Monday, January 12, 2015


Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Laws of Beingness
Archangel Michael 

Lesson Three

Valuing You!

You are now opening up to the grandness of your heart space so you can open up to you. 

So We ask this questions: 

"Who Are You?"

"Who do you know yourself to be?"

"When you look in the mirror, who do you see?"

"Do you see you? Or do you see someone else?"

"Do you see the you who you know yourself to be?"


"Do you see the you who has been criticized, judged, and shamed?"

It is time to rise to your feet and be in the moment of now.

What is transpiring in your life outside of you that it is time to shift and change?

This all depends on how deeply you love honor and value you.

It is time to look at the world outside of you. Look at your relationships outside of you.

Are you looking to fit in outside of you?

Or are you looking to be you? So you can add to your relationships.

Do you matter in your relationships with others?

Do you matter?

Are you significant?

Are you unique?

Do you matter to others?

Or are you still looking to others to convince you of this?

And validate and gratify you?

The reason why We ask the question, "Do you Matter?" Is because it is about being you.

In order for you to move to a place of honoring, valuing and loving you, answer the questions:

"Do I matter?"

"Am I important in the relationships I am having?"

"Do I see myself significant and unique to others outside of me?"

Self Value

This brings us to self value.

How much do you honestly, truthfully, authentically and transparently honor and value you?

Many may misconstrue this as a question about the ego.  

However it is about valuing yourself in relationship with others and valuing you. It is a simple yes or no question.  

Do you value you? It is important to move into your heart and ponder this question.  Once you do this and truthfully answer it, then take a look at your relationships to see if you are being valued in them.  Are you continuing your old habits, patterns and rituals in order to be loved?

It is time to take this next step in these teachings We are offering you, The Laws of Beingness.  It is time to see your value in your life. It is time to understand you. It is time to understand your behaviors in relationships.

Ask these questions:

"What is it about you that you value?"

"Do I value me?"

Then write down, what you do value about you.

"What do I have to offer others?" 

"What is it about me that is lovable?"

This is an exercise for you to see where you are within this paradigm known as value.

Many of you may be holding onto relationships that no longer resonate for you. Not only personal relationships but other relationships in your life. Doing this based upon value.

Are you undervaluing yourself?

To the extent that you value you, that is the extent you will bring abundance and love into your life.

It is important to see your value. When you see your value it will coincide with feelings. And these feelings will rise within you. You might see if you are giving yourself away to be loved. Do you honor and value yourself enough to state your needs, set your boundaries and express your truth and the depth of you? You have a voice and it is time to express it to the world.  The voice within you is connected to your passion. 

What is that you have to say?

What do you need to express to the world from the depth and breadth of your heart that is relevant to your passion?

In your relationships, what do you need to express?

Do you value you enough to express you to another?

Do you express this expression in the quest of being loved?

How much do you love honor and value you?

This exercise is geared to move into the depth of your heart to being to see who you are.

To see where you may have given yourself away to be loved.

To see where you may perpetuate old habits, patterns and rituals to be gratified and valued outside of you.

Looking for your value outside of you.

Open the depth and breath of your heart and ask the question do I value me?

The write down what you value about you.

Within my talents and gifts what can I give to the world?

Are you loving, open, honest, caring, sensitive?

Do you care about others?

It is time to be who you are and open your heart to others.

Where do you honor and value others?

When you look at another, do you look at them through the eyes of equality?

When you look at another might you see traits in them that you wish you had?

When you look at another might you say, I wish I was them. I wish I had that?

In many ways this lessens the value of what you already have and what you already are. And masking all of this to be someone other than who you are in order to satisfy another’s needs or to be loved. To be who they would like you to be to and who they think you should be based upon their quest and their wounding. 

Might you say this to yourself:

I must meet their expectations of who I think they think I should be. If I do this then I will be loved.

Are you satisfying another’s expectations of where you might think they think you should be?

Are you doing this in your relationships? Quite possibly in your blind spot?

Are there expectations you have of others based upon the narcissism of you?

Another person should be this. They should be doing this to satisfy me.

These are the parameters and aspects you begin to look at all based upon value of you. When you fully value you, you can then value another without expectation.

When you begin to fully value you, you begin to raise your resonance and vibration. You become more aware and conscious of you and raises your resonance, vibration and energy within you to a place that is more joyous. You then release your attachments in your relationships to others. Perhaps looking for them to value you.  

