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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL FIVE AGREEMENTS: Agreement 2 - Commit to a Personal Process!

Archangel Michael Five Agreements

These Five Agreements (channeled by Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart) were presented to us by Michael in 2007 as “Guidelines to live your life by.” They are the foundation of The Angel News Network.

We make these agreements with OURSELVES to raise our consciousness so that we may fully live our life mission.

“Commit to a Personal Process”
 Agreement 2

You are now stridently moving forward as you have moved into the depth of your heart to know who you are. Some of you are beginning to look at the talents and gifts you have discovered, and beginning to stridently move forward into the unknown. You are now being met with and entertaining new energies. And as you stridently move forward leaving much of the old behind you are beginning to shift and change in the physical and your physical body is doing the same.

You are now leaving behind the conditioning, what you have learned and your beliefs that reside in your mental body, your mind. And as you have moved through the two processes we have given you, “Who are you?” and “Why you are Here” you have just begun to understand them in your mind. When this happens and you understand it there, you will then shift from your mind and into your heart so you can understand it and embody it there. Knowing who you are in your mind is the first part of the process, after that you then move to the knowingness of it in your heart to embed it there and is the second part. As you move into the knowingness, understanding it in your heart, it will then shift into the physical body. When this happens you will move into areas of the physical body where memories are stored that relate to aspects of your wounding and held old paradigms, habits, patterns and rituals in place.As you have set the intention to shift from old habits, patterns and rituals and into the new, you are now beginning to do so. Some of you in various areas of your life are seeing these old habits, patterns and rituals for what they are and beginning to shift them. You then begin to form a new way of being. We now focus on “Who You Are” at this time because you are just beginning to know who you are and in that process.

Here is an explanation of how the information comes to you and what happens when it does. When it comes to you it first moves into the mental body. As you understand it in your mind it then moves to your heart. You then, move into your heart to understand who you are there, and do so by taking ownership of you. You can see this now in your life by looking at that one person whom you have affected in your life and why We gave you that exercise.

See how you have affected others and stand in that power to know who you are. As you embody this you then own it. And now that you know it in the depth of your heart the next step is shifting and releasing the old memories from your physical body. This is where you are now.You are now beginning to tap into old memories in your physical body so they can be released and essentially be gone and no longer exist. You then can move into your heart and simply be who you are. As you understand who you are in your mind and then know it in your heart you move from there to being it. But before you can fully “be it” you must release the old memories in your physical body and many of you are now moving through this. Encountering the old and being challenged by it relating to who you are. This is where stating your needs and setting your boundaries come into play.

As you move through this process flu-like symptoms will surface and you will feel in parts of your body resistance and pain. You will be releasing an inordinate amount of energy from parts of your body and feel as if you are having “hot flashes” or “cold sweats”.This is all because you are moving into the old memories and releasing them. With this you just might move into “blind spots” and forget where you are in the moment and quite possibly react outside of you. This is where many of you are at this time so it is most important that you utilize your tools and in every moment and ask, where am I? Where am I in this moment now that it feels as if my physical body is “discombobulated” or for some of you disintegrating? This in many ways is what is happening.

You are moving into old memories in areas of the physical body and specific memories and downloads in the DNA are coming to the fore. In congruence with this, feelings that you have for so long resisted and avoided are also coming to the fore. These feelings are far more deeper than you have ever known and now not so sure what is happening because as you have moved to the core of your heart. Some of you are moving through old aspects of your defense pattern where for example you will indulge the feelings and or will sink into them. Many of you see yourself doing this and are now conscious of it. This is the difference and the growth and where you are.

You know what you are doing and in some cases you are reaching out asking for guidance and support. You know full well that where you are is where you should be. You are at a release point.

