Friday, January 16, 2015



The peaceful warrior give thanks with gratitude to all those who support and guide him on his path.

He connects directly from his heart with all those who connect with him in his heart and all those who show their gratitude for him being in their life.

Love, honor and obey the laws of giving and receiving for this is the key to divine love. The thoughts and minds of others open when these laws are presented to them.

Open your heart peaceful warrior for you will connect with those who know this. Honor this and value this. It is those who know this who will divinely light your path. The unending flow of abundance is upon you.

Love honor and obey the laws and it will set your free. Giving in kind is the key to an everlasting relationship.

Those tending to others needs in the quest of love be forlorn. Those tending to others desires for love without receiving in kind remain alone. Those tending to others joy without receiving in kind endlessly yearn for more.

Be patient gallant warrior for the time has come. By stating your demands a loud has taken notice. We hear you and honor you. You are loved beyond measure. Open now to receive that love. Continue your path faithful warrior to see what is in store for you next.  With an open mind and heart the warrior continues on the path of life divinely guided with thoughts of amazement and wonder.

Love gallant warrior. Love all that comes your way and give thanks as you receive what is yours.

Peace be with you for you are the gallant warrior in body, mind and soul.