Friday, March 14, 2014

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Law of Attraction from The Life Mastery Program


Although the teachings in Life Mastery have a spiritual source, we generally have taken a secular approach in presenting them because they have a practical application in our lives that doesn’t require a spiritual context for us to understand and apply them. We, of course, reveal from the beginning that the source for these teachings is the Archangelic Realm of Michael.

One important spiritual teaching in the original source material, not included in this program, is popularly called the Law of Attraction. This law refers to the effect of consciousness on energy and manifestation. Life Mastery is about creating new levels of consciousness as we undertake the mission of creating the life we want and the courage to live it. So understanding the role consciousness plays in attracting the energies we wish to manifest in our life is not only relevant, it is essential.

Archangel Michael tells us, “When you love, honor, and value yourself and know who you are, you begin to vibrate at a higher level, drawing people and circumstances to you consistent with the new level of vibration.”

That is the Law of Attraction, and here, briefly, is how it works:

Everything on Earth has an energetic frequency that connects to the frequency that matches it. Energy flows in the direction of and connects with the energy that attracts it. Our consciousness creates a field of attraction that magnetizes energy to us, allowing corresponding energetic frequencies to attach themselves to us.

The energy of fear attracts fear. The energy of love attracts love. All energies contained within these two polarities attract similar frequencies. When we focus on our unworthiness, imperfections, and fears, we unconsciously project that into the world and attract these lower frequencies to us.

On the other hand, the awareness of ourselves as divine expressions of power and worthiness attracts higher frequencies that manifest as joy, peace, and abundance. In essence, we create what we focus on. So we must choose carefully and be aware of what we focus on.

Choosing our awareness (consciousness) sets an intention for our energetic frequency. There are many energies to choose from, and all are possible connections and expressions for us. So pay attention to the consciousness you choose for yourself. Energy has no judgment or opinion. It is simply attracted and attaches to a corresponding frequency.

Be aware of yourself as divine, and you will connect with the highest energetic frequencies that allow your divinity to manifest. Consciously reject fear, and it will not exist as an option for you. Let your consciousness choose joy, peace, abundance, and love, and that is the reality you will attract and create for yourself.

That is what Life Mastery teaches us to do.