Thursday, March 20, 2014



Spiritual awareness and divine flow are one in the same. Divine flow is essential for your well being.  It is like the ebb and flow of the ocean. The tide rises to great expansion and flows powerfully to create and generate energy that lifts and separates. It then recedes into contraction, into silence to gather to expand. This is divine flow in action. 

Divine flow lifts and separates you from you. Separates you from your mental thoughts and conditioning, from control.

Divine flow is a natural way of being. It allows you to be in the moment and give and receive love in balance. To accept the current moment that is.

Once living in divine flow you separate yourself from the conditional third dimensional realm of control and the need for safety and security externally to a state of being-ness that is pre-ordained in your divine plan. 

It is love, it is joy, it is your well being, it is abundance. 

Take note of your gentle surroundings and you shall prosper. 

Prosperity is a simple judgment of the subjective mind. It ebbs and flows in the in breath and out breath of life.

Be safe in the knowing that the divine mind is forever plentiful. It erases fear and doubt.  It professes great faith that divine flow will forever prosper you. 

Have faith dear one for you will forever prosper. 

Subscribe to the in flow and the out flow. Ride the waves of divine flow and be rich and plentiful with life. Abundance lies in that flow and it is concurrent with the flow of life.

Be forever surrounded by the majesty of life for life is divine flow. Life knows no control, it just is and is always in flow. Life is expansion and life is contraction. Breathe in, breathe out, give and receive. When one is blocked with control the flow ceases and drought occurs. 

Divine flow is an energetic flow. It is an exchange of energy, giving and receiving.

Open your heart to receive and give from your heart.

Divine flow is love. It is love for life. It is love to love, it is divine and it flows within you.

Be this love. Be in the flow of life and you will open the doors to freedom. Freeing yourself from the constraints of the mind. 

Moment to moment to moment you are love. Prosper dear ones and forever live in the abundance of life. It is forever yours.Move in, move out., breathe in, breathe out. Divine love is in the divine flow of spirit. It connects to your heart with love. When love is present, nothing forsakes it and you tread through the waters of doubt. Be love, be divine and you will feel the flow of love.  It is yours to accept. Open your heart and it will flow, for love is divine and always in flow. 

Your constraints block the flow. Release and let go of your entanglements to life and love will flow divinely. Divinely flow through life and accept the moment for it will flow to the next and then the next. 

Open your heart and allow the love you seek to flow to you. Open your mind and it will free the flow of love. 

Release, let go, be free and you will love as life divinely flows through you.

Be gracious kind and accepting for love is the flow. It flows to you and through you and opens your heart so magic can happen. 

Love dear one love.

For love is in the divine flow of life.