Monday, July 16, 2012

LIFE MASTERY: Develop Discernment to Make Choices

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Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel, Photographer 
Author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

Journey of the Awakened Heart




Your confidence is growing in your ability to make your own decisions.

You are becoming more conscious of your behavior patterns and attachments and how they have influenced your choices.

You are now ready to release them.

Instead of repeating past behavior patterns, you are recognizing that you have many choices available to you. You are now ready to make different choices based on discernment.

Discernment involves consciously connecting with your senses to discern what is true for you—what resonates for you as it relates to your choices and decisions and what does not.

As your consciousness shifts, what resonates for you will shift and change as well. That is why it is important before acting or responding to a situation to:

. Take a moment to center yourself (breathe).
. Enter into neutrality (release achieving a particular outcome).

. Ask appropriate questions

(What are my feelings telling me? What do I resonate with? What message am I getting from my heart? etc.)


Developing discernment requires developing the ability to be receptive—to be present in your physical body, so that you can be open to the guidance you receive from your senses, your feelings, and your heart.

. Relax your body and breathe. (See grounding exercise)

. Mentally scan your body and notice any tension, tightness, or constriction. Allow it to be.

. Visualize a pulsating, golden light gradually expanding from your heart until it fills your whole body.

. Ask your heart about the question/issue for which you are seeking discernment.
. Ask your body, Does the response resonate with me, or does it not resonate with me?

Feel your body’s response:

- Positive: a feeling of expansion, lightness, clarity, comfort, and resonance.

- Negative: a feeling of tightness or contraction, discomfort, or dissonance.

As you practice this technique, you will increasingly pay attention to your senses—what your feelings and your heart are telling you. You will gradually build confidence in your ability to discern.


How do you discern when you are confronted with many choices?

The key is to feel your feelings, get in touch with your senses, let go of any attachment to a particular outcome, and decide what you resonate with.

1. Consider some new choices for a change you have decided to make. Feel your feelings and ask:

. Do I have total freedom to make this choice? (Or am I still attached to a particular outcome, concerned about what others think, stuck in my head, etc.)  

. Have I recognized and freed myself from repeating past patterns and attachments?

If you can honor and recognize these factors, you are now at a level of consciousness where you can take responsibility for your choices.

2. As you take full responsibility for your new choices, ask yourself:

      . Which choice is the choice of my mind?

      . Which choice resonates in my heart?

      . Which choice offers the greatest opportunity to use my gifts and talents in a joyful way?

      . Which choice is most likely to make me feel joyful and fulfilled?

3. Use your tools, breathe, and be willing to be in the confusion or chaos until discernment   arrives.With the clarity of discernment, you will feel and be empowered.

Learning to discern and to choose what truly resonates for you is the best way to serve your highest good and the highest good of all.


The further you progress in this program, the more we will be challenging your conditioning.

Repeatedly, we will be asking you to pay attention to your heart, your intuition, and what resonates for you.

When you are connected to your heart, paying attention to your intuition and to what resonates for you, you will be using discernment to create the life path that is right for you.