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SACRED TRILOGY OF TEACHINGS: The Sacred Shifts To Ascend by Phillip Elton Collins


From Adama, The Father of Humanity
High Priest of Telos, Lemuria - Inner Earth Civilization

The SEVEN SACRED FLAMES, SACRED SHIFTS AND SACRED STEPS teachings have been presented to humanity many, many times from higher realms such as the archangelic, Inner Earth Civilizations, the ascended masters and many more.

The following teachings have been presented to humanity many, many times from higher realms such as the archangelic, Inner Earth Civilizations, the Ascended Masters and many more.

This particular trilogy of teachings is a concise, simplified, easily accessed endeavor to support the current planetary vortices and portals that are being activated. These planetary activations are affecting the planet and humanity in a powerful way within our ascension process of returning to the light.

This body of teachings comes from Adama, the Father of Humanity and High Priest of Telos, Lemuria. For those not familiar with Adama or Lemuria, you have a wonderful journey of discovery ahead of you, if you so choose. For the moment please listen to these words of wisdom and see if they resonate within your hearts and can be applied through the discernment of your minds. You can access these three teachings from our blog located on The Angel News Network Website. They will also be made available in a separate package in the future.

The mission of the Angel News Network is to bring the teachings of higher realms to humanity to raise our vibration and consciousness. We have directly received and now give, within a balance of giving and receiving, these teachings as an aspect of our world service. 

The Light of Source Never Fails,
Phillip Elton Collins



Received & Written By Phillp Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Ascending Humanity,

As our planet continues to contract and expand during its final 2,000 year epoch ascension process (transmuting from density, returning to light), humanity is being a given wondrous opportunities to also transcend from your dense carbon based reality to light. This is your divine destiny to do so. How and when you achieve your ascension is through your freedom of will and choice. Those who choose not to ascend during our planet’s final epoch will do so elsewhere.

For those of you who choose your SACRED SHIFT during this final epoch, let us review what is necessary through your relationship with self-mirroring outward, to take place. This is a process of inside out; looking at your outside world is not a measure of the process. You, too, will contract and expand during this ascension process, so we ask that you have acceptance and compassion and forgiveness for your process.  Remember, dear sisters and brothers this is a choice you choose in being human. This is not a form of punishment or trail but the learning tools necessary to facilitate your mastership to be in world and universal service.

Each Sacred Shift is an energetic intention/ vortex/portal/doorway /representing one of the twelve star systems which seeded this planet.  The final shift is your planet’s ascension itself.


1. To heal all wounds and ego defenses created in past and present lives. You are not your wounds and defenses but they are ruling your lives and world at this time. There are many tools from higher realms to assist you within your personal process including many from this endeavor called The Angel News Network and others. This healing will allow your re-connection to higher realms, your divine soul plan (purpose in being here) and realize your divinity. 

2. To know the meaning, value and purpose of agreeing to be within this third dimension (3D) of emotions, thoughts and physical reality. Each dimension has a purpose. This 3D is to learn love through density, and duality, and move into world service through unity. To ascend to a higher dimension it is necessary to achieve the higher frequency of that dimension. This means ‘being’ the higher frequency at all times. The 5D frequencies and beyond are in service to ALL THERE IS.

3. Through the ascension process your believing mind is moving into service to your knowing heart. Stored within the DNA of your heart is all you have learned from past and present lives. Your self-mastered self is alive and well within your heart and waiting for you to access it.

4. Duality, separation and confrontation are an illusion even though you have chosen to learn from them. It is time to wake up and know there is no two, only one. You can choose to let go of all the pain and suffering this illusion has caused you by knowing you are love, loved and lovable.

5. All the judgment, shame and blaming in your world is imply how you feel about yourself reflecting out to others. Once you wake up to your divinity there can be none of this any longer. Are you ready to receive and give your divinity?

6. Surrender to not knowing. In the not knowing is everything; all possibilities and probabilities live within the void of creation. Remember your knowing heart contains all you need to know. You are learning to access and ‘think’ with your heart. You are not eliminating your mind just allowing it to assert what the heart knows.

7. In effect, your ascension is the marriage/union of you and your higher eternal self, called the I Am Presence, the Christ Consciousness. You achieve this union through the healing of the self-centered me into the healed we.

8. The most important aspect of your ‘human contract’ on this planet is to understand, access and apply your divinity within every moment of the now. The failure to know this is the reason for all the negative matters on your planet. Paradise awaits your creating it…

9. Every human being, animals, plant, mineral and unseen beings on this planet is made of the same cosmic stuff and consciousness as you, and has a divine right to be here and is not meant to be controlled by you. You do not have the right to attempt to control what you did not create not understand its reasons to be here. You trying to control everyone and everything on this planet are reflections of your fearful (non-loving) relationship with self. 

10. Your emotions are creating the life you are experiencing. Negative emotions stored in the atmosphere are even creating your weather. Emotions create thoughts which create actions. Perhaps it is time to eliminate old patterns, habits and rituals that no longer serve your highest good or that of others. 

11. The feeling of joy is one of the highest frequencies/vibrations within the universe. Joy is an empowering aspect of love, the building block of the universe. The feeling of joy allows manifestation with grace and ease. Pay attention how much joy is presently in your life.

12. Within your ascension process you are moving for density to light. This process is achieved by two factors: first, knowing you came from love, are love and are lovable and mirroring that out into the world; second, having gratitude for ‘what is’ in your life rather than focusing on ‘what is not.’ You are mastering the cosmic equation gratitude= abundance.

13. Finally, are you willing to do the work to release yourself from yourself? All the tools you need have been given to you from many higher realms many times. Are you ready now to commit to your ascension and see it as the most important aspect of your life and lives?

Assisting your Ascension, and our Reunion,
Adama, Father of Humanity

Phillip Elton Collins is the author of Coming Home to Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story