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COMING HOME TO LEMURIA: Chapter 4, A Deeper Understanding

Adama explained: “We moved into the interior of the Earth so we would be unencumbered by negativity from above and below. We have seen clearly what was happening on the surface. We intentionally isolated ourselves from it so we could evolve more rapidly. Both cultures, yours and ours, are experiments. In the case of humanity, you chose to see how far from Source you could go before returning to it. In our case, we chose to see how much we could evolve if we did not engage in the energy of inequality, imbalance, and disharmony. Becoming involved with life on the surface would have defeated our Inner Earth existence, for we surely would have brought your negative aspects underground with us.

A New View of Earth History
Adama felt it was appropriate to begin to share with me an alternate history of how things started on our planet. What you are about to read, therefore, is quite different from any history book I’ve so far read. I have paraphrased his words as best as I could in the material that follows.

There have actually been civilizations on this planet for millions of years, not thousands. Most of these were colonies of beings from extraterrestrial worlds, whose inhabitants came to enjoy the beauty of our planet and take advantage of the natural resources. The details of these civilizations were lost when the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed. They were destroyed on purpose so that another version of events could be told. Luckily, most of the wisdom from the library was transported to the Lemurian library in Telos prior to the destruction of Alexandria. Few of the true facts of the long history of Earth exist anywhere in our world today. The records that did survive in the third dimension were hidden or eventually destroyed in one way or another and for various different reasons by people who held power.

Millions of years ago, the first Lemurians came here from a planet called Lemur in the Dahl Universe (a parallel universe to ours). At the time, Earth was a paradise and considered the most wonderful planet in the entire universe, a blue-green jewel. This perfection was maintained for millions of years, attracting other races from twelve other star systems, which came and joined the pioneering Lemurians. All the extraterrestrials mixed their genetic codes and became like a “super mutt” race. Humans are their descendants. Lemuria, the Motherland on Earth, became the most enlightened civilization among all of them. Many other civilizations on our planet were born from the Lemurian civilization. But the civilization of Atlantis and the origins of human history as a separate race from the Lemurians came much later, only after an eventual fall from unity took place.

Eventually the entire huge continent of Lemuria was populated. It was an immense area, which filled the area we now call the Pacific Ocean and extended beyond it. Before the destruction of Lemuria through its warfare with Atlantis millions of year later, all of Earth existed in a higher frequency at one with the Source. The Lemurians lived mostly in the fifth dimension, with the ability to become denser (fourth-or third-dimensional), if they so desired. There was a gradual lowering of frequencies over eons, until eventually this marvelous race and many of the others that were its companions lost unity with the Source. What caused their fall? The very same negative forces that are in place in our world today: separation, corruption of truth, greed, and lack of equality, balance, and love.

Since things were good for so long in Lemuria, it is important to discuss the physical ending of this magnificent civilization. Maybe we might just learn a few things from an enlightened civilization’s demise (even knowing they have survived and rejoined the fifth dimension). It’s sad to think that so many great cultures have come and gone on Earth without learning why or applying lessons learned to sustain our own. Their survival teaches us that we are able to return to a higher frequency if we so choose. Maybe this time we won’t have to end civilization...we can just keep growing and expanding... ultimately joining the Lemurians and others.

All data in Lemuria is stored in a crystalline form. If you want to know something, you simply sit down and connect with a crystal to experience an entire subject in a moment. Maybe we would not continue to choose war if we experienced the previous ones humanity created.

The Lemurian Era on the surface of this planet began about four and half million years ago. As mentioned earlier, it ended about 12,000 years ago. At the time of this calamity, seven large continents existed on Earth, including the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. What physically remains of Lemuria today includes the land masses of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Madagascar, California, and British Columbia. No wonder they chose Mount Shasta as their fifth-dimensional home. It was part of their ancient homeland.

There is little physical evidence remaining of their existence on the surface of the planet since the Lemurians existed in a higher frequency that was less dense (less material) than ours. This may seem confusing. But the field of quantum physics is now allowing us to understand different frequencies of reality. Believe it or not, someday soon, this understanding will seem old hat. “We are merely being way showers for humankind,” Adama explained to me. 

