Thursday, January 22, 2015



Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael

Lesson One
You are now becoming ready for the next phase of your life, the next step in your life, the next precipice in your life.  So you can open up to the grandness of self, the greatness of self, the wonderment of self, the powerfulness of self, the all contained self and the beingness of self.   It is time to move into the depth and breadth of your heart into the beingness of you.

The question we have for you is, Are you being you? It is time to ponder that question. Are you allowing you to be you? Are you loving honoring and valuing you to be you? Are there attachments in place to being you? What are the attachments in your behavioral patterns that still exist in your life? What are the feelings that you may continue to avoid?

It is time to move into the full beingness of you. Full authenticity, transparency with integrity and impeccability.  It is time to open up to the full fruition of you. Many of you have been doing introspective work, We ask you, where are you with that? Do you continually move within to re-discover and remember who you are? It is time to open up to all facets and aspects of the self. It is time to move into partnership with your brethren. And the only way to do this is if you fully being with you and being yourself.

The Beginning

We come to you now and begin this body of teachings and ask you look at shame and judgment.

Where may you still be shaming and judging you?

Shame and judgment are simply a conditioned and learned behavior. It is not something innate in the essence and beingness of you. Look at where you still may be judging and shaming you. And look at where the mask is still in place.

Am I being me or am I trying to fit in?
Am being who I am or am I following herd consciousness.
Am I being me in full transparency and authenticity?

Many may think they being who they are, yet there is an aspect of the mask that still pervades in your life. 

So We ask you to pay attention, when in relationship with others, Are you fully being you or are you shaming and judging you? In relationship with others pay attention to where you are, what is transpiring in the relationship. Pay attention to where the energy moves in your physical body when you encounter another. Pay attention to see if you are looking directly into their eyes. Pay attention to see if you are in attention with them.  Or are you preoccupied in relationship with them? Are you fully engaging with another in relationship with them?  Or do you keep a safe distance even if you think you are in an intimate relationship with them? These are the aspects you can look at now.

What feelings come up within you when in relationship with another? 

When it seems you are getting closer to another what feelings come up?

We ask you now to look at your behaviors because this is about raising your resonance and vibration, consciousness and awareness of self.

How you act with others is a clear depiction of how you interact with yourself and where the mask may still be in place and if you are being who you are.

Your relationship with others reflects the level of love you have for you.

Each and every one of you seeks intimate relationships with another. Yet, there are feelings that arise within you in relationship with others.

The most important aspect of these teachings is feelings.

Feelings are a direct correlation to the beingness of you. To the extent that you allow you, with acceptance and compassion, to feel your feelings, directly correlates to the depth and level of where you are being you in relationship to others.

We are speaking to you about direct one on one relationships with others. And the deepest intimacy you can have with another. When in relationship with others We ask you to pay attention to this.   

What do you feel when you come in contact with another?
So We ask you now, What are you feeling?

It is important to get in touch with your feelings and allow them.

Allow the feelings that might be uncomfortable.

Allow the feelings that are comfortable.

It is time to see the feelings you are avoiding and those that you are feeling.

It is time to move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart to connect with you.

We ask you to observe you in relationship with others.

Are you open to see the reflection in the mirror?

Is intimacy something you say you want?

Write down your definition of Intimacy.

Write down your definition of love.

It is important to get in touch within your heart where intimacy and love is concerned.  And within that, your feelings.

This first lesson is about feelings. Feelings, intimacy and love. And connecting with another.

Observe your behaviors with another.

Ask them, How am I behaving with you?

Might it seem I am avoiding you?

It is time to release the mask that you have created around you and your heart to avoid feeling your feelings when with another.

What is triggered when with another?

Quite possibly old behaviors are triggered and conditioned memories.
It is time to see all of this for it will reveal how you are being right now.  This will reveal right now where you are in the beingness of you with another. Thus will reflect where you are right now in being you.

We have asked you to see what feelings you may be avoiding. If you are avoiding those feeling within you then when in relationship with another you are avoiding the feelings with another. Thus you avoid another. The mask raises and you avoid another. If it is true intimacy you are seeking with another on whatever level that may be, it brings up feelings.  If you have determined to avoid the feelings, then you raise your mask when interacting with another.  Then in turn when avoiding those feelings you avoid a connection with another.  This reveals when you are being you and how you are being you in that moment.

