Sunday, March 23, 2014



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans,

Oh how the human minds loves to think it knows. Through what you think you think you can possibly attempt to control or just say you know. And this knowing makes you feel safe and secure within a world of illusion. Dear ones, the only thing that holds your 3D world of time and distance within your form of reality is that you think it exists. Your thoughts and emotions around those thoughts are the elements that maintain and sustain what you think are real. For in reality there is no time, only now, and no distance, only presence.

We wish to now invite you into the unknown that exists in the frequency/awareness of non-time/distance. For in what you call the void, the unknowing, the no-thing is the world of all possibilities and probably that frees you from the limitations of the human mind. The human mind has been a great tool and as it moves into service to the knowing heart its role will be subdued but not eliminated. Now we realize this is quite a blow to the ego housed in the mind that for eons thought it was all powerful, all knowledge and wisdom. Only through knowing otherwise can you begin to realize and accept just how magnificent and powerful you are. For where there are no limitations of thought or restraint of time/distance, in the power of the unknown, all things are possible. With no expectations you ride upon the frequency of cosmic limitless opportunities.

The human mind has been a receiver, not originator of the unknowing reality assisting in moving humanity forward. It is time to really know you have been loved and supported by forces beyond your comprehension for eons; supporting your ascension journey into the unified field world of which we speak. Once in your real reality, there is no going back.

The unknowing world offers a comprehension of a new reality that has always existed. Through this new world you can truly set yourself free of a world that your wounds and defenses created. We realize this may bring up some fear in some and excitement in others. It is time to surrender to your divinity and trust and not know in order to truly know, maybe for the first time.

Through your ascension journey of moving into a higher frequency of existence the unseen mysteries of eternal reality are to be revealed. You will learn all that exists comes from what you call the unknowing that is a cosmic consciousness garnered through  ALL THERE IS, which has to know nothing.

You will come to known that not knowing is only not knowing when it is unknown to humanity. You will learn in the unknowing wisdom truth is revealed. A truth that has the power to set you free;  a freedom that becomes  an universal ticket to limitless cosmic travel that you will need as master teachers of the universe.

Your religions say, “In the beginning there was the void of nothingness, and into the nothingness came a purposeful thought that filled the all-pervasive void.” All that you thought created you is now moving into, and beyond all that you thought.

The unknowing, the void is not in motion but you move through the void as your consciousness moves from one event to another. In knowing you are separate, you create duality and confrontation; in not knowing you are all One.

If this confuses you turn inward to your loving heart that knows this awakened reality cannot exist without your heart; for the light of the heart always exists. You heart knows that even infinity is moving on (as you are) to some unthinkable destination.  Your heart knows why much of this has been hidden from humanity; waiting for your consciousness to open and receive the light. It is time to understand that humanity is of light and light is of humanity.

Dear ones know that the void, the unknowing is filled with worlds within worlds, one within the other; separate yet one. All that you have experienced within the knowing is to prepare you for not knowing in order to surrender to being in service to ALL THERE IS, as the master teachers of the universe. This is the meaning, value and purpose of your journey.

Humanity has been only what it thinks it knows, ruled by fear and control. It is time to break the bondage of knowledge, fear and control, and move into the wisdom of not knowing to now walk down your divine pathway of surrendering to not knowing in order to become one with all. This is how the universe works. What a mighty unknowing that created it all!