Friday, March 21, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Cause and Effect

By Joel D. Anastasi with Robert Baker

Robert Baker (1948-2013)

Joel: I know this is an evolutionary process and it’s not going to happen right away, but that seems to be such a momentous shift. Our learning up to now has been through cause and effect, which, to me, essentially means that we take an action and there is a consequence. We assess it, make a judgment about it and base our future actions on the consequences. So we learn through trial and error, cause and effect. What I understand you to be saying is that we are going to be shifting into an ability to just operate out of knowing by being in consonant energy with others.

Gabriel: Cause and effect, first of all, is created through unconscious choice and consequence. In other words, it is created through a survival process of unconsciousness or ignorance. You take an action. You are not aware of what the consequence will be. The consequence results. And because you were unconscious, you do not respond or take responsibility for the consequence; rather, you react to it in a survival manner. Therefore, you are not able to respond to it. You’re not able to see the value of it, take responsibility for it, and then learn from your actions so that the next time you are more conscious and you make conscious choices out of a place of knowing. Cause and effect is learning through trial and error because you’re not conscious enough to learn through conscious choice.

However, through resonant causation I know this choice I am making is going to produce this result or that this is going to happen if I make this choice. It’s going to affect me this way and others that way. And I take responsibility for that. Or, if it’s not something for which I’m willing to take responsibility, I reevaluate my choice. When you operate from resonance, you operate at a certain vibration and frequency of reality. You are maintaining and sustaining a certain reality through the particular vibration. You resonate with the reality. Therefore, the choices you make contribute to that reality. You’re not doing it haphazardly. You’re not doing it through trial and error.

Resonant causation means I resonate at a certain vibration and frequency of consciousness, and there is a certain knowing connected to that. I operate through a radiatory resonance of energy. I resonate with the reality I’m creating and with the choices I make. And I am making choices that have value, meaning, and purpose that are for the highest good for myself and all involved. I consider all parts of reality as to the effect or consequences that my choices may produce. That doesn’t mean I always know exactly what’s going to happen, but I’m in the ballpark. And I know my choices are not going to cause unconscious harm to someone.

Joel: It sounds to me as though you’re talking about moving from unconsciousness to consciousness. Isn’t that what therapy work with the Robert Bakers of the world is designed to do?

Gabriel: Yes, the whole purpose of the work is to make you conscious—conscious of what you’re doing, conscious of what you’re not doing, conscious of what is taking place where your unconscious choices and actions create unconscious cycles of manifestation and reality in your life. So you can change and shift those. But you can’t change and shift anything you’re not conscious of. As you become more conscious of how you are making choices in the subconscious without knowing it, then you will become more aware of the effect on your reality. As you become consciously aware, you can make conscious choices and can, therefore, create a conscious reality. You can manifest consciously, rather than making choices that are based upon defenses of which you’re not even aware.

You see, you create reality through what you resonate with anyway. But most people don’t know what they resonate with. And most people resonate at a very low frequency based upon all their resistance, all their trauma, and all their stuff that is stored in their nervous system in the emotional and physical bodies. For instance, when you say “I want this” and the opposite happens. What that is illustrating to you is that you are unconsciously resonating with something that is the opposite of what you say you want, something that lies in the unconscious or the subconscious of which you are not aware.

Often people will say to us, “I want this, Gabriel.” And we say, well, what are you doing about it? They say, well, I’m doing this. And we say, well, that’s not going to get you what you want. Are you willing to do this, this, and this—take these steps towards what you say you want? And they say, well, what if this happens, or that happens, or I’m afraid or I’m this or I’m that.

Therefore, they don’t resonate with the reality they want. They resonate with the reality they want to avoid, which is why they have it.

To resonate with the reality you want, you have to be conscious of the reality you want to avoid. You have to release that avoidance in order to move towards what you want. The only reason people don’t have what they want is because they’re not available to it. 

They don’t resonate with it.

Any given reality is available to you, anything that you ask for because the universe is a benign, neutral energy that says, yes. Your commitment determines what you manifest. If your commitment is to avoid something that you don’t want, then you’ll manifest that because that’s what you resonate with. All your attention is focused on avoiding what you don’t want. So doesn’t it follow that you will have what you don’t want? Because that is what all your attention is focused on.

You see, if you want to avoid a feeling—let’s say you want to avoid a feeling of being deprived. It’s like ringing up the universe on the cosmic telephone and saying, hello universe, I would like to avoid the feeling of being deprived. I hate this feeling. I don’t want to be deprived. And the universe says, all right, that’s your commitment. We’ll support that. Here’s a way you can fight deprival—by giving you something when you’re deprived so you can fight it. And then you say, well, now I really hate this feeling, and I really want to get rid of it. And then the universe gives you more extreme ways to fight it, more extreme circumstances until you are willing to see what you are doing and change your commitment.