Thursday, January 15, 2015

THE RETURNING OF ONENESS by Phillip Elton Collins


Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network (ANN)

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy,

We of the Council of The Galactic Federations (GF) come to you at this soul activation epoch of your planet, affecting each human and all soul plans within and upon the planet, in like kind. This is a divine moment within the creation of your planet and yourselves to shape-shift and return to your true beingness of light, the transmitter of love, through Oneness.

Through divine consciousness, as each planet is chosen to be created it is embedded with a soul plan, a purpose in being. In your case that purpose is to know and apply the energy of cosmic love. Your human feelings of love are a minute reflection of the universal powers and purpose of love, as the building block of creation. Love is the highest frequency of existence, thus in turn it is capable of constructing everything. When love is not applied you have destruction.

When we of GF in concert with the twelve star systems who agreed to seed your planet hundreds of millions of years ago (far before you came) intended your planet to be a divine experiment (which you eventually signed onto). Various Star and Galactic councils agreed that the mandate of freedom of choice and will would be essential for this planetary experiment/evolution to be successful. There have been moments where this mandate has been most challenging as you have experienced throughout your human history. But since the purpose of your planet is to experience every aspect of creation, we knew it could not be otherwise. Coming from light into density and returning to light is a mighty preparation for self-mastery and service to not only your world but also worlds beyond. This is the choice you all made prior to coming here.

All of creation is ‘governed’ by various planetary, solar system, galaxy, star systems, and universal and multiverse councils. Your planet has been protected through many of these councils throughout the eons. The true creation and history of the human species will be made known to you. Some of the founding principles of the United States of America reflect these various councils. Thus far, your world has not maintained and sustained the principles of oneness necessary for all this to be revealed to you. This will happen. How and when this will be achieved is through your freedom of choice and will.

Each of the twelve star systems (not all are yet known to you) brought an intention into your creation. They represent the highest intention of each system. The channel we are coming through at this time has recently received from your Inner Earth Civilization of Lemuria a SACRED TRILOGY OF TEACHINGS:

1. Seven Sacred Flames

2. Sacred Shifts to Ascend

3. Seven Sacred Steps

These teachings contain the majority of the twelve Star System intentions. These are available to you through the endeavor known as The Angel News Network whose mission is to bring higher realm messages, such as this one, to humanity in order to increase your frequency/consciousness so all of which we speak may further be known to you.

Very little of the true creation of your planet and yourselves is known or remembered at this time. This is about to change through the planetary soul activations by various surface energetic vortices/portals openings throughout your planet. Originally uploaded into the core of your planet during its creation were the codes necessary to activate what is taking place at present. As these active codes move upward various surface vortices/portals are opened (as below, so above). These vortices/portals then create an energetic network across the entire planet healing the cause and effect of your duality and confrontation (an essential aspect of your learning process). Recently some brethren of this endeavor called The Angel News Network have been chosen to be proxies for humanity at the central vortex known as Mount Shasta to preform sacred rituals to facilitate the opening of these various vortices/portals. A chronicle of these rituals was assigned to this channel so that all who read them may become proxies themselves (COMING HOME TO LEMURIA, AN ASCENSION ADVENTURE STORY .) 

As many of you are being taught your evolution is an individuated process of inside out since each of you are returning to your divine light body, along with the planet herself. Since planet and humanity are created of the same cosmic elements, this process is called THE RETURNING OF ONENESS, or as the archangelic realms in service to humanity has said, THE WORLD OF ONE, way showing galactic, universal and multiverse Oneness.

This ‘oneness’ is coming about through your experiencing all the duality you have so that you never return to that duality again within your service to your world and beyond. This is how you have chosen to learn and master yourselves (a reflection of creation) to become the master teachers, ascended masters of all you serve and beyond.

Since your planet and you are aspects of twelve star systems and their numerous solar systems and planets, you have been influenced many times throughout your evolutionary pathway by various advanced civilizations. The true history of all this is forthcoming as you ready yourselves to receive it. Civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis, and others currently predate your accepted known written history. But when you arrive at what remains of ancient Egypt, Mayan and Aztec civilizations you have many unanswered questions about ‘how’. Your journey has been one of contraction (pulling back) and expansion (connecting to higher realms.) Your connection to higher realms has made all of your advancement possible (building golden ages). But the advancement has not always been a straight line forward through your gifted free will. Bur this cosmic choreography is surely moving you forward through waking up.

All that precedes your awareness now has had various positive and negative effects through your freedom of will and choice journey. The time-line on this is coming to an end now as a result of this final 2,000-year epoch of your planet and your human destiny to return to light. As many know, you are moving from your carbon-based density back to light, the transmitter of cosmic love (the foundation of creation). You will know the true frequency science of love. All this is a reflection of the ascension process of the planet herself. As the planet returns to light all within and upon her body will do so as well or be given the opportunity to ascend elsewhere.

We have been meeting with your world governments, and religious leaders for thousands of years to assist them without interfering In order to maintain control they have never shared such encounters. The game changer will be for all of humanity to know we and other worlds exist. You might ask why this has not already happened. The answer is you were not ready to accept the wisdom and the stewardship of the power of creation.

Your world is still in the process of mastering the ONENESS of yourselves. This is an essential aspect of we revealing ourselves to you, and you moving forward. Many teaching are again flooding into humanity from higher realms to assist in the process of mastering self and creating communities of equality, harmony and balance, thus Oneness. Look at your world at present you can see there is much to be accomplished.

Beloved brothers and sisters of planet Earth, this brief message of truth, love and light may bring up more questions than answers. We ask that you surrender to not knowing all at this time. In the not knowing you will allow your readiness to know all the wonders of the universe. You are being given the foundation of all you are able to integrate and apply for the good of all at this time.

More of you than ever before have chosen to be here at this grand evolution and destination from whence you came: Love and Light through Oneness.

Soon we shall meet,

The Council Galactic Federations