Saturday, March 15, 2014



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian & Adama, Father of Humanity
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Earth beings,

You have had six previous golden ages support by higher realms that you initially trusted, then lost your trust and then these ages fell.  Once within a golden age, most often, the mental body of mankind felt it could do it their own better way, no longer needing the support from sources outside the human mind. This pattern of behavior has repeated itself many times. You are once again at a cross-road of reconnecting with higher realms that are willing to support you into yet another golden age.

Dear ones remember your lack of trust in something larger than you, outside yourself has been the fall of consciousness of mankind. The experiences you have had as a result of this have been very painful. This need to always be in control and controlling others has created much imbalance in your lives and world. Look around your world now. What do you find?

When mankind decided they no longer needed the support of higher realms, and they could do it a better way on their own, a misalignment was created between mankind and the higher realms. When you stopped following your own divinity, you separated from divinity itself.

Today, many, many lifetimes later there still exists a lack of trust in the forces that created and continue to support you. As a result of this mankind has created the monsters of fear, doubt and ignorance.  Now you are  being given another chance to tame these monsters, resume your trust and find your way home again. Are you ready?

Your conscious living planet’s soul plan has activated into creating a higher frequency of existence of equality, harmony and balance. Thus, everything upon and within her body will be of the same frequency or moved elsewhere. Your Mother Earth is no longer going to tolerate the abuses of humanity. We as a species are going to wake up or be walked out.

The new world paradigm is not going to be what your governments nor corporation project or tell you. The reconnection with higher realms is in full force, thus your reconnection to your divinity. The consciousness or lack of and the emotions and thoughts of mankind have created your present world and governments, reflecting the people. Your weather systems and ‘natural events’ are the result of the imbalances in mankind’s being and the vehicle for the planet to clear and cleanse herself.

Mankind has not honored and has refused to understand the needs of the planet and its effect on humanity. Your behavior has been suicidal. Dear ones everything that has happened in your personal and global lives is the mirroring of the imbalances within yourselves.  The reflection of your fear, deceit, greed, injustices are in full force. All the negative events are simply a mirror of what is out of balance on a human level.

The core issue is that mankind has not yet understood or taken ownership of how you are creating what you are creating. Dear ones you create constantly moment by moment with your emotions and thoughts (expressed and unexpressed). You can think one thing and feel another, creating imbalance, not supporting self, other, or the world.

It is time to become conscious of your emotions and thoughts and actions. Words are the most powerful tool in the universe and you support these words with the emotions powering them. But your words and emotions do not always support one another. Only through becoming conscious of this, can it change. The universe is a fax machine; it will send back what it receives.

A reconnection to higher realms can allow a loving, gentle way to learn with grace and ease. Through our support it does not have to be painful or difficult the way you have chosen in the past and present; because you thought and felt you could do it a better way. Your resistance to open yourself to higher realms support and easier ways is what creates the suffering in your lives.

Higher realms are not allowed to interfere in your lives and world unless you call upon us.  Send us your trust and allow us to support and love you. Ask your mental body to return in service to your heart that knows all of which we speak. Learn to ‘think’ with you heart, dear ones.

Through the evolutionary path of your planet and species you are being asked to be in service to your world and one another. Through your reconnection with us, you can choose to be in service to higher realms that allow your master teachership throughout the universe.

You have in your path a doorway to a new paradigm of oneness. Do you choose to walk through that doorway, and close the door behind you?  We are here to assist you in the creation of a final golden age on your planet. Are you ready to trust and allow us to assist you in moving fully into your divinity?