We have asked you this. Is your intention to move to higher levels of resonance and vibration within you? And move on the pathway in the unknown to reach “the intersection”? The intersection is where you will reach when you have moved through the process and will connect with the soul fragment’s divine plan. Is this your intention? If it is, be ready to move into the depth of the core wound so you can fully release the memory in the physical body then take next step. That step is where the nervous system will entrain to “the new”. And this is where the depth of fear of the unknown will surface. After you release the memories from the physical body all there will be is unknown because you have released what is known or what you knew which this is the memory. Once the memories are released you are in the unknown. The nervous system then will begin to entrain to the new and this is where the depth of fear of that unknown will surface. Many of you will describe it as feeling out of control however you will be out of control because you are never in control of anything.

This is the process and where you are at this time. You can now begin to utilize your tools through the exercises We have given you in the “Who Are You?” series.

This now leads us to your 5 Agreements.Agreement 1A is the Narcissistic Me and We combine it with Agreement 2 which is the Personal Process. What We have just diagramed for you has to do with releasing the Narcissistic Me where everything is about me. The only way in which to do this is to be in a Personal Process and that is whatever you may choose to be for you. It is utilizing your tools, the tools We have given you in these lectures and combining it with commitment. Each of you has diligently committed to release the old to raise the level of resonance and vibration within so you can begin to move into the unknown and serve the world with your talents and gifts. And through your talents and gifts express who you are. And you have now established that World Service is your main intention.In order to move on the pathway of the unknown to “the intersection” aspects of the old narcissistic me will surface. Therefore the personal process is most important. Yet what is more important is that this be kept separate from your service to the world. World Service is not about you and has nothing to do with you, that is your narcissism. It is not about validating or gratifying yourself, or getting something from giving. It is about fully being in the process of giving and receiving. As you continually move through processing the self by utilizing your tools to move from your mind into your heart. You then release memories from your physical body and move to where your nervous system entrains to the new to finally to being who you are. All of this takes place in the personal process. And is a commitment to processing every day that what holds you in lack and limitation, struggling to survive life and the old.

So ask, how do I process these messages? Do I do this through me? Or do I do it through how it pertains to me and utilize the tools to move into “the we” for “the we” for world service? World service is about the we not the me. And now that you have agreed that World Service is why you are here We give you now exercise number 2.

Look at what you are doing in service to the world and ask: Are you doing it to be validated and gratified and to get something or to prove who you are? Or to prove that you are worthy or good enough or perfect enough thus making it about the narcissism of the me? Is it about me? In your service to the world and to that wonderful soul with whom you have connected with as well as others, do you make it about you? Have you made the commitment each and every day to process this in your personal process? Then ask: Am I bringing all of this into the we and service to the world? Do I make it about me consistently?

Simply look at this and look at shame and judgment if it surfaces and be with these feelings.

Be with all of the feelings that are surfacing now as you move through your personal process. For this process has no business being in the we for it is not about you. The personal process however is for you and is a commitment to you. It is personally moving through the aspects of the narcissistic me that hold you in the old. The old is where it is all about me and having to be validated, gratified, and getting something for me so I can continue to survive life as opposed to living it.

Living life is giving of your talents and gifts and receiving love, Knowing who you are deeply and having a stronger sense of self so you no longer have to make World Service about you because you simply know you.

Look at your World Service and at this wonderful soul with whom you have a very strong connection and see if you are making it about you. When you are giving to this person, is it about you and are you looking for gratification and validation in return?Is there a balance of giving and receiving? Then you can look beyond this soul at all of your relationships to see if there is a balance of giving and receiving there. And to also see if the narcissistic me comes into play in order to hold that old relationship in place. Are you giving to get? Are you getting something from that wonderful soul that keeps you in the narcissism of you and keeps you in the old? Are you using those whom you are in relationship with? If this is so, as you use them are they using you? Thus remaining on the hamster wheel of narcissism.

These are agreements 1A and 2. The reason why they are agreements is because what you are agreeing to is you. They are not made with others they are made with you. They are made to guide you through life. The agreement with you and the commitment to you is agreeing that you will be in a process personally. Whatever that is for you and it can include using the tools we have given you. It is agreeing to remain in a process daily using the tools you have garnered to continually process the narcissism of the me, the wounded little boy or girl who makes it all about them. The agreements are with you.

