Saturday, March 22, 2014



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Receive by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Be-LOVE-ed  Humans,

In order to have peace you need to have love, the foundation of ALL THERE IS. In order to have love you need forgiveness (forgiving how you chose to learn). In order to have forgiveness you need acceptance and compassion. So our ingredients of peace are: love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.

What if we were to explain to you that love did not originate on this planet; in fact none of you did. You all gathered here from elsewhere in the universe to create a learning laboratory of love. The reason dear ones you have not yet achieved peace on your now home planet is due to the reality you have not yet achieved love; the key component of peace. You have gotten as far from love and peace as you can possibility get without destroying yourselves. You are reaching a point of critical mass again. Are you ready to turn back to the other direction toward your hearts and return to the frequency and vibration of love (the purpose of this planet) in order to achieve peace?

As you traveled from various galaxies and solar systems to join here on the Lover-versity campus called planet Earth, your first stop was the planet Venus, the planet of love, where you downloaded the DNA of unconditional love. You lived on Venus for many millennia prior to transporting the unconditional love DNA into the heart core of planet Earth. This allowed you to pioneer the planet. You have directly connected with this love DNA during past Earth golden ages but lost your connection each time for various abusive reasons. Now you are again seeing the opportunity to activate and connect with the frequency of love nestled inside the core of your planet through a process called ascension.

Only through your learned love of self can you and your planet achieve ever lasting peace. This is why your planet remains in a non-peaceful situation within your nations and worldwide. You cannot and will not achieve world peace until you heal the wounds and defenses within each of you. Many higher realms have gifted humanity with teachings and tools throughout the eons to assist you. Are you ready to apply them? Are you ready to heal your wounds and defenses created from a lack of love?  How much more unnecessary suffering do you need to endure through your freedom of choice and will?

The megahertz frequency from the core of your planet is radiating out the vibration of love. This frequency maintains and sustains your heart beat. Place your hand upon your heart now and connect with that energy of love. Each beat of your heart is a reminder that you are love. When will you be able to receive this love, know you are lovable and reflect that out into your world through peace?

With love and peace as the tools you can and will create communities of equality, harmony and balance. You can graduate from The Lover-versity and take your diploma of love and peace out into world and universal service.

Dear ones you have simply been asleep and forgotten over the eons that you are love and peace. It is time to wake up! We higher realms simply wish to remind and stimulate you in remembering who you are and why you are here. We wish nothing more than for you to take your eternal/immortal place at the table of love and peace as the powerful loving beings you are.

When you first came to this planet you lived in harmonic resonance with the frequency of love and peace. Together we received and gave the essence of love and peace; a state of being you are remembering now. Go deeply into your heart’s memory banks and see what memories you can feel. Each member of Earth knew the reason they came here; to learn to fully be love. This love created an Oneness that radiated out to all elements of the planet.  This civilization of love and oneness has not been recorded in your history books since no one was left to remember or write about it. This is why we are telling this story now, dear ones.  Now you can remember and re-create…

Your ancestors are love and peace beings and they were capable of creating golden ages beyond your imagination or abilities now. The time when you truly existed as One, through love and peace, is upon you again now… a time to create a final golden age…

As we mentioned, all of which we speak is stored within your heart and the Universal Halls of Wisdom. Your memory of loving and peaceful communities embedded in your hearts can now be brought forth in your consciousness and create a new world paradigm…communities of equality, harmony and balance.

What is holding you back from love and peace now is the unhealed relationship with self. The unhealed me needs to decidedly move back into service to the healed we-consciousness. We have given you many tools and teachings to achieve this (personal processing and cyber-technologies) Are you ready to apply them? Or do you wish to keep seeking and continue the world you have now?

Fear, the absence of love, has controlled the minds and hearts of humanity long enough. People wandered the Earth not knowing who they are (divine beings having a human experience; preparing to becoming the master teachers of the universe)) or why they are here (to learn to love as a tool of creation).

Dear ones you are capable of manifesting all of which we speak. It is time to wake up before you actually destroy yourselves. You can choose to work together as peaceful, loving sisters and brothers all needing the same things, made of the same elements. Imagine the probabilities and possibilities that peace and love can bring…

Connect your hearts dear ones; speak lovingly to one another; care about yourself and planet equally; begin to know the power that love and peace can create and how you can put it to best use.  Remember the love from whence you came is stored inside your own heart right now.