Monday, August 23, 2021

Archangel Michael Speaks: The Global Pandemic and the Vaccine. Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Global Pandemic and the Vaccine



We have said to you many times before this is part of the cycle of your universe, your world, the earthly plain and country it its divine plan. All of what is transpiring is so perfectly for your growth. For many it is a test of looking outside of your-self, seeing what is transpiring in the world outside of you then looking at your-self and seeing how deeply it is affecting you, your existence. Is it affecting what is transpiring in your life? Using it as tools for you to help support and guide others. 


In many ways it is important to keep in mind the aspects of the third dimensional realm outside of you, the illusion and the myths of it. Keep your eye on reality. And what your reality is.  


The timeline for this will last as long as it needs to so you can begin to learn to live in We Consciousness. What is transpiring in your world right now is a great lesson of learning to live in We Consciousness. What you are seeing on your earthly plain is the depth and breadth of the narcissism of the wounded child. The wounded child making it all about me. You live in Me Consciousness in your world. The reason why what is transpiring in your world now is for those who need to learn to shift their consciousness to a greater level of We Consciousness. In many ways this is the most challenging lesson for those on your earthly plain. 


It is not always about “Me”


You live in a society on your earthly plain where to a greater extent everything is about “Me”. How can it benefit me? It is all about “Me”. I will fight to be right.     


The overlying aspect of what is transpiring in your world today is about moving to the greater lesson of We Consciousness.   


So We ask you, are you living in We Consciousness? 

Or, are you fully consumed with the narcissism of Me. 


The root of Me Consciousness is in the wounds of the child. The root of Me Consciousness is Survival.  It is also rooted in the wounds of validation and gratification. The need to look outside of one self for validation and gratification. 


What is transpiring in your world right now is based upon SURVIVAL. 


Look at what is being triggered inside of you where survival consciousness is concerned. What is transpiring in the world outside of you is triggering survival consciousness in many. If I do this I will survive. If I do this I will live. If I follow the mythical deified leader outside of me (mom and dad) I will live.   What is transpiring outside of you in your world is not based upon fulfilment of life, living life. It is about triggering the deep rooted wounds of survival consciousness. 


It is about looking at We Consciousness and Survival Consciousness. 


You can now look at what is transpiring in the world and see if it is triggering your survival mechanisms to simply endure life. Then look outside of you at the mythical deified leaders to see if you are thinking that they will lead you to the promised land, they will keep you alive.     


It is about looking at those attachments to the world outside of you, and if you can, detach from those aspects of the third dimension that are rooted cleverly in survival consciousness.   


It is time of awakening. A time to look inside of you to see the truth. We have asked you many times, What is your Truth within the depth and breadth of your heart space? Is your truth love, peace, community, harmony, equality? Is your truth We Consciousness? As you define and see your innate truth, and move within the depth and breadth of that space within you, releasing your attachments to the third dimensional world you will then begin to awaken inside of your-self. The first step to this awakening is to honor your-self. See where you have awakened inside of you. As you have moved through a great awakening inside of you, this is a time of a great awakening for many. 


For many to see the low, dense vibrational energies of illusion in the world outside of you. It is about discernment.  Seeing the level at which you are discerning between your truth and illusion. Seeing what raises your resonance and vibration and what lowers it. The reason why We have given you that tool, is because if you see something that raises your resonance and vibration then it is connecting to a place beneath heart space, this is where your truth lies. If you see something, hear something that lowers your resonance and vibration it is not in harmony or alignment with your truth. This is why We ask you to identify your truth of who you are being.     


It is now time for you to see that you are the proponents of We Consciousness.   You in your powerfulness, your greatness, are a proponent for a global consciousness. It is not about the wonderful and most glorious souls outside of you thinking that they are the proponents and the sole proponents. What is your power? It is now about you awakening to your power and professing that to others so they can awaken to their power and be proponents of this as well.  


It is about seeing where you may still be imbedded in herd consciousness. Thinking that these wonderful and most glorious souls who are inhabiting your governmental system are the sole proponents. No, you are! Stand in your powerfulness, in your greatness and where you are, let go of survival consciousness. And know that each and every one of you are proponents of love. You have the power.


Release looking outside of you and thinking that they know more than you. I will go to them because they know more than I. No! You know what you know. Bring that to the world. 


It is about equality. The messages being brought to you by all of your systems is about equality. Why is there a resistance to this in the world outside of you today? Through the archaic aspect of power, if I can control others and the situation in my life then I will stay alive.  Look to see where there is a need for you to try and control anything or anyone outside of you that will allow you to stay alive. Keeping you in the familiarity of it all as opposed to moving into the unknown and knowing that you are safe in the unknown. 


It is about survival consciousness and thinking you need to be safe and secure. The wounded child is always seeking safety. Where might you be seeking safety in needing to know what these entities and systems outside of you in the third dimensional realm are thinking and doing whatever they are doing? Where does this activate your need to be safe?  As opposed to knowing that as you are being who you are, standing in your power and greatness, as the adult you are safe. It is the wounds inside of you that are activated. 


In many ways, many of the messages that come from the entities, the systems outside of your-self in the world are activating the wounds of the child that needs to be safe. We will keep you safe. Do this, it will keep you safe. The wounded child is always seeking to be safe. But if you can discern between the wounded child and the adult and bring your-self to the moment of now then you can honor the feelings that surface and reparent that child as the adult where you are now. This is growth. 


