Thursday, January 22, 2015


Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Laws of Beingness
Archangel Michael

Lesson Four

Knowing You
You are moving into a new level in your life, a deeper aspect of you and a deeper aspect of sense of self. In our last visit with you We asked you to value yourself asking how much are you valuing you? This is the first step is moving into a great knowingness of self which is what is transpiring in these teachings, moving into a greater knowingness of self.  This does not reside in your mental body; it resides in the depth and breadth of your heart.  It is about knowing the truth of self, the transparency and authenticity of self and the essence on the self. It is about knowing you. In order to be you, you must know you.

The questions We have for you is:

How much do you know you?

Do you fully know you?

It is about knowing the self through observing the self. Observing you in situations in your life, in relationships by observing your behaviors with others.  It is now about knowing who you are, the true essence of you in the depth and breadth of your heart. The true essence of you is love.

As you move from valuing yourself, you now move into a greater knowingness of self. How much do you know you?  You may profess to know another but do you know you? Do you fully honor you? Do you honor what is transpiring within you? Do you honor your old habits, patterns and rituals? Do you honor the process of you and your life? Do you honor your life?  Do you honor you through the knowingness of you and the love of you?

It is important now to move a little bit deeper within the depth and breadth of your heart and ask:

Do I honor my process?


Am I looking for the shortcut and the outcome in life?


Am I honoring and allowing the process of life?

Through honoring the process of life and allowing the process a question We have is:

Are you taking responsibility for yourself in the process of your life?


Are you meandering your way through the process of your life, looking outside of you for validation and gratification?

Are you looking outside of you to be taken care of by others perhaps?

Are you taking responsibility for yourself and honoring the wounded child inside of you? And when in this process taking responsibility for you?

As you honor and value you it is also important to honor and value the process of your life. Allowing yourself to live life.  Through taking responsibility for you in life and honoring yourself, leads you to be in the moment of life.

Many times We ask you, Where are you?

It is now important to honor the moment in the process of your life. And in the moment honoring the beingness and knowingness of you.

Many of you spend your lives, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year in your mental body. What am I going to do next? What is the outcome of that? Continuously looking for the outcome in your life and looking to see what you can get from life.  What am I going to get in that relationship? What’s in it for me? 

Is your impetus, getting from life?


Is it giving in life?

What can I give in this relationship?
What can I give in this endeavor?

The only way to know what to give is if you know who you are and your talents and gifts.

Are you meandering on the pathway of your life looking to see what you can get from life?


Are you giving to others in life, in world service.  

It is now important to see if you are honoring your process. Honoring the process through these teachings. And when honoring the process, taking responsibility for yourself in your life, in your relationships and knowing who you are and where you are in each and every moment.  This all leads to the beingness of self.

These are components to being you in life:

Honoring and valuing you

Honoring the process of life

Honoring life itself

Honoring you in life

Honoring you and your talents and gifts to see what you are giving to others

This is another step moving from the narcissism for the self into We Consciousness. BY answering these questions you can move into We Consciousness with truth, authenticity and transparency.

It is time for you to know who you are. Know your talents and gifts, and know what you are giving to others without attachment.

So We ask you to look at your attachments in life.

Do you move into a relationship with another to see what the outcome will be?

To see what you can get from that relationship?


Are you creating relationships that revolve around the balance of giving and receiving?

As you take another step into the beingness of you it is important to take a look at this.

You are moving through your time/space continuum on your earthly plain at a more rapid and advanced pace.  Many of you are rushing through your process. And doing it in your mental body and avoiding your heart space. And in the process avoiding connection, your feelings and everything in between the starting point and the end game looking for the outcome. 

It is time to move within and hold the space for yourself in the process. It is time to live in the moment. Be where you are.

Is there joy in your process? 

Are you always looking for outcomes with everything that transpires in your life? Are you making it about you? Are you looking to give or are you looking to get?  

We ask these questions so you can look in the mirror and honestly and truthfully answer them. Simply to gauge where you are in your process. It is time to see you in the mirror to see who you are. It is time to open up to the facts of your life. It is time to open up to life and be who you are.   It is time to honor you in your process.

Are you giving yourself the freedom of your process?

Are you free in your process?

Do you know what freedom is?

It is time to move into the depth of your heart space and be in the moment of now, the moment of truth, transparency and authenticity to yourself. 

