that have nothing to do with your or humanity’s ascension process.

So you are going to have a very interesting unfoldment over the next three months where you both continue—and it’s not exclusive to you two—it is to all the students of this material who genuinely apply themselves. Those who read these words or hear these words outside of this domain will also see for themselves the experience is very much that galvanizing in their heart of hearts of compassion and love moving forward as opposed to sitting in the field, as it were, smelling the flowers exclusively. It is about bringing the deliciousness of the fragrance itself, the lusciousness of the experience, in a forward movement. Does this register and resonate for you?

J: Very much. There has been so much moving into the unknown, embracing the unknown. The manifestation, as you heard Jessie and I discussing, has just been astonishing. You said it could be easy and synchronistic. It has been at least so far for me.

M: Indeed, and this is just a taste, as it were, of what is possible for each of you, important little tidbits of taste. Just as a child starts to discover solid food when they are removed from the breast, and they discovery the deliciousness of a grape or a peach, the refining of the parts that don’t flow, parts that resist the awesome energetics of the ecstatic union.

So there will be resistance still. You will witness it, at times with great humor, at times with great horror, as humans do on the way to full ascension. Understand this, it is always going to be the dance of balancing that acceptance, that surrender, no matter how chaotic, with a genuine desire to move with the energy. To move it, not fix it, not solve it. But to be in forward movement, to be propelled through that creative juice. 

That is why we said to you, it can be quite easy, quite free of struggle. For when you are genuinely propelled from that union, of course it is easy. Of course, it is what others would call miraculous that you, yourselves, are beginning to understand. No it’s not really a miracle. It is simply practicing the practices. It is simply doing what we have been taught.

Is it a miracle for a child to tie his shoe for the first time? In their mind’s eye and heart, yes. To the parents is it a miracle? Perhaps, slightly, but mostly it is expected.
It is taught. It is practiced. So it is about practicing the practices.

In 2014, the year of manifestation, it is all about practicing the practices. As you witnessed last night, how quickly distortion can take over. In the blink of an eye complete chaos can consume you or a loved one. Therefore, let us remind you the chaos itself is the raw potential for the forward movement. Raw energy.

Humans are finally now beginning to accept the notion of pure raw energy, universal energy, the laws of energetics, quantum physics. This is becoming very real for humanity. Conversations that could not be had 20 or 30 years ago by people in your age groups are being had. Why? Because the facts are becoming known.

Consciousness changes matter. That is a fundamental axiom of quantum physics. So while part of the population will be completely beside themselves asking, how does it happen? How does it work? Others will be saying, of course, isn’t that what the Christ said? Isn’t that what has been taught? Isn’t that what all the great teachers said? It is about consciousness, and consciousness shapes matter.

J: Gabriel talked about that early on in our discussions. When you observe the quark,  it moves.

M: Indeed, it moves because it is being observed. Simply through observation a molecule will move.

J: The implications of that are enormous. Can you expand a little on that?

M: Indeed. The answer is very simple. This is where we wish to go with the conversation. Since consciousness shapes matter, anything that is mattering to you is shaped by your consciousness. For example, the human physical form. There is a bizarre little struggle going on in humanity’s spiritual communities. (The Marys mention a number of complaints we make about the conditions of our bodies --wrinkles, fat, pain, etc.)

Beloveds, your consciousness is shaping your bodies 100 per cent of the time. Therefore, the only place to go is to study your consciousness. Why is it that this beloved channel could not sleep through the night? Hint, it’s a four-letter word, fear.

So your physical form, beloved Joel, is shaped by consciousness. The ability to create your environment, it is (governed by) your consciousness.

J: So my consciousness is creating my high blood pressure?

M: Indeed. Fear worry, angst. Fear, worry, angst. It’s a recipe. It’s an ancestral recipe in your particular case. It is also this channel’s ancestral recipe. They just read it out in their consciousness slightly differently such as cancer, diabetes. So different ancestral lines will have different read outs, but it is the same bottom line-- separation.