It is all about choice. There is no good choice nor a bad choice. It is just a choice in the moment based upon where you are to do something or not do something. Isn’t this about equality and freedom? 


Saturday, August 21, 2021



                                        WITHOUT THE BALANCE OF THE MASCULINE

                                           AND FEMININE ENERGIES WE SHALL NOT

                                                 ADVANCE AS A HUMAN SPECIES

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

When we first began on this planet, we were male and female at the same time. In fact, there are some planets and animals who still are both. As we evolved into density it became necessary that we had two genders in order to continue our evolution further into the densest frequency within the universal plane.

The reasons for the necessary of balancing these two energies goes beyond sexual function and reproduction. They are the assertive and receptive forces of creation that make our reality possible. When they are out of balance and they have been for a long time, everything else is out of balance since these energies are the foundation of our reality. Their imbalance creates our separation/duality with one another and often our confrontation. All of our planetary cataclysms are due to the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet; the subjugation and abasement of women worldwide.

For eons women have been deprived of the greatest human privilege and reason for us to be here: complete participation in creative thought and constructive work. Things are better than they were but they are certainly not equal at present. She is deprived not only of equal rights but still in some countries, an equal education with man. She is not always allowed to express her abilities in the building of social and governmental life of which by Universal Law she is a full-fledged member or she would not be here.

By humiliating the very body, we come out of, man humiliates himself. The men have had a long chance of ruling the world and it is a desperate mess.  Right now, it will be THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD who can save humanity while protecting our home planet.

Women must realize how essential she is at this time.  She is now to be THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD and can take responsibility for the destiny of humanity to evolve into a higher frequency of existence.  Mother, the life-giver, has every divine right to direct the destiny if her children.  

There are more women leading nations and in positions of power than ever before but it is not equal and it is not good enough. The voices of women, the mothers need to be heard more as leaders of humanity. If you can create human life in your bodies, your can return the bio-diversity to the planet that men have destroyed.

The mother suggests the first conscious thoughts to her child; she gives direction and quality to all their aspirations and abilities. The true culture of thought is developed by the culture of spirit and heart. Only such a combination gives great synthesis which realizes the grandeur, diversity and complexity of human life in its cosmic evolution.  Let women be the Leaders of Spirit; great conscious minds leading humanity to our divine destination: equality, harmony and balance.  Sounds like a good plan for government or corporate leadership to me.

Women make better leaders than men because she has chosen to link two worlds, visible and invisible; the physical and non-physical, matter and spirit.   Women possess the power of the sacred life energy. This is what men have feared and needed to keep subjugated.   This current epoch is bringing knowledge about the great Higher Realms omnipresent energies flooding our planet which is present in all immortal creations. Let us use this cosmic energy to affect the needed balance.

When in full power, women must defend not only her own rights but the right of free thought and will for the whole of humanity. Through the development of our awakening, our thinking, our abilities will expand. Let us then think with the broadest, most diversified, purest thoughts knowing we are diversified version of one another, each other in disguise, all from the same Source (call it what you will).

Let us listen with our ‘knowing’ hearts that beats in the rhythm of the ‘awakened heart’ emgbracing all of us. Let us allow our women to affirm our hearts, thinking with our wise-hearts, transfiguring the whole of life. Let her strive to transmute and be the spiritual life of humanity reflected in all our endeavors. Let her join with Mother Earth, our home planet, and balance the masculine and feminine energies, becoming the Leader, balancing giving and receiving once and for all.





Wednesday, August 18, 2021



                            THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK: A CHANCE FOR CHANGE

By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder

Because much of our world has lost it realization, almost three decades ago four men still today carry on the mission of The Angel News Network (ANN) to share a new vision of truth achieved through self-empowerment. Our endeavor is independent of the herd, not confronting the existing religions but building a parallel path moving beyond them.

Connecting directly with the Higher Realms (Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings to name a few) these elevated Beings share a universal pathway to human destiny, free of judgment and control, honoring our free will and choice.

Our ANN hearts are telling us what we are being and doing to feed a huge human hunger; a direct source of new, refreshed values where you create your own vision of truth (through your resonance and discernment) and your own power of choices.

How many institutions can stand this test?

We are offering new, actually ancient, research for a universal formula of ascension and integration to create lives and a world of equality, harmony and balance.  Needless to say, this will not be easy to fit this into the old patterns which are rigid but the forces of creation who created our world and we humans are determined to assist us. It’s just a matter of accepting the help and applying it.

Although ANN is a small minority we are pushing beyond the barriers, opening doors to the Higher Realms and spiritual knowledge and preparing the evolution of humanity into a higher dimension of existence…..escaping this the densest frequency within the universal  plane.

In an age of consumer economy, conspicupous waste, abuse of our home planet, waging war, climate change, global pandemics, and exploring other planets we know it will require a mighty shift in our awareness (consciousness) to achieve the goals at hand. The change will be reached within each of us and then adjusted to the outer world. The is why the Higher Realms most often focus on our realtionship with our self; self being a reflecting of ALL THERE IS.

It is requiring a huge shift in our awareness and values during this age of noise and nuisance for the Higher Realm reality to become real for many. We need to shift from beating drums and dropping bombs on one another and our home planet to understanding we need one another to survive. We are diversified versions of one another; each other in disguise.