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Coming Home to Lemuria: Chapter 1, A Dusty Old Thrift Shop

Chapter 1:A Dusty Old Thrift Shop

The higher beings who are central to this story suggested that I start at the beginning. While the beginning may feel a bit like a cliché, I assure you it is the only thing about this story that is.

You see, I was in a dusty old thrift shop, the type of place that is primarily defined by its smell. For me, shopping in such a place meant escaping the American retail industry with its inflated prices and lack of customer support. Also I loved the idea that the clothes and books I would buy there, if I did, had a history—one that might continue after me. Or maybe I was just being cheap. Over the years I have bought some great stuff in thrift stores for little money.

On this particular day, I went to this “other people’s things” store to look for a warm jacket since South Florida, the area encompassing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach, was having the coldest winter on record. Ever since retiring from the business of film making, I have spent summers in New York City and winters in Fort Lauderdale, and I had left most of my winter garments in my apartment up north. I didn’t want to replace my entire wardrobe; I wanted something inexpensive, yet effective, to get me through the cold snap. Suddenly, an inner voice—not my own—directed me, “Go check out the used book section.”

Well, hello there! I wasn’t that surprised to hear a voice speaking to me. My current profession is as a practitioner of healing arts and I’ve had training over the years in various modalities from Reiki and light ascension therapy, to acupuncture and homeopathy. As an intuitive counselor, I am receptive to communication with angelic beings, which I sense as different frequencies of energy. However, this unfamiliar voice was none I could recognize. An energy of unknown origin, it was speaking to me uninvited and without introduction.

Honestly, what surprised me most was that I knew, from past experience, how chaotic the used book area of the store was. Why was I being led to sort through hundreds of books stuffed into boxes on the floor and haphazardly spread across the shelves like peanut butter on toast?

Then I remembered it was my friend Joel’s birthday. A book would be a meaningful gift for him, but I wasn’t convinced the literature he enjoys could be found in a thrift store. Furthermore, I doubted that I could survive the smell long enough to sort through a bad case of the book piles. Nonetheless, acceding to the guidance I’d received, I took a deep breath, stepped away from the clothing racks that I was rummaging through, and headed over to the used books section in an attempt to accomplish this seemingly impossible mission.

Once among the boxes of books, the same inner voice as before directed me to search a specific book shelf. Feeling like a hound dog hot on the trail of its prey, I knew exactly where to look and exactly what book I would find there. Joel is fascinated by the physical appearances of the Virgin Mary in Eastern Europe and he has visited Megjugorje in Croatia twice. In an instant, my fingers landed on a book of the history of Mother Mary visitations. I couldn’t believe it—or maybe I did. The voice that had drawn me to look in this spot had been so definitive.

I pulled the book off the shelf, considering myself very fortunate, and was in the process of turning toward the front exit when my find slipped from my grasp as quickly as it had appeared. While I was shuffling around trying to relocate it, three other books from three different shelves spontaneously fell right at my feet. Although the titles of these paperbacks had no meaning to me, they had something in common; each said something about “Lemuria.” (What in the world was that?) I quickly returned them to their points of departure and found the Mary book.

After grabbing a warm jacket off the rack in the men’s clothing area, I felt my mission was complete. I paid the cashier, walking out of the store with my prizes in a musty plastic bag.

Since I haunted this particular thrift store on a regular basis, in only a couple of weeks I was back again for another nasal assault and bargain hunt. Interestingly, the very same inner voice I’d heard before greeted me as soon as I entered the shop’s soiled doors. “Go immediately to the used book section,” it said. But I was there to find a warm shirt since the cold winter weather was continuing. I was inclined to ignore the suggestion that was being made to me. “Never mind the clothes,” the voice insisted, “you are not here for that. Go to the books.”

Okay, then! Like an ancient warrior following orders, I placed myself in front of the same bookshelves as on my visit two weeks prior. “Why am I here?” I asked myself as well as the inner voice. As if in reply, and without me touching the bookshelves, the exact same three books I’d knocked off the shelves before began to fall in succession directly onto my feet from three different shelves...thud, thud, thud.

