Saturday, March 8, 2014

DIVINE CREATIVE ENERGY EXPLAINED Received by Phillip Elton Collins


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher 
& Guardian & Adama, Father of Humanity
Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Children of Earth,

As an essential aspect of your awakening, and to better understand the unseen elements that maintain and sustain creation, let us discuss energy (since you are all condensed energy).

Energy is the smallest, unseen element of life that creates everything, including you;  your so called elements of energy: atoms, electrons and neutrons, etc. (and you will soon realize there are even smaller measurements, as you further awaken). These elements of energy are intelligent, conscious, eternal forms gifted from Source/God/Creator.

These elements of energy respond to both mankind, through free will, and their original conscious creator, whose intention is love. Diversified forms of energy create your seen world. Even what was once called empty outer space; you are now beginning to know is filled with the energy of creation: cosmic consciousness and divine love.

The elements of energy are determined by (divine or human) conscious thought; the frequency of energy is determined by emotions. As you are learning, consciousness, emotions and thoughts are the factors of creation. Thus, the term, "love is the glue of creation,” is better understood, dear ones.

It is cosmic consciousness and divine love energy from Source that is the primary forces creating all things; since everything comes from the same “Source-stuff.” What you do with this energy is your choice through your freedom of will. Thus far in your recent history you have not put it to very much good use.

To reiterate, initially all energy is created from higher realms of cosmic consciousness and ever-lasting divine love. The initial energy is neutral and lovingly intended for the service of all life. Being in service, this energy becomes what your thoughts and emotions create. Again, now you better understand the power of your emotions and thoughts, dear ones.

Now within your weary world when you misuse energy that is intended for world service, with less than divine love and consciousness, you are creating duality, separation and confrontation. This misuse of energy has a karmic consequence which you are experiencing now in order to learn what you need to learn.

Dear ones, please know that you are given/gifted a life time of energy within each lifetime, an unlimited amount of energy for each incarnational cycle. You are free to create whatever you wish with the “supply from Source.” Your lives are mirroring how you use the given energy right now. Are you having the life you say you want right now?

In truth, humanity has not yet mastered the right use of energy. The wisdom has been forgotten and is being remembered. By misusing energy for destructive purposes mankind has created an unnecessary amount of pain and suffering. Are you ready to make a new choice?

All energy is intended to respond to love; when otherwise this lack of responsibility has a consequence. The gift of energy was never intended for many of the destructive uses created by mankind. Where there is not love; there is destruction.

How do you think energy feels being created from love, when you use it to kill one another dear ones?

As energy has been misused for eons by mankind, it has become transmuted into the negative consciousness of your species and passed on through your DNA from one generation to another. Throughout your history you have seen the many consequences of this accumulated negative consciousness; past golden ages were destroyed by this misuse. Are you ready to make another choice in creating a final golden age on your planet?

Dear ones, you can create a world of equality, harmony and balance with cosmic loving energy. Not all planets have free will and your misuse of it and energy has been a powerful leaning tool. What have you learned, dear one? Would you like to make another choice now in the use of your free will and energy??

You can begin to use energy as a healing tool in all areas in your lives. Your thoughts and emotions can create other uses of energy in freeing your selves from yourselves. Soon you can know that there is enough free energy to power your entire planet and re-create your governmental and economic structures.

The path to this new use of energy is your self-mastery, learning how to fully love you and others. Dear ones, the divine light use of energy will eliminate old age, disease, lack and limitation and create blissful immorality.

Learning does not have to be so difficult; it is your ignoring/applying your lessons/learning that makes it so. Aren’t your tired of leaning through ‘what is not”? Soon the time will arise when you no longer misuse your free will and energy and take responsibility for being divine.

Dear ones, there is no escaping the cosmic consequences of the misuse of your free will and gifted energy. Why not make the shift with your planet to love and be in WE CONSCIOUSNESS  now?  All of your higher selves are good; why not awake and fully express that divine aspect of self now!