Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Journey of the Awakened Heart: Love

By Jeff Fasano, Channel, Author and Photographer

Five Aspects of Self-love

As you continue this journey, the core of your heart is beginning to reveal itself and to unravel as well. The depth of your feelings is now being revealed; feelings that you have not allowed yourself to feel, yet now are beginning to entertain. These feelings coincide with your old habits, patterns, rituals, and attachments. With every old attachment there is an old feeling. And the reason why you continue these old attachments, patterns, habits, and rituals is entirely due to your way of relating to these feelings. As you entertain old feelings, you will find yourself repeating old habits, patterns, rituals, and attachments.

We ask you now to look at your relationships and your attachments to them. Do you wonder why you are attached to certain relationships that no longer resonate with you and why you stay in them? Feelings will come up if you ask, “Although it no longer resonates with my requirements for a relationship (because my boundaries are not being honored or my needs are not being met), why do I continue this relationship?” As feelings arise, consider another question: “If I moved away from this relationship how would I feel?”

These two considerations are an example of what is happening to you now as you entertain feelings that you never wanted to feel and fully resisted until now. Entertaining these feelings now is shifting your resonance and, as a result, the structure of your different relationships is undergoing a transformation. How you relate to yourself is changing. How you relate to your work is changing. Everything is changing.

The most prominent evidence of how you are shifting is seen in your relationships. Even if you can plainly see that a relationship or a habit, pattern, or ritual does not serve your highest good, the old pattern may persist. Therefore, it is important to ask:

“What am I doing?”
“Why am I doing it?”
“If I stopped doing it how would it make me feel?”

Going into the depth of your heart to feel your core feelings will enable you to release old habits, patterns, rituals, and attachments so you can move forward towards living the life that you say you want to live and discovering your soul purpose.

You may already be using your talents and gifts. Yet you have questions. If so, we ask you to look at what you are doing. Do you love it? As you continue to embody your essence, the meaning, value, and purpose of your talents and gifts will be revealed. Your talents and gifts are simply an extension of who you are. So they are becoming clearer. It is time to embody them. As you embody your gifts and talents, and continue to love and honor yourself ever more deeply, you will no longer need to use your talents and gifts to gratify yourself, get validation, or prove yourself to those outside of you. You only need to be who you are. You are enough. When you love yourself fully, it will be plain to see that your talents and gifts have a purpose, a value to give to the world.

In entraining yourself to be you, your talents and gifts will begin to take on a new shape. They will develop. In an organic fashion, you will begin to realize why you are here. This all begins with you and what lies in the depth of your heart. You can begin by moving though remnants of the old, especially in your relationships.

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated. “Michael,” you might say, “I am stuck in the old. I am not moving forward towards having the life I want as quickly as I would like.” You feel as if your life has gone out of control. If you thought your life was under control, frustration is surfacing now that you have realized you do not really control anything.

As you walk on the pathway into the unknown and creating the new, you are not in control of anything because the unknown is unknown. Nothing is actually there.

You will create a new world of harmony, community, and equality simply by being who you are and utilizing your talents and gifts. Why you are here is revealed by taking the next step into the unknown and moving through feelings that you have avoided. If you feel stuck, you can get back on the pathway to having what you want by taking step after step. This is why we asked you to look at what you love about yourself because it is easy to wander off the path. The path is the commitment you make to who you are.

In the human condition, everyone would love for things to happen instantaneously. It is human to want instant gratification. However, stepping into your soul’s divine plan is a process. Many of you thought you had a plan, but this plan is not your soul’s plan. Your soul plan is out there for you to discover. It comes to you as you create and embody your talents and gifts. It comes to you simply by being who you are.