It is quite clear if we do not make a change in humanity’s direction, the state of the world and our lives is to become progressively worse. If we wait for the mass of humanity to reach a state of unity and aspiration strong enough to receive the Higher Real teaching and change the material conditions it could be too late.

But there is a possibility than small groups like ANN, and others may achieve a path from descent to ascent. It is not the size that matters. History shows that time and time again individual and small groups have associated for the purpose of initiating necessary changes themselves to create what those ‘in control’ could not or would not do.  Often isolated individuals/groups caused the ascent of government, religion, science and education.

Humanity grows when inspired by a high purpose while contemplating vast horizons.  There can be no more beautiful and dangerous adventure than the renovation of current humanity.  The fact that the work of renovation is likely to be confined to a small group is not surprising. For a group small, is capable of achieving much with the assistance of forces that created everything.

The Higher Realm beings do not impose and never force anything. They help us grow in the ways of spirit. It is an eternal law that there can be no compulsion in the realm of spirit; it is essentially a timeless world of free creative choices. Each individual is on their own journey of discovery, the Higher Realms are here to help; no one nor nothing can free another.

 It has become clear that existing, large religions will not transform our times but new spiritual foundations can deliver us from the trauma and drama of current events. The needed shift can only come from small groups with the courage to swiftly move forward. Institutionalism and the Higher Realms have rarely been easy bedfellows.

Humanity at present abhors dogmatic postulates taken on faith; holding them valid only in so far as their knowledge-content seems in accord with their own experience. The Higher Realms teachings and tools are a way to open what has been blocked; direct connection. The false socialization and controlling tactics of religion has always been the chief cause if its failure to regenerate humanity. Christ rejected the Devi’s offer of the kingdom of this world but the church has succumbed to it. Through religions more people have been killed in the name of their God than any other organization on Earth. They have taught some people are not good enough to receive heaven or that women cannot be priest. Any religion that demonstrates these behaviors knows nothing of God.

It is time to put into practice, being into doing, what many religions preach. This requires us to free ourselves from man-made religions and know that the God-force of love lives and beaths within each of us.  We only have to discover it for ourselves, not through someone else who may intend to control us. The Higher Realms are directing us to that innate, cosmic love with no requirements from them except to love ourselves, thus one another. You may have heard this somewhere before. Now is the time to put it into practice with no attachments to an organization.  The only organ you need is YOU.

Humanity through religions has set itself to hate in the cause of love, to use compulsion in the name of freedom and to become practicing materialists for the sake of spiritual principles.  The falsehood of the old social use of religion is shown so dearly by it effects; unquestioned reign of cruelty, injustice and oppression with half spiritual light on the surface. It is time to create a new consciousness connecting to the Higher Realms replacing misplaced importance with truth and freedom and spiritual growth for the individual and the collective human race. This will allow the creation of a law of oneness.

We belong to ourselves, to society, the race, the nation, the world, and to humanity. In a deeper view we exceed the human formula and actually belong to creation itself and to the world of all beings that make creation. This includes the beloved community of the Higher Realms never giving up on us since some of them were once us.

The human mind cannot always really foresee, much less lay down the cosmic

 laws that will allow the enormous transitions and transformations for us to

evolve into a higher dimension/frequency of existence but the higher realms can.

The Higher realms propose that a spiritual life can be a normal life, not imposed on anyone.

All of which is being spoken here comes from a purity of the heart, a union of all of us, an embracing of souls. When our separate wills become one will we are thinking with our hearts and building a new paradigm of equality, harmony and balanced based upon universal love.


The planet is going to ascend into this universal love with or without humanity. What do we choose?


If this writing resonates you can learn more about The Angel News Network at


Tuesday, August 17, 2021



                                                      THE BIRTH OF THE TRUE SELF

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

August 16, 2021, My birthday gift to we humans.

The Higher Realms (God, angels, ascended masters, ALL THERE IS) do not make the mistake of treating humanity as the measure of things. They give an unlimited liability and destiny such as no other view of life can or does.

We who live in such a world of diminishing return have great need of this. We are learning that life in a human body provides uniquely good opportunities for awakening and self-healing thus achieving advanced/ascension as a human species. Many of us do not want to miss that for which we were born. We are mastering our self/life mastery through the development of our consciousness. This is our ‘soul plan’ our reason to be here, our justification of our existence: our ascent into our divinity.

The ascent to the divine life is the human journey, the work of works. This alone is humanity’s real mission on this planet and the justification of our existence. For this to be real the individual is necessary to manifest the divine becoming.

The Higher Realms view of life is beyond all present human maps. The world of the senses, of material facts and goals of life is never enough for them. It is all about the growth of our non-physical parts, our consciousness increasing and connecting more and more with our soul/spiritual selves. Humanity is a meeting-place of these various levels of reality. The Higher Realms interest lies in a transition from the lower to the higher; word becomes manifested, so that manifestation becomes word. We need to grow into our divinity, for life is a paradox with ascension the key.

We humans are between the individual mind and the cosmic mind (that lives forever).  Our individual mind is merely a fragment of the cosmic mind, allowing a channel to divine consciousness into it. This is a transcendental personal process having our little mind transmute into the bigger one.