When you move into the world in service to it, there is another agreement. The narcissistic me and the personal process are not included in it. You will become uncomfortable in the we and will know it when you are making it about me. It is most important that these agreements are made with you because they are made by you for you.


WE CONSCIOUSNESS: Gathering with Archangel Michael 11-14-13

 Channeled by Trance Channel, Jeff Fasano 
Transcribed by Spiritual Journalist, Joel Dennis Anastasi 

Is your focus still on the outer? On what is transpiring in the 3rd dimensional realm?

Myth and illusion coming to the fore. Moving to a greater awareness of self. Your conditioning is rising.

Moving from outer to the inner. Or still focused on outside? Beginning to see old patterns behaviors and rituals. Seeing a shift, moving through a transition. Seeing many of your old patterns.

Moving more deeply within, seeing more clearly what no longer serves you. Lessons are being learned. Messages coming to you. Are you conscious and aware?

Time to shift from old to new and release energetic blockages that relate to the emotional and mental body.

Experiencing a revelation of your old. Are you seeing it?

Moving to end of year 2013. If you choose to process what is transpiring within you, you may understand it in the mental body. May know the lesson, but connect with the message. I know I continue old behavior. Why continue the old habit, pattern and ritual?

What old are you remaining in? What comfort zone? Many of you are being pushed out of comfort zones, reasons why: because you know it (familiar).

The only way you can experience expansion in life is to immerse yourself in the unknown and expand in the greatness of yourselfto live to your full potential in this lifetime by loving, honoring and valuing you.

At end of 2013 each you will be faced with moving through new doorway into 2014

Embody and see message you are receiving. What are you learning. These are life lessons that will allow you to catapult yourself through the doorway into 2013 into the unknown. You may be struggling to hold on to what is familiar. Time to process what is transpiring within you. You may think you know everything but you know nothing. It is in the process that you will reveal to you what you don’t know.

It is about processing and feeling what you don’t know. It is about learning what you don’t know and becoming transformed in your process.

The only way to transform into the new life, to release the old behaviors, is to immerse yourself into the feelings in what comes up. Become aware of your old behaviors and move into your heart space. You do that by processing what is coming up for you.

AS Way Showers and Light Workers you have reached a crucial point and that is to transform the old. Many are dealing with physical unease. Not about getting rid of it or fixing it. You are in a clearing and cleansing process. Can only do that by going through a process and allowing the process to take care of itself because it is in the process that the answers become clear.

Move from the knowledge to the beingness of your heart space. When you do that you begin to transform from the old into the new. That is a process. Many want to skip it. Because it moves you to places and feelings haven’t felt, feelings avoided and trauma that needs to be experienced to transform into the new. Answers are in the process. May not be answers you are looking for.

Answers are in you and your connection with the multi-dimensional realms. Process moves from the mental body to the heart space to the physical body. Many are feeling physical unease with dislodging of old memories. Feelings come up. Past life associations come up. Many lessons are learned in this. Can begin a transformation. It begins from the physical body

You begin to retrain your nervous system from the old to the new. Begins in the mental body, moves to your heart space and brings up emotions. It moves to your physical body to reveal what it needs to reveal. It is then you move to the threshold of change. The only way you can effect change within you is to step into the unknown. This is a process into the unknown.

You may have a grand picture of where you think you are going, but you don’t really know. When you move into the inner process, the greater knowing comes. Not the knowing in the mental body but a knowing fully experienced in your heart space and in your physical beingness. It is those memories you are dislodging and need to release to fully transform into the new and retrain your nervous system. This is the personal process. When you move through this process you will then understand why we come to you with these teachings.

1. Q & A: Why do I keep perpetuating my habits and patterns?

You see your old habits and know them in the mental. You are willing to change old habits. State that. What are you frightened of? Why continue old habits, patterns and rituals. If desiring change, why don’t you? Getting same old results by continuing the old patterns, behaviors and rituals.