Separation, think of it like that. As you move into the stage of life where there is a big “to do” list, beloveds, it is normal to have a certain paradigm—normal, not healthy, we might add—to have a certain paradigm about that massive list. What other unconscious flavors might be thrown into that mix? What shows up when you have a giant list? The things the ego will say.

J: It’s work, problems, things to fix, things to do, to do, to do.

M: If we were to question is that more masculine or feminine?

J: Masculine.

M: Indeed. So, therefore, where would your answers lie?

J: Getting a better balance, more nurturing, loving, calm, compassionate, which would be the feminine.

M: Finding a new home, making changes, these kinds of things create chaos, which may have nothing to do with you. Our suggestion is every time that starts to happen shift yourself into more of that feminine, receptive and creative mode with some enthusiasm. “Oh goody, chaos. Let me whip out some feminine on this. Let me embrace it in a way that only a mother could. Let me envelope this whole domain of my life—call it home/environment/material possessions/etc. Let me envelop all of it as a mother would envelop a child who is completely thrown into chaos.”

J: Activate a different consciousness to help make different choices. Become more conscious, conscious, conscious.

M: Indeed, it is always about consciousness. So then it becomes a celebration of unfoldment rather than a giant “to do” list, a celebration of unfoldment and accomplishments.

We wish to remind you both that acknowledgements of accomplishments is very, very important to create completion of what has been in order to move into openings of what wants to happen next. You both are good at this. We simply want you to be better at this which is to acknowledge your accomplishments as you go, to acknowledge what has completed, to acknowledge the tiny, micro accomplishments and, of course, the larger ones. For it is the flow from accomplishment that moves you into the consciousness of celebration that then generates the next creation.

As we have said, 2014 is the year of manifestation. Clearly there will be more manifestations for the two of you, above and beyond manifesting lovely homes.

M: I’d like to talk a little about my experience with Gabriel. Phillip recently channeled the Council of Archangelic Realms, representing, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael. I got a very strong reinforcement to begin channeling Gabriel. I sat down at my computer and typed out something. It included familiar themes so what rushed into my head right away was, this is a lot of what you think, Joel. This is very Joel. It was beautiful when I read it. It was even poetic in places. I also had a sense that this wasn’t just Joel.  Anyway, I haven’t done a second one, but I wanted an observation from my beloved Marys.

M: Indeed. This will continue to happen a little while longer, beloved Joel and beloved students. Those of you who are beginning to channel--whether it is through automatic writing, whether it is going into trance, whether through conscious channeling--there will continue to be a level of separation. This exists for multiple reasons.

Part of it is your own ego’s desire to stay safe in the presence of such intense resonance and beauty. On the one hand the logical, deductive, reasoning mind says, wait, why would my ego have active resistance to intense love, joy, beauty and graciousness?

Well, trust us, it does. For that level of beauty is not familiar to the ego as belonging to the “usness” of ego. So there is a knee-jerk reaction. Secondly, this inflow of energy coming through your being is a tremendous download energetically throughout your being. That often will create a slight flight or fight response, a little whisper of adrenaline throughout the system, and that will pull your mental faculties more in the masculine, the hypothalamic response—good, bad, right, wrong, me, not me, too good for me, etc., etc.

So when you are in the channeling you are in the open crown chakra; the pineal is more active and is more in charge, as it were.  When that part of the ego kicks in and the little hormonal whispering happens, it shifts into a different endocrine gland and there is a different consciousness. Hypothalamus is another tiny brain gland, and it is all about survival. It regulates very essential things like thirst and hunger for your survival, but it also keeps a ceiling, as it were, on consciousness

For to truly expand consciousness one must grapple with survival and beyond. To expand consciousness as a human, one must grapple with survival, i.e., death. Beyond survival, i. e., death of ego and these sorts of things.

Now the Two Marys prefer to stay away from language that includes death of ego and beyond death; however, it is what’s normal for students. It is what they are used to. We simply wish to remind you at this point that it is simply about transforming self beyond what’s known.

