Monday, March 17, 2014



By Jeff Fasano

You are a light worker. The reason why you have chosen to move to a higher level of vibration is to begin to counterbalance the perpetuation of fear. Are you resonating with peace, harmony, equality, love, acceptance, and compassion? Can you fully embody who you are? Can you look at what fear perpetuates outside you and ask, “Is this fear real for me?” Are you afflicted with illusions about the world outside of you? Can you see that what you are creating on your current path is a new world of harmony, community, and equality where fear no longer exists and only love, acceptance, and compassion do?

Can you perceive the sacredness of all life? Can you listen to your animal kingdom, your plant kingdom, your mother earth, and what your environment is telling you? The old habits, patterns, and rituals of the human are to think you know everything and must tell everyone, and that you must defend your rightness at all costs. 

What you now can begin to do is open your heart to listen and  respond with what resonates there. When you listen to anything or anyone outside of you, listen to find what resonates for you so you can shift and change your own vibration. You are part of the sacredness of life.

When you are listening, are you hearing what is being transmitted? Are you receiving it? Can you hear it, receive it, and then respond to it? By responding, you and others will come together as We. Responding from what vibrates in the depth of your heart is love.

Consider what you need to do to take responsibility for yourself. 


“What are my responsibilities?”

“What do I need to shift and change in my life so I can respond after I have listened, heard, and received information?”

As an individual, your role is to take responsibility first for yourself and your actions before you make the choice to change the world. Can you utilize your tools, be where you are, be you, and take responsibility?

There is a greater purpose. Use your tools because you are moving forward towards discovering your greater purpose. Your greater purpose is found in We-Consciousness. Can you shift your focus of attention to the greater purpose of the We? What is that greater purpose? What is the purpose of the We? What is the purpose of moving toward harmony, community, and equality? Where do you focus the majority of your attention? Are you making “what is” in your life your main focus? If so, can you shift your attention to the We for the fulfillment of the greater purpose of why you are here?

What is truly important to you? Is moving forward to build a new world of harmony, community, and equality important to you? Can you use the tools you have learned to continue to move through life with compassion and acceptance, and to focus on the We?

From your heart, what do you really want? Are you shifting your focus to the world that you say you want to live in? This is a choice. Questions that can guide you to live and embody your purpose are:

“Where am I?”

“What truly resonates in the depth of my heart?”

“What resonates for me ‘out there’ in the world?”

“Am I ready to serve the world?”