Saturday, March 15, 2014


Archangel Michael Message Received Through Jeff Fasano 

We have said to you, the process begins with you releasing the layers of armor around your heart and moving into the essence and the truth of you. You have found that to a certain level—the level is different for each person and will remain so. Yet you are now ready to release your narcissism and focus upon building a new soul family based upon your resonance and vibration and sharing a similar purpose. You are forming a new family based upon true self-expression along with the impeccability of the word in the communication of that expression.

How do you choose to speak to your brethren? Can you now put yourself in your brethren’s shoes and fully see the mirror there to take responsibility for you? We ask you always to begin here. Look at yourself in the mirror first, then take responsibility for your part of your relationships, express yourself, state your needs, and set your boundaries. Look at yourself first, as opposed to looking at what another is doing, might be doing, could be doing, should be doing, or would be doing, for focusing those concerns only leads to drama and glamour. Are your endeavors creating community, harmony, and equality through joy? Is there joy in drama and glamour? Is there joy in anything that reduces the level of resonance and vibration? Look at your past and see what you have seen. Look at what has transpired to see what has reduced your joy. Look at your past and what you have learned, at the gifts and lessons, as you are faced with a new beginning.