That was strange—and, ouch, I was wearing open-toed sandals!

Seriously, hearing inner voices has become a regular occurrence in my life since I became a healer. But flying objects? “Okay, I get it,” I said. “I’m supposed to read these books...but why?”

Then, oddly, I began to feel as if the inner voice I had heard was literally speaking to me from inside the books. (Whose voice was this?) None of it made sense. How could three books fall from three different shelves, without assistance? And hit me two weeks in a row? Wow, somebody or some- thing must have really wanted me to read these books!

Looking down at the first book, I saw that there was a picture of a mountain on the cover. I recognized it as Mount Shasta in California. Ten years earlier I had been to Mount Shasta with Joel, the friend for whom I had bought the birthday book about the sightings of Mary. That had been a wonderful vacation. The title of the book read Telos. Okay. But this was a bit confusing. The word “Telos” had no connection to the trip I’d taken to Mount Shasta or to my life in the present. Furthermore, I was unfamiliar with the name of the book’s author, Dianne Robbins.

Continuing my investigation, I saw that another word, “Lemuria,” appeared on the cover of one of the other two books. I vaguely remembered from my metaphysical training that Lemuria was a possible ancient civilization. I’d taken a trip to Egypt led by one of my spiritual teachers. In Luxor, outside the famous temple of Karnak, there sits an enormous boulder that my companions told me was a crystal remnant from Lemuria. I hadn’t learned too much from them, except that Lemuria was supposed to have disappeared like Atlantis.

A thrilling emotion came over me; every hair on my body was standing on end. Somehow I knew I was about to begin an amazing adventure...

I gathered the books off the floor and held the three volumes next to my heart, feeling like I had just found the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg. I rushed to the checkout counter to pay for them. They cost seventy-five cents each. “A treasure for pennies,” I thought without knowing why.

When I got home I became consumed with reading the three books. My speed-reading skills from high school sure came in handy. I zipped through all three in a day or two, and then read and re-read Dianne Robbins’ book again and again, feeling mesmerized. Somehow the amazing things I was reading felt like a distant memory being awakened. Her book began with comments from a spokesman named Adama, who started out by saying that he and others living in a hidden world on Earth were bringing humankind the “memories of Lemuria.” (Was this Adama Adam from the story of Adam and Eve? Was Lemuria the Garden of Eden?)

Adama, a being from Lemuria who was channeled by Robbins, went on to explain that even though human memories of his extraordinary civilization have been lost for millennia, it is time for our two civilizations to become united. (Where was this unseen world? Why was this information coming forward now?) Even though none of this remarkable commentary made sense, it felt true. It resonated with me on a very deep level.

So I continued my studies...

The first thing I learned from Robbins’ book, Telos (Trafford Publishing 2008), which is subtitled Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta, was that Lemuria is located inside the Earth. Now how was that possible? Everyone knows that the interior of our planet is molten rock! Who or what could possibly live there?

At first glance, this book came across to me like the recollection of a sci-fi adventure story about an expedition to the interior of the Earth. It sounded like a Hollywood script. And I should know, as I worked in Northern California for many years for George Lucas of Star Wars fame.

My mind began to discount the event in the bookstore and to challenge the entire experience that was unfolding as I read the book. “This is crazy. You are literally going crazy,” I told myself repeatedly. But my heart would not let the idea of Lemuria go. Who was it that said, “The heart knows and the mind believes”? The feeling I got from my heart kept saying, “Trust this, it is true. You are supposed to know this information for a reason that will be revealed.” I thought for a few seconds to set the books aside and forget the entire matter. But I could not.

“Stay open,” the inner voice of my unseen companion commanded me.

I decided to Google Lemuria. All I could find out was that through legends we were told it was possible that a huge continent that existed some twelve thousand years ago was lost after submerging off the coast of California. This idea had been circulated by the Rosicrucians, and the acclaimed seer Edgar Cayce apparently had a few dreams about it. There seemed to be little physical evidence that this place or other places of this kind, like Atlantis, ever really existed.