Ask: Am I ready to change old patterns? Does it serve my highest good? Ask: Is change necessary? You’re very comfortable in the old ways. When you know them you are in control (think you are.) You’re getting the same results by repeating the old. You’re comfortable in old archaic pattern.

Why do you think you’re responsible for others? Co-dependent behavior. By taking care of others needs you think they will love you? How feel about that? What about your needs?

What do you need? To live my life for me. Do what makes me happy.

When you shift patterns and rituals why do you feel lonely? The personal process as you move through it is an energetic experience. You’re simply releasing old energetic patterns, grid systems within the physical body.

When you release energetically in your physical and emotional body and release the conditioning from the mental body, you create a void. You are also releasing the drama and glamour from your life. Releasing the need to get a hit from your nervous system to feel you’re alive by taking care of another. If I to this, they will love me. If I do this then I will get a hit to my addiction. And my addiction is I will take care of another so they will love me. I will take care of another’s needs and they will love me.

But if I decide to take care of my needs, the narcissism of the ego self comes in and says, wait a minute, you’re responsible for everyone else. You mean you want to take care of your needs? You’re responsible for everyone else, the ego says, the defense says.

Are you responsible for others’ needs? No. You can begin to release the narcissism of that because you are creating a void within yourself so the new can be formed. Your relationship with your self is shifting and changing. Your view of yourself out in the world is shifting and changing. Your way of relating to others in your old habits and patterns and old defense patterns is shifting and changing. As we have said many times, you’re moving into the full beingness of self.

Habits, patterns and rituals are related to attachments. You repeat them to keep in place an attachment to something outside of yourself. This is a process of disengaging yourself to any one or anything outside of yourself that is kept in place by an old habit, pattern and ritual. What transpires with this is an EMPTINESS, the emptiness of the creation of the void. As you shift and change the relationship with the self, the way you view yourself, you then are being viewed outside of yourself through those eyes.

As you release your attachments to the old 3rd dimensional realm outside of you, what transpires within the physical body is a breakdown. The tentacles from aspects of your physical body that hold the old world of form outside of you for your comfort and safety and security is breaking down. The reach of the attachment is releasing. It is now time, if you so choose, to transform.

2. Q & A: Clearing and cleansing past life cycles.

When you move through the personal process you are not only dislodging what has transpired with you in this third dimensional realm, you’re bringing to light, in some cases, not all, past life situations that relate to the old habits, patterns that exist in this lifetime. Many may view that past life. Some may not. 

When this past life appears within you, many can see it and feel it. It comes to the surface based on what you need to learn in this lifetime to shift and change in this lifetime and release the core that attaches you to that past lifetime.

Many think this is all transpiring because you are in the physical third dimensional form. But you are moving through the soul’s plan, the soul that has chosen to incarnate into your human physicalness in this third dimensional realm. What you are doing is transforming and moving through the soul ascension process.

The soul incarnated in the human form at a specific level of soul development. Many of you have received the call to move within, to move within to clear and cleanse the old from within you that allow you, ultimately, to connect with your purpose and mission in this lifetime. You have all chosen to incarnate into this human form to complete your mission and your purpose in this lifetime. You have all chosen to incarnate into this human form in service to others, in service to your world in conjunction with your earthly plane soul divine plan, for nothing is separate.

In this process, some may experience and see past lifetimes. It is this past lifetime that just may get your attention for what needs to be released in this lifetime and why the old habits, patterns and rituals persist in this lifetime. This is what is transpiring, not for all of you but for some of you. For you are unique individual souls. On this pathway you have your unique individual process. It is important that as you move through this process, you convene with others. For in this process you will hit blind spots. It is when you hit these blind spots that it is time for another to shed light on the blind spot.

The most pertinent aspect of this is the mirror. Many of you are facing the mirror outside of yourself. What is transpiring with that mirror will be a direct reflection of what is transpiring within you. The question we have is, are you willing to learn? Are you willing to look in the mirror when the mirror is reflected back at you and learn and grow? Are you open to see the folly of your ways? Are you open to raise your level of resonance and vibration when the mirror is reflected back at you so you can learn? As we said, though you think you may know everything, you may know nothing. When you think you know nothing, you know everything.

