Sunday, March 16, 2014

Journey of the Awakened Heart


Channeled by Jeff Fasano 

In the human condition, everyone would love for things to happen instantaneously. It is human to want instant gratification. However, stepping into your soul’s divine plan is a process. Many of you thought you had a plan, but this plan is not your soul’s plan. Your soul plan is out there for you to discover. It comes to you as you create and embody your talents and gifts. It comes to you simply by being who you are.

We ask you to look at your relationships. Are there any attachments in them? Where do you focus your attention? What habits, patterns, and rituals persist in your relationships? What feelings come up when you realize what you are doing?

Look at your old relationships to see if they do or do not resonate for you. You are going through a clearing process, clearing out the old ways that no longer serve you. You are in the midst of a period where you are faced with the residue of the old ways and old feelings. And it is time to encounter these feelings, to feel them so you can release your old habits, patterns, rituals, and your attachments to different relationships.

As you now begin connecting with your new soul family, we ask you to look at those with who you are already in relationship. As your heart is opening, many of the people who are coming into your life are not quite how you pictured they would be. You are encountering more diverse people than you have ever known. It is important at this time to keep your heart open as you create your new soul family. Look at the new world on the horizon even as you continue moving through the shadow and facing your old feelings.

Move back within now and re-connect with yourself. Throughout the next week, make a point of writing down five aspects of you that you love every day. And make a list of your gifts and talents. Creating both of these lists side by side will help you relate to your talents and gifts in a brand-new way. Consider how you can use them to give to the world. You are now ready to segue into fully embodying your talents and gifts. But first you must introduce yourself to their depth and see how you are using them.

As you begin to fully embody the truth of who you are, you will become more aware of how your different talents and gifts express who you are. Look to see if you are using your talents and gifts to be noticed, to prove who you are, or to gratify yourself. Look for ways to embrace and embody your talents and gifts and use them to give to the world.

You have power within you. When you know who you are, this power will allow you to manifest anything you say you want simply by being you.