I have worked with the human condition in clinical settings for many years. The relationship between the human mind—our thoughts and emotions—and the physical body is central to my work as a healing arts practitioner. I know what delusion is, and denial. But somehow, perhaps since I felt such a strong connection to this new world coming into my life, I trusted in its reality. If I was crazy that would be revealed in time to me and others. It was now appropriate to let go of my concerns and enjoy the journey of discovery.

If madness felt this good, then bring it on! I had never felt this happy in my entire life. Even though my life was already filled with love, happiness, and personal and professional fulfillment, in some not-so-strange way I felt I was coming home to an exceptionally more evolved home—an unseen reality—than the world we live in and ordinarily recognize as real.

There was a quality to the voice I was hearing that was different from the angelic voices I had previously channeled, a quality that led me to believe that the voice speaking to me was this same guy, Adama from Lemuria, who Robbins had channeled for her book. Recognizing that it was time to establish direct communication between us, I decided to ask. “Are you Adama?”

“Yes, I am,” he confirmed. “Through me, our world can be revealed to yours. You will come to know the truth of Lemuria.”

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! The Purpose of Relationships



Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel

Dear Beings learning to love self,

More and more, as a human species, you are understanding and knowing the universal truth: the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself, and you can only love others to the degree you love yourself. There are many teachings within the Angel News Network (see Life Mastery,, channeled materials and books) and elsewhere to support a loving relationship with you that can then reflect and mirror out into the world around you. If you better understand and know the meaning, value, and purpose of relationships mirroring self, you just might increase the success of them. Then you can more fully embrace and embody their divine purpose in your lives: to create communities of equality, harmony, and balance.

How you feel about yourself, thus others, is taught. You are not born not loving yourself and one another. Now you can begin a new teaching and create a new you through the support of higher realms that love you unconditionally, until you can fully love one another and yourselves. Then you will create a world that reflects who you truly are: divine beings.


As you learn more about yourself through your wounds and ego defenses, you become more conscious and your original wounding can begin to heal. Through personal processes you can learn more about how your chosen maturation-family situations created unmet needs. Through the ownership of the choices you made, you can become responsible for what it is you chose to learn and how you chose to learn it. This moves you from victimhood to self-empowerment. You begin to know that life is a process of inside out, not outside in. You realize the other person is not there to fulfill what you can yourself. This prevents codependency.

You begin to know that the purpose of each relationship you are having is for your own growth and expansion, reflecting what is happening throughout the universe. For the universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you.


You have so many illusions, and sometimes delusions, associated with your teachings around relationships. In fact, there is very little truth within your concepts and ideas of what relationships truly are. Through the taught shaming, blaming, and judging of self, you do the same to others.

One of the first truths to integrate is that your parents are responsible for your well-being. They are here to nurture first so you may learn what you came here to learn. Often your parents focus on what you are not, thus creating the shaming and blaming that you need to release (the reason you chose it). When a parent or someone else says, “I must change you,” you have a choice to take responsibility for yourself and see the parent as the needed mirror. Isn’t it fascinating how the universe works and how you choose to learn? If you so choose, you learn that no one else is here to make you feel whole and safe. That is your responsibility, and when you do not assume it, you experience the consequence of that choice. When you’ve had enough consequences, you make another choice.


In order to know your truth, it is essential to know who you are and why you are here, two questions that you seldom ask yourselves or are asked by others. The “who” and the “why” in your lives defines your purpose. Your purpose is fueled by your passion, how you feel and resonate. From higher realms there are many teachings at present to assist humanity through a personal process of determining who you are and why you are here, if you need assistance. (See Life Mastery, It is not unusual for many of you not to know your needs, or for them to get lost within the needs of others. How often have others asked you, “What do you need?” When was the last time a needy child asked his/her parents if they needed anything? It is important to know you have real needs, for if your needs are not satisfied, it reduces your ability to support others.

It sounds simple, but the best way to satisfy your needs is to know them and communicate them to others.

Communicate your needs as a preference, not as a command or demand, which can create resistance to them. Be conscious of the negative egos, and attempt not to use manipulation as a way to get what you want, not what you need. This is a substitute for unmet needs.