For one workshop leader:

For you, dear one, it is about opening your heart space to learn. For you it is about releasing trying to control everything outside of yourself, to know everything, to know what is transpiring outside so you can keep everything in perfect order.

For you it is about opening your heart space to love, opening your heart space to learn and to grow, to see the mirror outside of yourself when it is presented to you. It is about now moving akin with your brethren and now releasing the last remnant of trying to control and keep specific order in your life so that you are in your comfort zones in safety and security. It is time for you, if you so choose, to relinquish the last strings of attachment to that outside of you so that you can open up into the unknown of yourself to discover the beauty of your heart space.

3. Q & A: What is the best way to support the physical body as it experiences the high vibration energies coming into earth plane?

Release trying to get rid of the energies. You’re changing the molecular structure within yourself to coincide with the changes in your physical body, mental body and emotional body so you can present the new you to the universe. There is a breakdown of the old in your physical body. You’re changing your perception of the 3rd dimensional realm. Many are experiencing this. Many are experiencing the breakdown of the old because the old is the perception of the third dimension through your conditioning, what you have learned and what you have been taught to believe.

Each of you is breaking down the molecular structure in your physical beingness, breaking down the barriers, the walls and your perception of the third dimensional realm as being your source. In this breakdown you are reconfiguring not only your nervous system but also the molecular structure in your physical bodies to align yourself with the high vibrational energies that this process involves.

Your personal process is about releasing low vibrational, old, dense energy surrounding your heart space in your physical body that weighs you down. In that process, you release the old dense energy, the low vibration energy, the low vibration memories, everything—the old habits, patterns and rituals that keep you in the old, the old vibrational results.

What you are intending to do is raise your level of resonance and vibration. As you move through the personal process and release the old that surrounds your heart space, you ascend within. The ascension is the raising of your resonance and vibration. As you release the old, it raises the level of resonance and vibration. That then breaks down the old molecular structure of your physical body, and your physical body begins to raise its resonance and vibration. With that you move into a multi-dimensional connection and existence. As you release the tentacles of attachment to the 3rd dimensional world, the old world outside of yourself takes on a new vision, a new structure.

In order for your physical being to align itself to higher vibrational energies, the breakdown of these attachments must occur. Many are feeling the energetic shifts within you as a breakdown. You are also receiving patterns of light and many are seeing these patterns of light. That is transpiring so that you can meet and raise your resonance with you, so that you can move into a multi-dimensional existence as an experience.

This is an overview of what is transpiring in your physical form. As you move through your personal process and move through the breakdown of the old, you expand an inordinate amount of energy. You release old, dense, heavy vibrational energy. In order to move the old, dense, heavy vibrational energy, energy must be used to dislodge that old energy, for that is heavy energy.

There is an inordinate amount of energy that you expend doing that. So as you move through the physical unease, the physicalness of the personal process, the questions to ask yourself are: What do I need? How much do I love myself? What do I need to give myself in these moments?

As you break down the old within, it is a continuous movement into the unknown.

You know the old. The reason why many stop short of moving into an in-depth transformational process is because of the feelings that come up when they are frightened of the unknown. That is why we told you as you come to the end of your year 2013, if in fact you are fully in the commitment of releasing the tentacle attachments the old, a new doorway to 2014 will be opened. That is a doorway into the unknown.

4. Q & A: Why does this seem to be so complex for humanity?

M: It is not a complex process. It is each individual human who makes it complex through their old conditioning. It is the mental body that makes it complex. For if you are agreeing to live with what is and be with what is as it transpires, the mental body will try every which way through the old ego defense patterns to try to control the situation so you will know it and don’t have to feel it. The defense, by trying to hold on to the old, makes it complex. It is a simple process. But it is the simple that allows you to go deeper within. The defense tries to hold on at all costs. It fights to the death to keep the old in place.