Pay attention to how you are communicating with another.

Is it open, honest, loving and truthful?

When you look at another do you look into the mirror and see you?

Thus communicate with them in kind.

It is time to raise your awareness and consciousness to how you communicate with others.

Is it loving? Is it supportive?

Do you push your energy? 

Do you pull energy?

Do you blame and shame others?

It is time to open to the transparency, authenticity and truthfulness of your heart to become truthful with you.

The way in which you communicate is an indication of how you are being with you and to the depth you love yourself.

It is now about love, love of self and love of another. To the depth and breadth you love yourself will allow you to love another at the level you are within you. 

We are giving you exercises and tools you can utilize to take a look in the mirror.

Do the exercises with a partner

It is important you be with a partner to do these exercises.  Choose a partner to do these exercises so you can open to a greater level of this.  It is time to create greater intimacy with yourself and with another.   

Observe your interaction with another.

Is your intention to cause conflict with another thus creating separation and isolation?

Is your intention to always be right with another? Thus causing separation, isolation and conflict. 

Might you even be aware that your interactions may cause conflict, isolation and separation with others?

Are you open to see that mirror?

Are you open to see the mirror of how you communicate with others?

Are you open to see if you are communicating from wounding, isolation, separation and conflict or with love through acceptance and compassion? 

Look to see if you push or project your energy on to others.

Is there an equal balance in your communication with others?

To the extent there is an equal balance in communication with others thus an equal balance of giving and receiving will also indicate the depth to where you can receive love.

Part of this is looking at love. Each and everyone of you is seeking love in every moment. It is about love, love of self and love of another. It is time to see this.

It is time to ask the question, Is my mask in place when I interact with others?

If in fact it is,  what am I shaming and judging?

Am I shaming and judging aspects of myself? 

If so, can I accept with compassion that I am shaming and judging myself?

It is time to take another step deeper within you.

It is time to see the mask in place.

You may not think there is a mask, but it is there.

It is time to see your old behaviors in relation to others if you choose to see it.

This is a choice and a commitment. You can make the choice to continue or not. It all depends to what depth you look to proceed.

Connecting with Mother Earth

It is now time to connect with the energies of Mother Earth.
At the beginning of each lesson move into a meditation of connecting to mother earth.

Close your eyes.

Breathe into your heart space.

Follow the energy down your body into Mother Earth.

Ground yourself into Mother Earth and begin here.

See a beam of white light from your heart move down the spine, into your lower body, your legs, ankles, your feet. And connecting through your feet to mother earth.

Begin each lesson, message and exercise with this meditation.

In partnership with another begin your sessions together by grounding into mother earth and then begin the exercises.

Begin with the questions we just asked you. Ask each other these questions.

Each exercise should be done sitting down with your feet firmly planted into mother earth.

After the connection is made you then begin the exercise.

You are now making a full connection with another throughout this entire process.

Begin this first lesson, message and exercise with the questions We have asked you.

We ask you to choose another and allow this to come to you. This is a choice and thus a commitment to move into your heart space to take the first step into transparent, authentic beingness of you.

Choose a partner for this entire process.

Allow your heart to guide you. Be aware when you stray into your mental body to try and figure everything out. This will be your clue to when the mask may raise.

Remain in your heart space throughout this process.

Take note when you move into your defense and begin to defend.

When doing the exercises pay attention to what you are hearing another say that might be different from what they are actually saying.

Each and every one of you hear through a filter, the filter of conditioning. This creates the myth and illusion in your life. What you hear from another triggers your conditioning, your defense and what you have been taught and learned.

What you think you may be hearing triggers an old memory, quite possibly from mom and dad.  This all creates myth and illusion in your life.

Pay attention and be aware of your behavior when another may point out a blind spot or a behavior.

Create a journal for the process.

Throughout the process see what is most important for you.  Look at each lesson, exercise and teaching to determine what is important for you.

In your interaction with your partner each is to ask the questions to one another. It is not you asking the question of yourself. Your partner will ask you the questions and you will then ask your partner the same questions. Write down your responses.

What will be revealed will reveal just how available you are to be reveled.

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, trance channel and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart