Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: When Will You Become Wise Through Wisdom?

Chapter 49: Codes of Wisdom
Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Knowing Humans,

You think you know many things within your world. Dear ones you do know more than you ever have known before but is your world improving, and behaving like an advanced civilization? Even though there are still more untruths than truths in your world, and much of the reality of your world is yet to be revealed, some of the mysteries of life are being revealed in an attempt to prevent you from destroying yourselves. The core issue is that you have much knowledge but little applied wisdom. Wisdom is collected knowledge over periods of time and applied through discernment in the moment it is needed.  The basic reason for this shortfall is that most of you do not recognize or believe in repeated lives on Earth, and you have allowed the human mind powered by assertive masculine energy to continue to control. It is time for the mind to move into service to the feminine energy heart, and allow the masculine and feminine energies  to balance.  All advanced civilizations rely on the accumulated knowledge into applied wisdom over many life times through the wisdom of their hearts.

In spite of all your so called knowledge, without applied wisdom, you have not yet created communities of equality, harmony and balance throughout your world. You have more of your species enslaved than ever before, you still accept the concept of war and killing one another as an acceptable alternative to a dispute, you still abuse your planet, selves and one another to the point of near destruction. All of this is the result and lack of applied wisdom and love.

When are you going to alter the reality you are creating by applying the knowledge you already have?  You have enough knowledge to know what works and what does not and what is best for the good of all. And yet you continue your destructive ways.

There are old patterns of behavior (the hidden few controlling the many) that are beginning to shift. Dear ones, there are more of you than the ones controlling you ! When are you going to stop giving your power away to those who do not have your highest good in place? The answers is dear ones, the day you wake up and realize you love you and are worthy of another choice and act upon it.

The word wisdom comes from the phrase “wise dominion.”  The dominion is dominion over self by choosing to rise above and beyond the old and create the new. Wisdom lives within your hearts and is easily accessed through self-empowerment and love. If you choose, it is time to move beyond controlling untrue belief systems that limit and separate, and embrace new paradigms that support your divine soul plans to move into Oneness.

Your closed hearts is what is creating so much dis-ease within your world. Closed hearts separate through fear (absence of love) and create duality and confrontation. It is time to open your wise hearts and access the wisdom that lies within and apply it throughout your weary, waiting world.

The encoded wisdom stored within your heart’s DNA from many lifetimes will allow you to access all the knowledge you need. You simply have to surrender and trust that it is there and ask for it to support you. Ask and ye shall receive…

Dear ones, stop and take a deep breath and connect with your heart and ask for the Wisdom of Your Heart to be imparted to you. There has been so much suffering in your world by denying incarnational reality and the divine use of you heart; the heart knows, the mind believes.

Let us now review the THIRTY CODES OF WISDOM to become Masters of Wisdom:

*There are children here DNA equipped to way show humanity; love and protect them

*Wisdom often comes in unlikely individuals; honor all you meet

*Be not silent in wisdom it is the foundation of truth

*There are karmic consequences when wisdom is not lovingly applied

*Wisdom prevents fear, doubt and ignorance; the monster of humanity

*Learn to think and listen with your heart; it is the organ that houses wisdom

*Following your heart allows wisdom to activate your divine soul plan (reason to be here)

*Wisdom builds communities of equality, harmony and balance

*Wisdom eliminates shaming, blaming and judgment

*Wisdom often resides within the silence, non-action or reaction

*If wisdom brings you greatness return it in gentleness and humility

*Honoring another’s wisdom is the true path to a friend

*Wisdom is the great store house of ALL THERE IS

*Knowledge can reflect ignorance and create the fool;   wisdom is a shared friend

*The wise person allows the heart to open with the mouth shut

*Wisdom is the frequency of cosmic light; mysteries revealed

*Wisdom over comes all things

*Wisdom may come from different sources but offers the same vision

*Wisdom is the pathway to freedom for any and all bondage or separation

*Wisdom will lead humanity to Oneness

*Wisdom teaches all that exists is only another form of that which does not exist

*Wisdom is the way through illusion

*Wisdom is the medicine of awakening and healing dis-ease

*Wisdom is formless yet forming

*Wisdom is infinite wisdom

*Wisdom is known yet unknown

*Wisdom holds the key to all magic

*Wisdom is the cure for so-called death; moving you into eternity

*Wisdom frees the mind, and allows it to move back into service to the heart; allowing the soul to move into spirit

*Wisdom is within you, not outside yourself; knowledge is outside self

Dear ones. Are you ready through these Codes to take a vow to become Masters of Wisdom?


*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 


The mind believes, The heart knows, 
So sayeth, our soul.
Beliefs change,

But truth remains the same, 
Is the game. 

Those who intend to know, 
Will know.

Those who believe often
Get locked into a mindset 

That is difficult to unset 
And can cripple their ability 
To see beyond the net of the mind, 
Often eluding truth’s upset.

You are the one deciding your destiny, 
Through freedom of choice and will. 
So keep your mind and heart open. 
Ask questions, explore the unknown, 
Until it becomes the known.

Now the mind is moving 
Back into service to the heart, 
Being vice versa for a long time, 
Knowing where that got us.

Now we shall experience truth, 
Without being thrown Under the bus!