Thursday, January 15, 2015

THE ASCENSION HANDOOK: Power of Oness by the Two Marys

 Interviewed/Edited by Joel Anastasi 
Channeled by Jessie Keener

Greetings beloveds. Greetings beloved Joel. Greetings beloved channel. We are delighted to entwine with your frequencies today on this auspicious day.

It is time to recognize what is happening in your American society. It is time to embrace what you are already feeling. It is time to declare that the stirrings in your heart are not only real for you; they are what is healing America. And let us point out, as we are qualified to do, the assertive feminine energy that has been literally creating massive heart connections across your nation.

The women on your political stage are clear models, clear teachers of the assertive feminine way. This fractioned notion of the feminine being the receptive energy. Indeed, that is true, but it is such a fraction of what is true about a woman and what is true about the feminine energy. It is time to declare that notion a bit old fashioned.

Of course, the feminine energy is receptive. It is what creates! The assertion is the creation itself. We are watching and witnessing your female leaders create in front of America a giant opening, a giant funnel, if you will, to the heart. We wish to proclaim that successful. We wish to say, that is your mission. Your mission is to stay in that resonance of your heart. Your mission is to embrace what has been stirring in your heart. Your mission is to embrace what has been stirring within you, the notion that leadership can look like almost anything as long as it serves the heart to greater truth.

It is time for a new motto for America. It is time to recognize that only through ONENESS, only through embracing all of it, does America succeed. So we acknowledge the powerful female role models for their courage, for their desire in their hearts to serve and uplift humanity. And we recognize that nature in each and every one of you, you who are either listening to or reading this message.

Never underestimate the power of your hearts beloved. Count on it. Demand it and stay in your heart. Use breath, use sound, use movement, do whatever it takes to keep the yoke on and keep the heart open.