Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LIFE MASTERY: Create Your New Life With Joy!

Excerpt from Chapter Sixteen

 Joel Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author


This program was designed to help you see that you are the creator, the source, and the power of you.

You need nothing outside yourself in the physical to determine who you are or to validate or gratify you.

It is the love and truth within that is most important.

It is this love and truth that powers your courage to be you.

Meditate daily on this truth, and be who you are.


You are ready to choose where your life is headed and to release having to look outside of yourself to see what everyone out there is doing.

You are releasing being a follower so that you can move into the depth of your power, greatness, and self knowing, so you may lead yourself by tapping into your inner truth—what resonates for you.

Having made the decision to walk within the energy of the new, you now have a chance to release every last remnant of the old. But as the new energy mixes with the old, you are likely to feel anxious and unsettled for a time. The door behind you is sealed shut, but the door to the future is still unlocking.

Your future will now be created by you.

You’re still discovering why you are here, asking, “How will I use my gifts and talents?” Your answers will begin to reveal themselves as you concentrate on moving forward on your path toward your new life.

You are beginning to connect with your soul’s divine plan in your heart. Be assured that the pathway you are on leads to it. Some people are further along than others, but everyone reading this is on their unique path.

Your soul plan unfolds as you embody your gifts and talents.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You can see there is no turning back. This is why your feelings are becoming more intense. You resist moving toward the life you say you want because you have moved out of your comfort zones where you were looking outside of yourself for validation and gratification. Nothing outside of you can gratify you any longer. This may frighten you. Where do you go for your answers?

Look inside yourself. Use what you have within you as your well of fulfillment. What you created by doing the exercises in this program is in your well. The well inside you is filled with who you are. The well will continue to fill as you discover more of your talents and gifts. Draw on this reserve as you create your new world of community, harmony, and equality.

You are resonating and vibrating at a new level. You may still be trying to hold on to old relationships that no longer resonate with the new you. Can you open up to the unknown and let the wonderful souls come to you who are your new soul family? Are you willing to release old relationships that do not fulfill your needs and create new relationships with those who resonate with the new you?