The mental body wants to figure out what is transpiring, which is an old habit and pattern. They think they know it and avoid the experience of it and feeling it. When you allow yourself to be in it, feel it, and experience the unexperienced trauma, it moves quickly.

When the individual commits to move through this process and releases their attachments to relationships, and their attachments to the old world of form, as you move through your personal process, you gain greater clarity about your mission and purpose in this lifetime. Through this, resonating at a higher vibration, you will then begin to form relationships with those who resonate and vibrate as you do who have a similar mission and purpose in this lifetime who all agree that world service is why you have come.

It is then that you move into group consciousness or we consciousness. The individual raising their level of resonance and vibration moving into we consciousness within begins to connect with other like-minded individuals with similar resonance and vibration of similar mission and purpose that then creates a mass consciousness shift energetically.

If you look at it in terms of energetics, pure energy, as you shift and change the energy of you in the physical being and raise your level of resonance and vibration, look at world outside of yourself and ask, what resonates and what no longer resonates?

As you shift the energetic makeup within you by releasing the old dense vibrational energy, you will realize and shift the attachments you have to the old outside of you, and you will feel that inside of you. 

You will then ask, is the old world of form resonating for me? It is not about changing the old world of form. It is about creating the new: Community, peace, harmony and equality. It is that consciousness and coming together with other like-minded people that begins to shift the energetic vibration of your planet earth.

You’re seeing a rush to take care of Mother Earth now. Reason:  your vibration is to the core of Mother Earth, to nature. As you shift the resonance and vibration in the quantum effect, the old will die. The old will entrain to the new vibration. This is what is transpiring on your earthly plane and you can see the shifts and changes outside of yourself. For what you are seeing is the truth and the essence of your beingness. As you do this your old belief systems are shifting, changing and releasing.

As you shift and raise the level of resonance and vibration in yourself, you begin to match the core essence of the truth inside of you. You then begin to connect multi-dimensionally. The truth of the multidimensional energies is oneness—oneness with the Christ consciousness, oneness with self, oneness with all, a movement towards community, harmony and equality. That is the mission of mankind.

5. Q & A: Michael paraphrased what one questioner was stating that echoes where we all are:

“As I am moving through what I am moving through in my lifetime now, what I need is love, guidance and support to guide me, assist me along this pathway as I shift and change.”

Michael’s Mission

The human has labeled the energies of the Archangelic realms you just mentioned. They have labeled a layer of energy. There are many layers of energies. The energies of the Archangelic realms, so to speak, all vibrate and resonate at a different level, a different level of consciousness. Within a specific layer of energy, the energy of the Archangelic Realm of Michael, are specific layers or frequencies of energies that are geared towards those who resonate and vibrate at the specific layer of frequency.

This specific frequency that moves through this channel has a specific level of consciousness and teachings.

The teachings that emanate from this specific frequency of the Archangelic Realm of Michael has to do with moving from your mental body into your heart space, giving you various teachings, lessons, exercises and tools that allows you to move through a transformational process from the outer to the inner to your heart space—to emanate the shining light in the depth and breadth of the essence of you.

The teachings, lessons and exercises are simply, in themselves, levels of energy that penetrate the levels of energy that have been created around your heart space known as your mask, the armor around your heart space. So the individual human interprets the layer of energy as a teaching, an exercise and the lesson as a message and utilize that, implements that. In its energetic form it (teaching) penetrates that energetic old vibrational energy that is around your heart space and releases it.

As we said before, it is a process. So from the Archangelic Realm of Michael there are various levels of energy, levels of frequency and levels of consciousness. This specific level of consciousness, energy and frequency that emanates from the Archangelic Realm of Michael matches the frequency in the most wonderful and glorious soul you call the channel, which is why he was chosen and has chosen to be the bearer of the messages or to be the conduit of the energy that comes to you with a specific message. 

It is about moving from your mental body into your heart space, releasing the conditioning of the old to move into your heart space.