Your boundaries allow the best use of your energy and what serves your highest good. Always ask yourselves these two questions in setting your boundaries: “Is this the best use of my energy, and is this serving my highest good?” Take a deep breath and go into your knowing heart for the response. Your resonance and discernment will assist greatly in establishing boundaries. Like needs, many of us don’t know we can have boundaries.


Many do not realize that a relationship is a wonderful opportunity to provide the needs of the other person—be it wife, husband, lover, brother, sister, mother, father, or pet. It’s about the universal law of balancing giving and receiving (which can be a challenge). If giving without the need to get and receiving without the need to give are organically achieved, these can become a great opportunity to learn giving and receiving. When the other’s needs become as important as your own, this will be a strong non-codependent relationship. When you express your needs freely, and give without thought of self, a process of healing inner wounds and ego defenses also is achieved through the positive energy exchanged.


Each person has unique talents and gifts to offer the world. In fact, the universe would be incomplete without all these. There are many personal processes to assist others in knowing their talents and gifts, if they are not presently aware of them (see Life Mastery, Bring these out into world service reflecting your self-love and value of the other person; know these are fragments of both of your divine soul plans. Give equally, more than you expect to receive, and see what happens. When you have gratitude for what you do receive, true abundance comes.


When you realize all relationships are for your own personal growth and expansion, your consciousness shifts greatly. Through your ownership of the relationships you bring into your lives (with truth, needs, and boundaries), everyone becomes a reflection or mirror of yourself. You abandon victimhood for self-empowerment. You can regain the forgotten aspects of self and expand more into who you are and why you are here: activating your soul plan. Through this awareness, you can begin to relate to everyone and eliminate duality, separation, and confrontation (which are so active in the world today).


These tools are presented to assist you in freeing yourselves from yourselves in order to create a world of equality, harmony, and balance during the next golden age.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 

As soon as we can realize 
We’re a collection of soul connections 
Then duality and separation 
Will be simply sent, away

We shall know we are surely 
One old soul
Who has never really 
Been sold into separation.

The vicious veil of separation 
Is finally to be lifted. 
We’re being released, 
From duality,
That never had any reality.

We are One Divine Soul, 
Old in our role,
Of consciousness and love.

Every creation molecule, 
Knows it’s all been a silly ridicule, 
Until now. 

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One-ness Excerpt from Coming Home to Lemuria

Phillip: What do you consider to be one of the most important missions of your civilization?

Adama: It is an essential part of Lemuria’s divine soul plan to care for this planet until you on the surface can. We shall join together and bring the light of ascension into the entire Mother Earth, to assist in moving the planet and all her inhabitants into a higher, more evolved frequency of existence (which is your destiny as much as hers). Everyone who ever lived on Earth has returned for this amazing event of Earth’s transition into the light. That’s why there are so many people on the Earth now. Our light has never stopped being sent to the surface, this is the main mission of our remaining here. As below, so above

Phillip: If some on the surface were once in 5D Lemurian experience, why are we still in 3D now?

Adama: Because only a few Lemurians were given dispensation by the Creator to move down from 5D to 4D after the 3D destruction of our continent (due to the abuse of our wisdom). Some 25,000 Lemurians were allowed to be reduced into 4D reality and to work their way back now to 5D reality. Humans on the surface are descendants and reincarnated souls from the original 3D population that remained and are now being given the opportunity through ascension to regain 5D reality. You who remained in 3D chose to do so in order to be part of this process. This process will ensure that you never lose your higher connection or abuse it again. And that you step into your divine soul plan as master teachers of the universe. The universe awaits you, and thanks you for your great contribution to all civilizations.

Phillip: Who are the light workers and what do they do?

Adama: The light workers are individuals and groups committed to assisting the Earth to transitioning into light, moving into a higher frequency. These people receive large volumes of light from below and from above, which supports the planet and increases the people’s consciousness, mirroring universal consciousness. And this consciousness travels at the speed of light, consuming lower frequencies all over the planet. Light workers are being born at increasingly faster rates. Children (indigos, rainbow, and crystalline children) are coming into the earthly plane fully equipped for the task at hand, which is to bring humankind into oneness.

