Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FINANCIAL SYSTEMS by Phillip Elton Collins


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network 

Dear brothers & sisters  on the surface of Earth,

Your world financial systems are based upon deceit and denial of that deceit with a very few controlling the entire system. Until this truth is revealed and accepted worldwide and you create a new transparent system based upon truth, you will remain with the same no matter what you call it. The entire concept of abundance and monetary systems is in need of  truly being evaluated. Your currency's are  really IOU's based upon myth and credit. Most economies are consumed in what you call debt, based upon the illusion that something really exist. The debt allows control. Humanity is partially attempting to create a new paradigm but the old is holding on for dear life to continue to deceive and control.  You know what you have really isn't working but you don't know exactly what to be/do about it. Truth  and transparency is what is needed in your world now. Where you are headed into higher realms there is not need for the systems you have in place now. It is your destiny to create/manifest through the purity of self exactly what you need.

The Lemurian Council of Twelve