And it is in that process for the various teachings, lessons and exercises and messages that peels away and penetrates the layers of wounding from around your heart energetically. It is an energetic process of moving within.

P: In addition to serving humanity is it the Christ Consciousness that also supports your energy and your consciousness?

M: It all emanates from that source, yes.

P: Is it Source or Christ Consciousness that motivates, stimulates and supports you?  I know our vocabulary is limited.

M: As we emanate from the specific frequency of the consciousness of the Archangelic Realm of Michael to bring to you the teachings, lessons and exercises that will allow you to penetrate the layers of armor and wounding around your heart space, it allows you to move into the depth of the essence of your self so you can raise your frequency, resonance and vibration and connect to the God Consciousness.

It is as if each level of the Archangelic realms, each messenger of the Archangelic realm, which we are just one of many, are messengers from the Christ Consciousness and the God Consciousness. Each frequency brings about itself, its own frequency that gives you tools, exercises, lessons and messages that allows you to connect the frequency in your heart space to the God Consciousness of the oversoul, the Christ Consciousness.

Yet, there is no hierarchy for it is all one. As you are one with God, we are one with God. As you are one with God, we are one with you. As you are one with us you then become at one with fellow humans in the 3rd dimensional realm.

You see, dear one, the Christ Consciousness and the God Consciousness are a Oneness Consciousness is a Community Consciousness, is a Harmony Consciousness is an Equality Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is harmony, peace, community, equality. That is the consciousness, dear one. There is no hierarchy, dear one. It is a consciousness, the Christ Consciousness of oneness.

You can raise your consciousness to oneness to harmony by releasing separation, isolation and duality.

Student said her mother was transitioning and her Mother asked if “Michael had a message for me on how to make a better transition?"

M: It is not about making a better transition. It is about what she already knows. This wonderful and glorious soul knows, which you know she knows, what this wonderful and glorious soul is seeking is the alignment of her knowingness, the alignment of her transmission, the alignment of the process, support and guidance for the alignment of the transition and the process. It is to allow the process to be a process, to release the doingness to move into beingness.

It is not about doing it the right way. Be aware and conscious of trying to shift and change the wonderful soul’s process even when they are trying to do that. Simply support the process, whatever that may be. Merely suggest, but continually ask, what do you need? For the human, based on feelings they are looking to avoid, make the process of another about themselves.

The human condition wants to make another’s process about themselves to avoid the feelings that may be coming up. But if, in fact, you are there to facilitate another’s process, to allow another to be in their process, it is not about you making it about you and trying to fix, shift and change things… Simply be in the moment.

In closing we simply leave you with this: Be yourself.



You are on an accelerated path in your lifetime now toward the full shift from the old and into the new. It is time to be more assertive with yourself. It is about commitment and the assertiveness of commitment through acceptance and compassion. This is the balance of the male and female energies. Assertiveness of the feminine and masculine combined. 

Asserting yourself through commitment is why We asked you to commit to this journey. You commit with assertiveness through acceptance and compassion. Your commitment to yourself is about moving boldly forward and toward on the pathway assertively accepting each and every moment along the way. Are you committed to go deeper within? We are asking you to do these exercises and commit assertively so you can move within and go deeper with acceptance and compassion and love of self.

The reason why you choose to move through this process is to accept and integrate the aspects of the narcissistic me not to get rid of anything or fix you. It is so you can accept with compassion and move into a higher level of consciousness of you. You are moving from the narcissism of the me into the we so you can utilize the aspects of these teachings and the tools we give you. Then you can share this with those you are in relationship with. And when you approach your brethren, your friends and those who accept with compassion themselves you can simply state your needs and ask for what you need and share the essence of you. So we ask you this, do you know what your highest good is?

Through your trepidation of assertiveness and commitment We ask you, are you ready to commit to you and to this process? Are you ready to move within and connect with your feelings to raise your awareness of them and be more conscious of these feelings. Then connect with the energy within as it moves and rises so you can feel that energy within you. It is most important that you begin to see that the well within you is already full.