Sunday, March 16, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: God


By Joel D. Anastasi 

Joel: Why does God need or want to experience itself in all its infinite complexity?

Gabriel: It doesn’t need to. God has no needs. God is complete within itself. But by the very nature of its creation and the exploration and evolution of that creation, it gets to experience all parts of itself by default, by the very nature of how it is set up. The fact that God is all that is and by each and every aspect of creation fulfilling the task of being its individual expression of that being, it fulfills the task of its place in the divine plan that allows God to know all that it is. And it allows each expression of God—through its exploration and in its evolution of realizing its wholeness—to know itself as God.

Joel: So the mission for every expression of God is to experience itself.

Gabriel: Yes. All that is necessary for each and every part of God is to know itself. That, essentially, is what Gabriel has told us is the mission of every human being on planet Earth—to know ourselves by awakening to the realization of ourselves as divine, to evolve through the seven stages of soul evolution to achieve the self-mastery that Jesus demonstrated. That is the Second Coming, and this is the age when it begins.

Our collective soul awakening needs to be understood within the vast evolutionary context that Gabriel has revealed. We are all on a soul journey that takes us from the darkness of separation to the light of unity. That journey, Gabriel tells us, has been played out countless times in countless worlds that today we number as stars—planets that have completed the ascension process and have gone into the light.

But mankind’s soul journey of awakening on earth is an unprecedented divine experiment. Our seeding by twelve star systems created the “ultimate challenge in the universe,” an unprecedented extreme of duality because “only through the extreme nature of duality can you know oneness.” Man’s conflicts and challenges on earth are all about moving from separation (duality), working through all the diversity represented by the twelve star systems that seeded us, then embracing our oneness as individual expressions of God (unity).

Gabriel has explained we are being helped on our journey of soul evolution by the ascendant mastery and other divine influences that are bringing in high frequency energies to the earth plane to help raise our consciousness. I asked Gabriel what effect these energies were having on mankind since out last discussion:

Gabriel: The planet is in the greatest crisis it has ever been. With the photon belt moving through the solar system, it makes it a thousand times what might have been because everything is accelerated by its high vibration and it brings everything of a low vibration into like vibration and into awareness. With all the energetic shifts and all of the preparation that has taken place where the ascended mastery and the planetary hierarchy who work with the consciousness of souls behind the scenes are concerned, it is surprising how mankind still clings to the last possible breath of his old reality with every bit of struggle he can muster. It is unfortunate because it makes the transition so much more difficult for the masses who are unaware, first, that change is taking place on an unprecedented evolutionary level; second, that the photonic light is influencing that change; and, third, that they have any say in it.

If they were aware and were to consciously work with their own energy bodies and their own physical energy fields, they could lend so much amazing and joyous experience to this transition of evolution. But man as always goes kicking and screaming as grace is not his middle name—resistance is, and drama. This is the preparation period for when the soul energy force will begin to awaken beginning around the year 2012. This is the time of all the behind-the-scenes work—the photonic light, the ascended masters, and the planetary hierarchy—to establish these energies in a way that they could be taken full advantage of if at all possible.

If they (the ascendant masters) were the ilk of the frustrated, they would be frustrated. But it’s like water rolling off the back of a duck. They’re not concerned with man making the “right” choices. They’re concerned with evolution and all that’s affected by it, what those effects are, and how that initiates and fulfills this most important portion of the divine plan in that evolutionary process.