J: Yes, I see it just pouring out of Omar. It’s astonishing. It’s not pouring out of me like that. And of course Phillip sits down and a torrent of wonderful stuff pours out of him. I know I shouldn’t compare, but I can’t help observing the differences and I’m very tentative about what I am experiencing.

M: Indeed, and so there is some healing for you to be done. The Marys suggested I stop the recording. They took me through an exercise to help me release the fear associated with channeling.

J: Thank you for that.

M: Indeed, and so the power of community continues to resonate for all students, the power of having each other and holding each other in very creative, feminine ways. Witnessing the chaos when it is there and acknowledging the chaos itself as the seed source for potential and options.

With the potential comes great responsibility. Most of the students, including you at times, are not really concerning yourself with the responsibility of what potential  you are still grappling with. Where is the potential? Where is the potential? But we assure you there is great responsibility with what you are doing. And with potential comes responsibility.

So you have incarnated in this lifetime to fully realize your potential. With that comes great responsibility to respond to the trials and tribulations with resonance versus discord. Continue to look outside of yourselves, on occasion, beloved students, for you will see great opportunities for discord.

You will see tremendous opportunities for resistance and egoic thrashing and nashing, as it were. For your structures are continuing to dissolve and quake as are your own structures within you--those structures that keep you in rigidity, in stubbornness, in loyalties where it is not warranted. Those structures that lead you to be hard on yourselves as opposed to constantly parenting yourselves.

Only on occasion do we recommend looking outside of yourselves for there is plenty going on inside, and that is where you must continue to take responsibility. Yes, of course, you can continue to sign your petitions as you both are doing. Student,s we know you are also doing so. Yes, of course, you can watch what is happening in your government. However, do it from the place that we are advising and you will have the most unfoldment, and that is, again, have the frame of what you are witnessing be that divine feminine. Yes, it’s chaotic and yes it is creation happening.

J: There seems to be a lot of creation happening.

M: Indeed, lots of energy moving. Now, in quantum physics it is well known that in order for something to change what actually occurs is the electrons start moving. They move faster and faster and faster until the speed is so great that the electron jumps over to the next orbiting frequency, and there is transformation. So apply that to your every day lives and you can start to see: Ah, even those patterns in the sky that the channel was speaking of, those are part of that speeding up, going faster and faster and faster until electrons jump to the next frequency.

Does the electron have a consideration of its jumping? No, it does not.  Simply, when the environment is correct--we underscore this--when the environment is correct the electron simply moves to the next orbiting frequency. So shaping your environment through consciousness is everything. Being a victim of your environment is useful simply to get you to focus on where to take responsibility.

So, remember, if you’re suffering there is something you are not taking responsibility for. This is useful as you go forward. The next three months in particular will be very industrious months, months about left foot, right foot—not drudgery but precision execution. Forward movement, move this flank, flank left, flank right, this sort of thing. Use your managerial skills, all of you, to manage where you’re spending your time, your energy. Where is your intention? Where is it you must simply purify, let go, disregard, not be at work on, as it were?

Very much a time that for those who put the blinders on and stay very focused, enormous accomplishment by May. Enormous. Again, the type like you, beloved Joel, will say, I could not have predicted on February 19 that this could have unfolded. And for this channel and the students who hear this the same. You will say, it is even more creatively awesome than I could have designed myself.

J: I told Jessie earlier that I could not have predicted back in December that the apartment would have shown up, the money would have shown up and the circumstances would have shown up to make it all happen.

M: Indeed, and now, again, we are saying, another giant leap forward.

J; I welcome that because I have to move out of Hoboken. I have to move down here. I don’t know the timing. I don’t know all the steps will be that are just going to unfold perfectly.

M: Indeed. It is exactly as you intend. The more you breathe life into your intentions the more it gets made manifest. So breathing the breath, breathing the feelings, experiencing yourself in the joy. Perhaps walking through your new living room with all your furniture in place and simply acknowledging yourself. Well done, Joel, well done.

J: And also have great gratitude that spirit contributed to the experience so beautifully.

M: Indeed, spirit is always contributing. It is up to the men and women of this  planet to stop resisting that contribution.