Look in the mirror, Who do you see? What do you see?

Do you see you?


Do you see the mask of you?

Do you shame and judge yourself for where you are?

Open up to you, you are simply in a process known as life. You will see the outcome in each and every moment if you allow yourself to be in each and every moment.

Q+A: The Mask

With regard to these teachings:

It is important to do the exercises with another.

The mask is created through the levels of wounding around your heart. Through the series of questions in these teachings you will see the mask around you.  It is important to do this with another so they can point out when you are utilizing the mask or when you are in blind spots.  The mask comes up through the defense patterns. When you are utilizing the defense patterns you are utilizing your mask at the same time. 

A question We ask is. Are you being what another would like you to be? This is another part of the mask. Are you performing for others in your life? You do this through your mask. It is being who you are not what others want you to be to be loved.

Each of you wants to be loved. The defenses surround you, and your old habits, patterns and rituals, your attachments and addictions, are used in a quest to be loved.   This is why We ask you to move into authenticity and transparency and through the knowingness of self you are loved for being who you are. You are not raising the mask to give yourself away to be loved, with a quest to be perfect. It is about being who you are.  Through the exercises We are giving you, you are revealing your mask. Do I give myself away to be loved? If I do this for you, then you must love me. If I take care of you then you must love me. All this is in the quest to be loved.

The mask raises, surrounds you and you utilize it to please others to be loved.  It is now about being loved for who you are.

The Mental Body

In the process you are going through now the mental body is the understanding body. It is the conceptual body, understanding the concepts of things. Each and every one of you most likely understands the concepts We are telling you.  You then understand conceptually, your behaviors and old patterns, habits and rituals and why you perpetrate them. Through understanding this in the mental body you can make the next choice to begin the healing process in your heart space.  

Core Wounds

As you move through your personal process and heal you core wounds you have a greater responsibility to your fellow human.  

The reason why We ask you to honor your process is so you can honor another’s process.

In your process you are learning to love and learning to be loved. Your attachments to the world outside of you lay in your mental body.  You have chosen to incarnate into the human form in this lifetime to learn to love. You are multi dimensional beings.  The exercises, lessons and messages in these teachings are designed to move you into the depth and breadth of you to see your many dimensions, to see the multi-faceted being of you.  

As you move into the depth of your heart and into transparency, authenticity and truth, and you are with the energetic upheaval within you, you then can release your mask.  As you move through this process, are you fighting to the death to keep the old in place?  As you move into your heart to reveal your myths and illusions, many may fight to the death to keep the old in place because this is known. The fear is walking into the unknown, naked, bare, exposed, vulnerable, open, honest, and clear. The defense fights to the death to keep the known, known and your comfort zone comfortable.  It is when you understand this in the conceptual mind you can then transcend it. It is the willingness to move into the unknown that is the bravest aspect of you.

The Mission of Michael

To move into the beingness of you.

This specific frequency that emanates from a level in the Archangelic Realm of Michael is designed to move you from your mental body into your heart. To release the conditioning of the conceptual mind to move into your heart and into the beingness of you.  It is about forging forward as the warrior of love.  These energies are designed to move you stridently on your pathway into the unknown to move you into the depth and breadth of your heart to the beingness and lovingness of the self. So you can live the essence of you. This specific frequency deals with this process.

There are various levels of consciousness that emanate from the archangelic realm of Michael. They move in various frequencies to you. This specific frequency moves to you through the channel.

It is important to know that We see you. We see each and every one of you.  We know you. We are transmitted to you and through you to reveal you to you.

The Mind and the Heart

When you are in your heart space you are in the beingness of you. Your mental body works in conjunction with your heart. When you move in your heart the mental body can relay what is transpiring in your heart to others by expressing who you are. Your mental body simply acts as a mechanism to relay what is transpiring in your heart.  

In Closing

It is important to see your myths and you illusions.  What is most important is to allow the process of life. See where you are trying to control the outcome of the process that will satisfy the addiction of the defense. Quite possibly the need for instant gratification and have it they way you want it. It is important to be in the process of your life and see that each and every step is a choice, a choice to be who you are, a choice to make another choice. It is time to take responsibility for you and your process and in your relationships with others. 

Jeff Fasano, is a soul photographer, trance channel