It is self-awareness (consciousness) that allows the knowledge of our self and it is this self-knowledge that allows the knowledge of the universe. Each of us contains within ourself the entire intelligent world. Each is there all and all is in each. It is time for us to know that the ‘fabricator of humnaity’ produced our form, our condition and our whole essence as a reflection of the world.  So that this divine fabrication through our small bodies could bestow its power and essence from a celestial intellect into this dense frequency world.

The world often disregards and disowns much of the teachings of the Higher Realms. But these higher beings are used to walking alone, being the outsider, forgotten and never mind we being grateful. But there love of us does not stop them.

For we humans the teachings of the Higher Realms are really a study and quest of consciousness or self.  But right now, their teaching is still at a low level of acceptance but increasing.  A forgotten science, the science of our possible evolution/ascension, these elevated beings will never give up on.  They reside in a liberating fifth dimension, we being in the third dimension. We are part of a larger self; no account of reality can be final without these other forms of consciousness being applied.

We are waking up and knowing that out most intimate self-pervades the universe and all other things…that the mountains, the sea, the stars are part of our bodies and that our souls are in touch with the souls of all creatures (and getting closer all the time).  We are assured of an indestructible, immortal life and a joy immense and inexpressible. If we would only remember this within each moment of the now.

All life is change.  Change is all there is. The ceaseless endeavor to know the greater self can have no substitute. As long as we humans reside in the densest frequency within the universal plane (by choice) we shall be in a personal process of discovery.  No teaching will take the place of this divine experience of self-mastery.

This self-jounrey is the divine union from which really all life, all creation proceeds. This is the Alpha and Omega of our existence. It is our task to distinguish and define reality. We can only apprehend the Infinite by entering into a state in which we are our finite self no longer. This is the liberation of our mind from finite consciousness. When we cease to be finite, we become one with the Infinite. We then realize the union, the identity.

Our human journey is based upon the incontrovertible fact of humanity’s double nature: the paradox of mankind, the pull of opposite tendencies and impulses, the crown of thorns of our divided being known to every seeker. This is our invisible brother-sisterhood seeking the truth that lies deep within our knowing hearts.

On this journey of journeys, we can either separate and detach or transcend. The task is to stop seeking and discover the solution and truth within each of us.  By a conscious effort, we come to know an enlightened spiritual life is simply a life in which all that we do comes from our inner higher self, our center. Not I but the higher self always existing within me comes roaring to the surface.

All the feelings and thoughts about our value and worth are embedded within our Inner-wounded child, surrounded by ego defenses. What this creates is a false imagine of the self. Every one of us is unconsciously shut up within a system of mistaken ideas and feelings which thwart the fullest expression of the powers of the self; we are also limited by prevailing cultural values of our time.  

A basic task of humanity is the removal of this shell. And often it takes great pressures for us to be willing or know how to shatter this shell. There are many higher realm teachings to assist within this personal process:

Let us welcome this deep examination of the self; those willing to do the work.  A releasing of the self creates great joy and peace. The re-birth of the self signifies for the conscious personality not only a release of old habits, patterns and rituals allowing a completely new view and attitude towards life; a full transvaluation, valuing and honoring the self like never before. In effect we are united with a greater being than ourselves and absorbed into it. The discovery of a nonphysical element in the personality makes all the difference!

This self-exam and result are proof of a nonphysical property in humanity and a tool to our freedom.

The personal process journey allows us to know we are not our wounded egos housed in our metal body but the awakened self. Embracing the transcendent self we can see we are one with the universe, as someone who does not exclude the world or the individual; the unity of the manifested. 

It is time to remake our world of duality, separation and confrontation into one of equality, harmony and balance. The liberation of the individual soul through the healing of self is the keynote to this divine action.  We are all incomplete without the unity of the many.  And this lateral unity translates itself by multiplication, a reproduction of its own liberated state. The divine soul reproduces itself with like-minded, like-spirited souls, the Law of Attraction.

The individual is still necessary, but this person unites or integrates with the three stages of being: individual, universal and transcendental; individual to collective. The self as freedom is then the nature and destiny of each of us and why we are here. We find ourselves so we can be one with all.

It is through each of us that the cosmic spirit organizes the collective that we create peace on Earth.  All of humanity’s age-long effort, action, government, culture, art, ethics, science, religion have been to achieve this peace.

Much of our science has destroyed even a refuge for our inner life. Quantum psychics holds promise.  In our present life and relation with nature, we have created an externalized surface existence.  It is the world that seems to create us. When in fact it is we who must create ourselves and our world.

In this new formula of creation, the inner life becomes the priority and the rest its intention and manifestation.  The healing and perfection of ourselves will create the perfection of our lives, human race and world. We are often in a world which is obscure, ignorant, material, imperfect to us. Yet we are vaguely aware of something that is here within us, seeking to be, other than what is present, a spirit self-existent, self-determining; leading to an idea of perfection, our divinity.  

To become ourselves is the thing to be done. The true ourselves has always resided within us. To activate this truth is our highest being, our divine being which comes through our self-reveal activation.

It is by growing from the within outward that we can find true being. Once this is done, to create from our divine spiritual being that we can create a world of equality, harmony and balance. This is the intention of the forces that created us. The mission for each of us is to discover/remember the spirit, the divine reality within each of us and express this in all our being and living.