So We bring you back to our original question, "Do you Value you?"

Make a list of what you value about you.

"Why you value you?"

Write down all the aspects of you that you value about you. 

It is time to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space and see your value to others.

Q + A

When you explore value within you, you then will be able to see your relationships more clearly.

Might you be in relationships that no longer resonate for you but for some reason you remain in them? If so, this is directly correlated to the value you have for you.

When you see the value within you, you will release your dependency on others.

When you begin to value you, you will demand more from others in a relationship. What you will be demanding is authenticity and transparency.

When you begin to value you and look outside of you at others, you may see where others value themselves and might not take into consideration your value and your worth to them in the relationship.

It is important to see your value and what you contribute in your relationships. 

You are always telling others who you are. This is just another facet to tell others who you are. By valuing yourself, you are telling another who you are.

When you begin to look at this and see your value you will then raise your level of abundance. Valuing you and your talents and gifts and valuing what you are giving to others, you then move into a greater aspect of giving and receiving in balance.

By identifying your value and the value of your talents and gifts you will then increase your abundance. You will then shift the balance of giving and receiving to be more equal because you will demand that once you know your value.

These teachings are an awakening of the soul. They are designed to wake you up to yourself.   To wake you up to be more cognizant, conscious and aware of the relationships you are already having outside of you. And move into a greatness and powerfulness of you. Your value equates to powerfulness and raises your resonance and vibration to move you into a greater depth of beingness. You are valuable and valued.

To the extent you value you will be the extent of you receiving love.

To the extent and depth that you value you, there is a direct correlation to the depth you can open your heart and receive love.  Thus, a direct correlation to abundance and fulfillment in your life.

These exercises are about shifting your perception of you. 

And when doing that will shift the perception you have of your relationships. Through your conditioning you have formed a perception of you. These exercises will shift that perception and move you into the knowingness of the self to be the self.   Many of you are moving through life with a perception of yourself as opposed to an inner knowing of you in the depth of your heart space to be who you are. 

Many think you know who you are but it is a perception of you conjured in the mental body precipitated by your conditioning.

So We ask: "How do you perceive yourself?"

The incarnated soul has innate value to human kind. You as an incarnated soul have a innate value to human kind. It is time for you to see that value and discover it on your own.   

Work in partnership with this, for it is important in these relationships to see that you are valued. It is your perception of you that may challenge you to receive it and know it.

These teachings are about individuation, to move into the individuated self, to honor value and love you and then move into the beingness of self.

These teachings are about moving the individual into the depth and breadth of their heart space so they can see themselves and honor, value, love and see their uniqueness and their talents and gifts. To see they have a voice and to express their passion and uniqueness.

Look at your attachments outside of you. Look at your relationships and ask:

"Why am I in the relationship?"

"Are you in the relationship without attachments and being who you are?"

Are you valuing and contributing to the relationship without the need of getting from another to satisfy the addiction and the old habits, patterns and rituals?

Herd Consciousness an Old Paradigm

In heard consciousness the individual, and their uniqueness is not celebrated. The individual is placed in the herd to satisfy the herd consciousness that is brought forth by the deified leaders. This sustains a paradigm that is about control and the interests of the few.   

The old paradigm of herd consciousness is how you can serve the interests of the herd.  Does this resonate for you? 

Or does moving into the individuated self and celebrating your uniqueness resonate for you?  Then contributing that to the greater good of the whole where the uniqueness of the individual is celebrated that raises the resonance of the whole.  It is about the celebration of the uniqueness of the individual and contributing to the whole. Where the whole is comprised of unique individuated adults who know who they are, live in the beingness of themselves, love, honor and value who they are, know what they have to give and no longer need to satisfy their addictions. This is not herd consciousness. It is the individuated adult who is celebrated for their uniqueness and contributes to raising the consciousness and awareness of human kind. Thus creating community, harmony and equality.  

These teachings are called The Laws of Beingness because it is about being you.

We come to you with the energy to open your heart space. 

We spread the energy to you and to others on a continuous basis. We watch over you, We guide you and We are there for you. In many ways we are moving forward before you on your pathway and allowing you the simplicity of life. Guiding you with teachings, messages and energetic lessons to open your heart space. Each and everyone of you is searching for you, it is time that you now find you.

Jeff Fasano, soul photographer, trance channel and author:

 Journey of the Awakened Heart