Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! Codes of Angelic Access

From The Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)
Received by Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans of who we are in service,

In order to further access and assimilate the many teachings of the various angelic realms in service to humanity we would like to present the Codes of Angelic Access:

*Being balanced within your emotional, mental and physical bodies is always essential when you are attempting to access something new and true. Any imbalances prevent your ability to integrate wisdom (not knowledge). Endeavors such as The Angel News Network have directly received from us multi-angelic teachings to assist you in your personal and planetary processes (A library of books, archives of video/audio channelings, The Life Mastery Program, Oaths of the Light worker/Way shower, Five Agreements, Six Sacred Messages,  etc.)

*Being open to the truth that there is something vaster and wiser than the human mind. The human mind just may be a "receiver" not an originator of information in your advancement as a species.

*Knowing that you are love and lovable and capable of receiving and giving love equally.

*Stand strong within your truth, needs and boundaries as divine spiritual beings having this human experience  and knowing that there are higher realms here to support and love you.

*There really isn’t a "right" and a "wrong"; these often change and can produce duality and separation. Use your resonance and discernment (your internal gyro system) to determine what works for you.

*Beliefs come from the mind and change all the time; wisdom (accumulated knowledge) comes from the knowing heart. Learn to "think" with your heart as you create a new paradigm of oneness. Allow your useful mind to return in service to your heart.

*The altered ego housed in your mental body is often the home of your self-sabotage. Thank the ego for sharing but to shut up.  Your ego wishes you to stay within your comfort zones of familiar. Your emotions not in agreement with your mental body just may be saying “fly.”

*All of you are here for a unique reason (soul plan); knowing the universe would be incomplete without each of you. You are here to access your soul plan and purpose in learning to love. Your individuated gifts and talents are present to serve the world’s soul plan and shift things. into a higher frequency of reality.

*The process of raising your awareness/consciousness is not a straight line forward; be accepting, compassionate and forgiving for whatever your process is. Try not to compare it to anyone else’s.

*Allow joy and bliss to be your indicators of being on your true path. Grace and ease are good signs of being true to your purpose in being here. You are not here to suffer or to be punished; these are distortions of the human mind’s need to control.

*You are stewards of your planet, all things within and upon it, self, and one another. Know that all are conscious living beings who have an equal right to be here. You are all dependent upon one another for survival. It is insane to not realize this now.

*Your children contain the original truth of your being that has been taught away. Many children now are fully equipped to assist in the creation of the next golden age on your planet. Nurture them, do not drug or abuse them; attempt to learn from them and reawaken your original self allowing direct access to us.

*Children know how to play and be joyful. These are important tools of creation. Allow the children to remind you how to play.

*Attempt not to blame, shame or judge yourself which facilitates doing it to others. You are all in the same process.  You all chose to be here now to experience the most wonderful ascension process of your species and planet. Be compassionate/accepting/forgiving to yourself and others knowing you are all one. You are all here to love and support one another.

*Become aware of the perfection of nature and the cycle of creation on your planet. These cycles are the tools you need to learn (not control) to survive.  You did not create the planet nor do you own it. You are here to better understand the perfection of your planet and learn how to care for it, thus one another.

*Together, we of the angelic realms with humanity can create a new world paradigm of We Consciousness/Oneness.  Call upon us regularly, we are here to love and support you.


*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 


Universal Law teaches, 
You cannot receive 
What has not been earned, 
And those are the terms.

Many feel they deserve,
And wish to attain,
This and that.
But exactly what are the terms 
Needed for the deserved to be served?

If you so resonate,
Emboss in your eternal memory bank 
What is about to postulate.
So you can finally tank
What you think you rank in your bank, account.

Your earning is manifested knowing 
There is but one Source and Force For all good.
And that is the interior God-Presence, 
Living in your inside residence.

This Shimmering Self
Is the Life Force flowing and growing 
Through everyone and everything 
That enables the entire Universe 
To sing...