A divine life need be first and foremost an inner life, for the outward needs to be the expression of what is within. There can be no divinity in the outer existence if there is not any in the inner being. The divinity in humanity dwells deep within our hearts, our spiritual center. We are learning to think with our hearts and have our ego minds return in service to this heart-wisdom.

It is the intention and possibility of the Higher Realms that humanity be transformed and that a divine life is created for people.

Spiritually-realized people, the liberated individual, is preoccupied with the highest good by the people, for the people, we the people. Only when one is free can one free others.

As our world continues to be stricken by a global pandemic with no end in sight, we need the wisdom of the higher realms put into place like ever before. Let the higher realm teachings be our doctor to heal what ails us, creating a society of our souls, a society of we-consciousness in a world presently ruled by me-consciousness.  If there is an intention to heal one of us, why should there not be a healing for all of us transforming us from me to we. For we are each other in disguise and being ‘we’, we just might heal this pandemic  and ourselves forever.










Saturday, August 14, 2021



                               THE HIGHER REALMS EFFECT UPON OUR WORLD

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Guidance from the Higher Realms  (the archangelics,  the ascended masters, star realms and the galactics) begins with the sense of mysteries unveiled, an often hidden  universal wisdom now suddenly becomes beyond the possibility of doubt.  These elevated beings are giving us moments of insights as they support our journey into a higher dimension of existence for ourselves.

The meaning, value and purpose of The Angel News Network is to channel these divine beings and bring their wisdoms into our Earth plane to assist our ascension into a higher frequency of existence by raising our consciousness.  Let us further explore the effects this is and will have in our lives and world.

The reality of superior wisdom from unseen, mysterious forces is a stretch for some especially if proof of their existence is hard to prove and these advanced beings do not care about proving anything to anyone. They sense when you are ready, you will know.

What also makes these exalted messengers challenging to believe is that their higher knowledge resides in a timeless, spaceless dimension without any here and now. What matters is the wisdoms being shared if you cannot believe and know the source.

Each one of us actually has the capacity to connect with these higher realms. The “on button’ is located under our heart space and you can choose to activate it at any time.  Then it becomes part of your ‘soul plan’, your reason to be here to share what you receive. That’s what I did and in a matter of a few years I had a library of books I had written of what they intended us to know and choose to apply or not.

The non-Earthly beings are teaching us that there is an ultimate non-sensuous unity in all things; an undifferentiated aesthetic continuum. That we are diversified versions of one another from the same source and that we can never die, simply change forms.

They explain there is a higher and a lower knowledge, known to many ancient wisdoms. We live in the densest dimension within the universal plane and these higher beings reside in a dimension above and beyond ours. The divine plan is that these two-meet allowing our ascension out of where we are now. The need for our current science and spiritual science from the higher realms is to have a union of the two which has become essential to our survival. This will create a science of the soul freeing us from our ignorance and separation from one another and the higher realms.  One of the greatest barriers to this happening is our continued stupidity.  The way out is through applied higher realm knowledge.

Each of us must achieve the above alone; it is the flight of the alone to the Alone. This loneliness is part of the very process of learning since the only relationship we are having is the one with our self. Once we master the self, we have purchased our ticket to our freedom from the unhealed self.  See it as a ladder or a system of scaffolding to our awakenings, our cosmic consciousness, knowing we need to love and support one another.

The energy that creates a world of equality comes from the intention we set and that intention is only consciousness applying itself to the result we intend. This result is self-involution of consciousness in form and a self-evolution out of form manifesting throughout our lives and the universe.

All of this is revealing an unending life, unbounding applied knowledge through our unfettered consciousness showing the conquest of what we call death through the omnipotence of humanity. This allows us to know that where eternally and our spirit reside space and time are contracting to a zero-vanishing point. The idea of limit, of the impossible begins to disappear.

The higher realm wisdoms stand for the greatest revolution in the human condition. These teachings can counterbalance the ignorance that infects our modern world. Perhaps the greatest value of these elevated teachings is that they bring back the true meaning of life in realtionship to the whole (micro to macro). They teach that all life is only a lavish and manifold opportunity given us to discover, realize and express the Divine; that we truly are divine beings having a human experience.

No human teaching can hold a candle to what the higher realms bring us; no gurus, no prophets of doom, no false pastors, no existentialists, no Satanists, alike.  Most of them have no true knowledge of creation or what we call God. The one way to cure and confront them is to share the reality of higher realm insight, an insight into our Essence as a part of humanity’s increasing and expanding view of life and ourselves; if only we can cooperate with the emerging truth.  The higher realm teachings are the only antidote to all the decadence and diseases if our cultures.

These ‘gifts from the gods’ teachings focus on the meaning of the whole which assist us with all the aspects of that whole in our daily lives where we gain a deeper knowledge of reality and self-knowledge and know there is a deeper self, and inner being behind the surface of the outer human. Then it becomes the greatest task to discover and know thyself. For we as humans have chosen “self’ as a means to experience and to know creation.

We live in relations to the two world- a word of higher truth which we might call the spiritual world and that which we live, the world of our embodies souls which is derived from the higher but also degraded from it into an inferior truth and inferior consciousness. We are in the personal and collection ascension process from freeing ourselves from the ‘down-grade’ to the ‘up-grade’ transcending into a higher frequency of existence which is our divine destiny.