J: The issue of karma has been in my consciousness ever since you talked about it a couple of readings ago. We were talking about those who truly abuse their positions on Earth and in life and create harm to the planet and to people.

I was puzzled because when Gabriel talked about Hitler he said there was no place for Hitler’s soul to go but to heaven. You said something about the fact that those who grievously harm the planet and others can go to a pre-human state. That was startling to me. It seemed to be inconsistent with what I have come to believe. Can you illuminate that for us?

M: Indeed, keep in mind it is so difficult to put into language that explains multi-dimensionality and infinite parallel levels. With that in mind, when humans have exhausted the repertory of harm that can be done to others, when they have maximized, if you will, that potential, it is often useful for them to be in a training ground, as it were, that is indeed pre-human. It is not human. It is not ascension. It is an aspect of the astral where, because they are not allowed some of the beautiful aspects of being human, it’s actually not possible. They are able to move through the lesson, as opposed to being in what the Christians of your world today hell and eternal damnation, or the other extreme which is heaven.

Is it an aspect of heaven? Indeed it is because it is all designed to move that consciousness forward. There is often much to be gained by humans from being taught by non-human entities as a student, being taught by non-humans as training and developing for that next level of expression which may be human, through incarnation. It may be non-human on another planet with the same exact lesson played differently. But that lesson will come. There is always a constant evolution.

So when humans have done horrific deeds over and over in a place of insanity particularlyserial murderersthese are the ones that end up in this very specific—on the way to Ascension, yes—training ground. Often other planets are used. There are species on certain planets that are not identified in your universe where there are humanoid type behaviors but not yet that full connectivity. They are under leadership, under authorities, and they are training and developing for that full connection. But they must be governed, as it were.

The entity, Hitler had to be governed and taught and put in that place, all through will, of course, free will to go all the way to the extreme of: Yes, I’m going to take that lifetime, pick me to be that Hitler. Yes, I am that one but because of the aberration and the insanity and the level of distortion the soul needs, not even a resting ground, not quite appropriate, but a training and development and a safe zone, a very carefully carved out safe zone.

J: So it would be designed to get the soul back on track so to speak.

M: Indeed.

J: I could see how that would apply to a serial killer. I was thinking, perhaps inappropriately, of the enormous forces that are distorting our democracy and polluting our earth like the Koch brothers who seem to do everything they can to profit from polluting and to undermine equality in our democracy. I kind of lump them in that category too.

M: It is probably best for your intelligence that you simply consider them not fully human.
 You will at some point in your development have the ability to literally see the non-human qualities from a distance in your perceptions.

J: I feel as though I’m being led to eliminate that stuff from a spiritual perspective in my channeling work.

M: You are accurate, beloved. So that is a great capacity that you can develop. It has happened rather suddenly and spontaneously for this channel that without an intention she simply saw a photograph in the newspaper and on television and went, oh, that is half reptile I see that. That’s a reptile brain.

J: Gabriel referred to George W. Bush as reptilian. He said you could see that in his eyes.

M: Indeed, there is a similarity in that region precisely in the inner corner of the eyes, the nasal bridge. It’s a knowingness that this channel has. And it is certainly very discernable in those names you have mentioned.

J: This is wonderful. We have some time constraints here. Is there anything you would like to say, or a word for Jessie? She seems to be dealing well with what she is dealing with.

M: This entire session, of course, has been for beloved Jessie, and she is benefitting greatly. She appreciates your suggestion.

J: I’m so glad to be back with her. I love her dearly. We need to be with each other more and we will when we can.

M: Indeed, it is a healthy and enwholing relationship.

J: Coming down here is going to make a big difference.

M: Indeed, it is most celebratory. And so, beloveds, we witness your accomplishments. We, as multi-dimensional beings, wish to speak into the human aspect of our entwined frequencies and let you know we are grateful for your courage. We are grateful for your inhalation in your lives. We are grateful for your teachings to others. We are grateful for your service to humanity. And with that resonance we bid you peace.

J: Thank you.