Thursday, March 20, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Ascension


by Joel D. Anastasi, author and spiritual journalist with Channel Robert Baker

Archangel Gabriel: In every evolutionary process where the ascension of matter is concerned, there comes a point in the evolution of that process where that particular planetary configuration reaches a point of development or evolution where they (a planet’s inhabitants) are ready for the stage called ascension.

Once they are ready for the stage called ascension, then they are ready to receive the divine plan consciously. Up to that point they’ve been operating through the divine plan unconsciously. In other words, they’ve been operating through trial and error. They’ve been growing and evolving through cause and effect and through karma. Karma means action and reaction. In other words, you make a choice. It produces a consequence. There is a reaction. You take in that reaction. You respond or react to that reaction, and you make choices accordingly. That is a process of growing through trial and error. It’s more experiential. And this is a necessary process for physical matter to evolve under its own experience.

Eventually it gets to a certain point of evolutionary sophistication where it is ready to handle more consciousness. Therefore, it is ready to begin to consciously perceive aspects of the divine plan. It is ready to evolve into soul consciousness. That means it is ready to bring the soul light into consciousness so that it can start to access aspects of the divine plan. It is ready to begin to realize the meaning, purpose, and value of life related to an overall arc or plan that is governed by the whole, governed by the order of the universe, or governed by God.

Unless humanity has reached a point where it is capable of that, it is not yet capable of using the power. So it must first learn to evolve to a certain state in its lower self where the vibration of the lower self is now capable of consciously handling the vibration of the soul. That is when the planet begins to learn about the love force, what love is. Until the planet learns what the love force is and connects that love force to the sexual force—which is simply related to the movement, evolution, and reproduction of physical matter—until it has reached that point of physical evolution where it’s ready to learn to love, it cannot awaken the soul. It’s necessary to open the heart and awaken the soul, awaken the force of love, before man is in a space or place where he is capable of using the power of divine will, the power of the divine plan.

The power of the divine plan develops when he can access the power of the divine mind and then direct it through the erotic force consciously because that is the power of creation itself. Until he has developed a conscience of the soul, developed a conscience of responsibility for the reality he is creating by learning how to love—that means learning the purpose, meaning, and value of life—he is not ready for the power of the divine plan. He is not ready to consciously direct the power of the divine will as a God creator force.

As he comes into this the ascension stage of evolution, he comes to a point where he is ready to learn those things. He is ready to transform the lower self. He is ready to awaken the Christ or soul consciousness by learning how to love. Once he has learned how to love, he then has developed the conscience he needs to know how to use power in a creative way for the good of the evolution of the species through the divine plan. He is ready to use the power of manifestation and to take responsibility for it and not misuse it—that is, not use it to control, destroy, or misdirect life. Instead he must use it to honor all life, to hold in sacredness all life, and to infuse life with more life, to introduce life to its concept of omniscience, omnipresence, and infinite being.

That point is now coming to awakening, which is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Man has now reached a state in his evolution, a crisis point, a soul crisis, a dark night of the soul, in his final struggle with duality to end the system of duality. The duality is the split or the schism between matter and spirit. What produces the joining of those forces of matter and spirit, physical and spirit, is the awakening of the soul, the awakening of the love force.

Man is now ready for that awakening—and thus the awakening will now begin. Now the planet will begin the Christing process through the process called initiation. He will be born. He will experience the birth initiation. He has already experienced the first levels of it. He will experience the purification process, the baptism. He is now in that baptism process.

He will experience the transfiguration, which is the time when the lower self and higher self are introduced to one another and the soul takes over and transforms the lower self. He has reached the top of a mountain and the lower self has bowed down to the soul, and the soul now governs the personality. Then he can come back down off the mountain through the renunciation, which is when he renounces the lower will completely and surrenders fully to soul consciousness in a place of purpose and service to the world. This is when the Christ began his service after the transfiguration. The renunciation, “Thy will not mine be done.”

Then comes the crucifixion when matter surrenders to spirit and spirit surrenders to matter. That is the place when the divine plan is revealed to the soul and the soul takes its place in the divine plan for service to humanity. Then the resurrection takes place, and the soul is born fully in its light. It completely takes over the physical being, and then he is ready for the ascension.

The ascension transcends matter as an individual experience of separation, isolation, and duality. He then becomes the Christed one. He becomes the living, breathing light of the soul consciousness guided by spirit, God force, in every moment of his life. He then has the power of God in his hands to transform all mankind.