We have reached this degree in our evolution where we can progress or regress. The planet is going to progress with or without us. What do you choose?







Wednesday, August 11, 2021



                               THE HIGHER REALMS ARE A FORCE FOR CHANGE

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

We human have been seeking solutions to our material existence in the universe for eons; but such seeking’s have never been permanent in their effect. Well, there is one permanent solution.   Are we ready to accept and apply it?

The teachings and tools from the higher realms (angelic, ascended mastership, Star realm, and Galactic) when everything else fails, do and will stand the test of human time. Humanity has been in search of its soul and these higher realms reside where I souls live; in an eternal timeless dimension just beyond where we are living now and we are destined to enter.

The Angel News Network ( mission is to bring the messages of the higher realms to this planet for our personal and spiritual growth. This will assist in raising our consciousness and support our and the planet’s ascension into a higher plane of existence. See our dozens of books, pod casts, channeled messages,  and videos created to insure you being a force for change too.

These elevated beings are teaching us we are experiencing reality through our relationship with our self; in fact, the only relationship we are having is the one with ourself. “Know Thyself” is still the key to wisdom and our freedom, truth, equality, harmony and balance. (See under Angel News Network’s book: LIFE MASTERY, A Guide for Creating the Life You Want and The Courage to Live It.)

To become what we are the higher realms are showing that each of us must discover this for ourselves; what we are seeking is an innate tendency of the human spirit towards complete connection with transcendental, divine order. This is the pathway to raising human consciousness.  The higher realms live in a higher vibration/frequency/dimension that they are inviting us to join; in fact, teaching that it is our divine destination/destiny.

The above journey is a personal journey we all embark upon sooner or later. The history of this human seeking or becoming is humanity’s true history as it is also the learning tools of our existence many of which are offered within The Angel News Network.

Spiritual sciences throughout the ages, religions, and practices in all nations bear testimony to this endless adventure of self-discovery. This is the journey of journeys of humanity. Always present and often not accepted nor understood the teaching and tools from the higher realms is one of   the most significant chapters (often missing) in human history. When more of humanity receives the true reasons of the spirit, from those who live in spirit, a new paradigm of equality can and will rule the world. Then like a Mother (Earth) nourishing her only child (humanity) with her own life, immeasurable universal love of one another will be the law of the land.

True spiritual science which is the heart of many religions is always attempting to answer the old, agonizing questions: Who are we and why are we here? As we look around above, below and within we see life as the first mystery of our existence, life occult and vibrant in an otherwise unknowing universe.  Now is the time for as much mystery as we can adsorb be revealed to us from above and finally know who we are and why we are here.

Mankind, proud mankind

Clothed in robes of not knowing,

Most ignorant of what we’re most assured,

Our wounded being, like an angry ape,

Reflects such stupid shadows on heaven’s plate,

As makes the higher realms want to sake.


As our world whirls with chaos, climate change and global pandemics we wonder the cause not fully seeing the it as us, but knowing full well the dramatic effects. It appears that neither saint nor revolutionary can save us or the synthesis of the two. Just perhaps the higher realms are coming to our rescue!

The higher realms will help us in at lease four related and useful ways: they will correct our inadequate world-view (this is a living conscious planet); they will point out the correct methods for making this world-view (we are and need one another), assist in healing ourselves, and teach us how to create  lives and a world of equality, harmony and balance based upon universal love (the building block of everything).

We channels of the higher realms choose and are chosen, as an essential part of us being here, to bring their vast wisdom, applied knowledge, into our human universe breaking up some of our ignorance and illusion. A world without this wisdom will continue to be asleep, blind and insane. No government, corporation, religion nor institution can bring into our world what these higher realms are being and doing.  These higher beings are some of the best therapist, scientist, God-consciousness, poets, and teachers in creation.

The higher realms hierarchy knows that spirit and matter are poles of the same existence, they speak the evolution of life in matter knowing life is eternally involved in matter through the application of energy via consciousness originating from a divine thought from the Keepers of Creation, call them God, ALL THERE IS.

Humanity’s evolution has not ended, in fact, it has just begun for us to return to the Source from whence we came. The teachings from the higher realms are transitional pathways to our divine destination, our divinity.

Let us affirm the higher realm beings become a respected members of our weary world assisting in our individual and collection evolution/ascension into a higher frequency of existence. I don’t know about you but I am very tired of this one! We need our leaders and spiritual teachers truly knowing the real nature of reality.

Right now, too many wounded little boys and girls think they are in control. The higher realms are tapped into ALL THERE IS and no human can match their wisdom. They have been attempting to assist us for eons. Now that our very survival is at stake, are we ready to accept and apply their assistance without trying to silence or kill them (which we have done too well in the past).

For in eternity there is no yesterday nor tomorrow but only now. So now let us learn to resonate and discern and follow the higher realm beings best council. For they are the dawn of the new light, the forerunner, the soul-change of the needed paradigm shift in our now of need.




Sunday, August 8, 2021




By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angle News Network

One of the best definitions of humanity (third dimensional beings of our emotions, thoughts and physicality) is that it is a possibility. Since we channels of higher realms (meaning fifth dimensional and beyond) have a direct connection to ALL THERE IS our view of humanity does not always match the prevailing teachings and thoughts.  We know that life on this planet is one of self-discovery and self-mastery awaiting a second birth where the outer human becomes the inner real being. Affirming who we really are is our first course of learning, exceeding ourselves and applying. The Law of Being into our becoming.

