Wednesday, March 26, 2014


By Jeff Fasano, Channel, Author and Photographer 

For What Are You Grateful?

In practicing the lessons in Part One, thus far, you have gained a great deal of knowledge about yourself. You are discovering the truth of who you are and what you love about yourself. You are rediscovering shadow aspects of yourself through allowing yourself to feel feelings that you formerly resisted. And you are learning that you can move forward to having what you say you want and feel all of your feelings simultaneously. Perhaps you have been experiencing the surfacing of old habits, patterns, beliefs, and rituals that would serve to sabotage your progress and keep you from moving forward in your life.

We would ask you to continue using the tools we have given you if and when they are necessary. As you step forward on your pathway to the new, these will help you to find your direction when you stumble or feel lost. You can never be lost with these tools. Simply breathe and ask, “Where am I? What do I feel? What resonates for me now?”

Fighting lack and limitation will keep you stuck because lack and limitation are myths, illusions, not real. The absence of something is not real. Only what is present is real. So, as opposed to trying to escape or move away from that which does not resonate, mastery comes from focusing on the list of that which does resonate in your life. This will raise your level of vibration so you can move towards having, doing, and being more of what you love. Therefore, it is always important to ask these two questions:

“Where am I placing my energy and attention?”

“Am I focused on the absence of something or on the abundance of everything?”

When you stop looking outside of yourself for answers, and focus within you begin to embody more of your talents and gifts. You begin to see that you are the key to bringing that with which you are resonant into being in the world. Your energy, meaning who you are being, is central to resonant causation. It is the key to creating the life you love.

A most powerful way to move from your mind and into the energy of your heart space is to selectively place your attention on what you love. Ask: “What is in my life? For what am I grateful?”