Since many do not believe what we are bringing out into the world nor its source we often attempt to blend in or hide with humor or silence. We are piercing the dimensional planes of reality in assisting in the ascent and ascension of humanity into a higher plane/dimension of existence which is our destiny. This is achieved through the evolution of our consciousness (awakening) and many are choosing to awake after a long sleep. We channels are on a quest for revealing a hidden truth in which all can engage and now more do.  Our mission is for even more to understand a union with their divinity, their non-physical element and the universe from whence they came.  Our intention is a break through to the next higher awareness of humanity where our technology becomes a transcendental tool, not a hindrance, and we can create a world of equality, harmony and balance.

What we channels are bringing into the world is not an elite mode of escape nor a religion without substance. It is perhaps the most authentic life based upon known- ledge of the most adequate kind which cannot always be expressed in words since it is not always received that way but often received within energetic impulses which the channel, as a vehicle, transfers into human language.  What we receive transcends the establishment and organized religion. In fact, channel material often does not get along too well with prevailing views. What is channeled (we are not 4D psychics or mediums). often transcends religion with a freedom that escapes the festers of dogma, authority and organization. It is an essential part of our purpose (soul plan) to choose and be chosen for channeling. Everyone has this same capacity. It is a matter of committing to choosing it and staying committed. You do not have to learn how to do it nor pay someone for the honor.

Throughout human history channels of higher realms (Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star realms, Inner Earth Civilizations, Galactic) have been quieted and killed for so called heresy. The wisdom we often receive is inclusive and dares to look above and within knowing humanity needs both: the knowledge of things as of self. The spiritual science of mastering the self often determines the aim as well as the methods of wisdoms shared.

Channeled material comes from a consciousness of the beyond while defining the beyond knowing that humanity’s denial or misunderstanding of the beyond is a denial of ourself. This consciousness allows enlightenment or illumination without any separation (oneness-consciousness): the knower and the known are one; creation and I are one in knowledge that can set us free for the densest frequency within the universal plane where we live now.  What we receive is often a stretching out of our souls through an urge of universal love (the building block of all), an applied knowledge of creation through uniting love.

While we live in a world needing to know who is right and who is wrong, we messengers of the higher realms intend without any violence to reason, that the dichotomy between natural science, religion and higher realm wisdom be healed, perhaps all other dichotomies, as well. Lord knows we have enough separation and conflict in our world. Perhaps as we ascend, we can also integration, as the mysteries of life and matter are further revealed.  Quantum physics is doing a good job in bringing all learning together.

The final goal is a conscious return to the root and source from whence we came.  Higher realm beings are often heard saying, “Let us help you find the pathway from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from death to immortality without any fear of control nor hell.”

The teachings from the higher realms not only teach us how to heal ourselves but reveal a timeless wisdom beyond history living in the eternal now releasing us from temporal tyranny, virtually from the limits of causation knowing the effects. The results of this release can be incalculable filled with a cosmic love never known or felt. The origin of these cures of the spirits are universal and can mean our very survival as a human species and planet. The beings within these elevated realms are in service to life its very self and can assist in teaching us to heal our separations like no other by explaining we are diversified versions of one another from the same source. Their ‘reality-therapy’ is everlasting as the truth of our existence liberates us from our self and one another. “

The higher realms are filled with ancient, sane, mature beings that will not allow any inferior attachment to come between them and universal truth. These truths have powered advanced civilizations on this planet and beyond. What they teach, beyond good and evil, can be challenging to apply but their wisdom is a pearl of great price when applied: the mysteries of creation revealed. The questions who we really are, why we are here, from where did we come, where are we headed, and how does the universe work are Basic Lessons 101. If we commit to doing the work, we are assured the deep secret of self-finding.  In Me can find We through a transmutation/transformation/healing of personality integrating the qualities of the cosmos itself we can become real.  

How to awaken and regain the lost secrets of life is a seminal, all essential question for the awakening of our non-physical souls; a question which contemporary cultures/religions either avoid or do not know. The higher realms explain our one-dimensional society that does not teach that we are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience. Higher consciousness teaches God became man in order that man might become God. The God-man teaching reveals who we truly are.

Elevated wisdom is the original and best psycho-therapist, the science of the self. It is the science of our true evolution and ascension, a spiritual science and art of human becoming. No other science possesses this transcending divine order. This is a science of the inner no less than the outer. If humanity is a bridge, the higher realms are its engineers.

The possibility of consciousness without human thought is a basic premise of higher realm ‘thinking.’ It is a refuting of “I think, therefore I am,” being replace with “I am that I am.” Being can exist without human thought. There can be a direct awareness of things where the eternal self is its own evidence.

The higher realms belong to the Family of Humanity, and more than mankind has their multi-layered hierarchy and is a home everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The present trends strongly suggest a dialogue between the people of the world, especially the scientist and the people of spirit. Climate change and other planetary abusive human behavior have caused those in control to re-access their thinking for possible solutions. Let them start with the fact that the planet is a living conscious being with organs that we are harming. An evolution of consciousness may be our only way to save ourselves, especially during a global pandemic. This pandemic is trying to teach us We Consciousness in a world ruled by Me Consciousness. Let us not condemn ourselves as unteachable but teachable by unseen forces who love and support us if we shall only listen and apply especially to today’s crisis.

Those who seem to be weak in history may finally shape it because we are bound and dedicated to the eternal order. The higher realms are teaching a revolution from above and below  by increased consciousness. Technology and transcendence must learn to work together. This would be the beginning of a totally awake humanity and totally new paradigm in creating solutions (the old ones surely have not worked).

And the individuals who will most help humanity in the hour of crisis are those who recognize a willed change from within as a step to a total change in our realtionship with reality, the balance and harmony of the whole.

Because we humans have acquired reason and still more because we have indulged our power of imagination and intuition, humanity needs to be able to conceive of an existence higher than its own (beyond organized religion’s view) here to help merely by asking: ask and ye shall receive. It is here let us give our final love and loyalty balancing giving and receiving. In darkness’ core the higher realms have shown a great light; let us bath in the brightness now.

The Angel News Network is dedicated to these higher realm’s teachings. Access many of them for only your reaching:

As above, so below,

Phillip Elton Collins  










                                TIME TO ACKNOWLEDGE WHO YOU HAVE BECOME

Time to honor where you are right now and the pathway you have chosen. Seeing your glass full and accepting the multi -dimensional being you are.


Thursday, August 5, 2021



                                                    THE PURPOSE OF THE PANDEMIC

Viruses have been travelling upon the planets trade winds long before humanity arrived. They are an advanced species, not animal nor plant nor mineral. But a very adapted species all their own. They are not here to punish us but to wake us up. The world is being ruled by “Me Consciousness” with most out for themselves only. The virus is here to teach “We Consciousness,” creating a unified field of awareness that allows us to know we are interconnected and need to love and support one another. When we move from Me to We the virus will disappear as quickly as it arrived.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021



                                               MY DUTY TO THE HIGHER REALMS

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

As I mature and grow as a channel of higher realms, I come to know that my responsibility to those realms is equally as important as any human friendship or love. I come to know and embrace that my purely human intellect is dim and hazy in comparison to the Spiritual Science and truth put before me, and shared with others.

If I stay in my physical senses and mind or care what people think I am confronted by apparent contradictions filled with my doubts arousing suspicion and fear. My mind may wonder into what it calls inconsistencies in the spiritual and natural sciences and see annoying paradoxes which rattle cultural convictions and complicate my view of life. And then one day I woke up into the awareness those outward opinions and appearances no longer matter and are certainly not the truth.

I came to know that my path into the Spiritual Sciences is trodden laboriously that every new step is leading to the final goal of universal truth often surrounded by pit-falls and deep inner wounds that the channel must confront and conquer the thousand and one furies who keep watch over the gates and entrance to our ascension into a higher frequency of existence; furies called doubt, fear and ignorance, scorn, ridicule, envy and finally the temptation to quit. To remove all these monsters of mankind I must be possessed of a heart and soul clad in steel and iron, never failing determination and duty and yet be meek and gentle, humble and shut out from my heart every human passion that leads to harm of self or others or the continuum of untruths.

Please know I am not a psychic or medium of 4D astral realms filled with human mischief or a predictor of the future. I am a channel of 5D realms transcending the human experience giving universal tools and wisdom to support our journey into a higher frequency of existence. My connections will never tell you what to do that would infringe your free will and choice nor attempt to heal you. But the realms I channel will give you the tools to heal yourself that you can teach others.

I ask myself every day, “Am I all this?  I know that my choice in being chosen to be a channel of higher realms is a divine- soul- plan- course of training that will lead to all of the above. I am in a personal process as long as I am in this densest frequency within the universal plane.   As my intuition and other worldly connections grows I can and shall work out the cause and effect of life and heal within myself what needs to be healed.  I shall continue to bring into a sometimes not- wanting nor understanding world, universal truths and tools that are laying foundations that are intended for the future growth of humanity to create equality for all and support the evolution of our planet and all life upon and within it.  Because others do not believe the source or content of what is being shared does not matter. What matters is that I am honoring my soul plan, my purpose in being here and my almighty love of these beings of higher realms! I am grateful for the committed Angel News Network colleagues: spiritual journalist, Joel, and tech master, Woody who without them none of what I speak of here   could come out into the world in a concise, meaningful way.   And for trance channel, Jeff where it all began with an invitation from Archangel Uriel to channel that frequency.

And finally, it is essential and necessary to say and know that each and every human has the same capacity that I have. Just under your heart space is your plug-in to the higher realms. Are you ready to activate it ?  You don’t need any one to teach you how nor for- pay certification. Just do it…

Love, Phillip




Monday, August 2, 2021



                                                OUR EVOLUTION IN DIVINE ORDER

There are higher realm groups influencing politically and religiously humanity in order to assist our evolution/ascension into a higher frequency of existence.  This will be achieved through the dispensing of the love of the universe and our compassion for one another.

Sunday, August 1, 2021



                                                                    CHILD OF GOD

As we come to realize we are children of God (however you define God), as we evolve/return to that Creator, we come to know we are that Creator ourselves, seeking to find God-consciousness within us, knowing we are the Creator creating all the time; knowing we are the lower aspect of Deity seeking alignment with the higher.