Phillip: What is your hope for humankind?

Adama: Our hope (and promise) for humankind is for you to live as immortal beings (like us) and to grow and expand in consciousness in an ever-expanding universe always toward the Creator within each of you. For you are the Creator experiencing itself.

Phillip: What is love?

Adama: Love is the highest vibration and frequency (energy) in the universe. Thus, it is the building block of everything. Everything is maintained and sustained by the love. Without love there is no creation, only destruction. Love will always bring our thoughts and emotions into oneness. The organ of love is your heart. Your heart knows that love is all there is. Everything else is the absence of love. We are all here to learn to love of the self first and foremost. 

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Conversations With Archangel Michael, Session 2

Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart, photographer and channel for Archangel Michael!

Conversations With Archangel Michael, Session 1

Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart, photographer and channel for Archangel Michael!

Conversations With Archangel Michael, Introduction

Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart, photographer and channel for Archangel Michael!

Monday, June 23, 2014




From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Humans Being Talented and Gifted,

Here’s the divine deal, dear ones: as cosmic eternal beings of light, you have been given talents and gifts that are essential fragments of your soul plans. Within each incarnational cycle you have learned, or not, how to bring these out into world service; to demonstrate who you are and show why you are here. The world and universe are incomplete without the full expressions of these within you. In effect, they make the world and universe go round.

There have been many reasons through various wounds and defenses why you have or have not been able to bring these gifts and talents out into the world. We of higher realms have gifted you many tools and teachings to allow you to access your talents and gifts (see The Life Mastery Program). 

When they are activated, your feel a great joy and know your purpose in being here. Are you ready to access whatever is within yourselves to bring the unique greatness of you forward?

Your world and yourselves are involved in an extraordinary process called ascension, where your home planet is raising her frequencies to return to being a body of light; thus, all within and upon her body will be of the same frequency or be relocated elsewhere. There is a great opportunity and need for all your talents and gifts to come forward, for every one of you are the manifestors of your future. Without your talents and gifts, you are missing the opportunity to create communities of equality, harmony, and balance. If you so choose, through your freedom of choice and will, we invite you to heal whatever needs to be healed within yourselves in order to bring your talents and gifts out into the world, which will make an essential difference. It all begins individually inside, with each one of you bringing it outside—a process of inside out, not outside in.

We higher realms know only too well what a special ascension opportunity is being afforded humanity. You are each being given the opportunity and tools to show to the world your desire to be in world service through your cosmic talents and gifts. You are uncovering and discovering that you are more amazing than you ever imagined, dear ones.

We of the Archangelic Realm of Uriel are watching to see who stands up and is willing to make a difference; who has enough compassion and love for themselves to reflect that out into the world, to see you are all one, and begin to free yourselves from all the lack, limitation, and duality of the past and present. Know you are not alone in this endeavor, dear ones. You have always had the love and support of higher realms. Are you ready to fully receive us now by simply asking for what you need?

Within each of your hearts is the DNA of your talents and gifts. With every beat, your heart is asking you to bring the true you out into the world. You are all teaching what you need to learn in order to heal self and your world, and to become the master teachers of the universe.

Dear ones, we are all divine beings on a sacred journey. Do you choose to ascend to the full frequency of your divine self or stay in the world you see around you? As you awaken to embody your eternal divine self, remember that you are the only one who can prevent or achieve success.

It is time to be fearless (in complete love of self and others) and bring your creative, innovative talents and gifts into the world. This will shift things, releasing, not fighting (what you resist persists) the old, but allowing the new paradigm of equality, harmony, and balance to organically flow parallel to the old and replace it (sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually).

Success is yours for the taking, through your self-empowered talents and gifts. Let us join our eternal oneness and be the divine beings of light we are.

Know, dear ones, the light is your heritage and true home; know that by experiencing the absence of light you can now lift the veil of darkness that has been your teaching tool. Sealed within your heart is the eternal brightness you can choose to shine out into the world now through your talents and gifts.

You are children of the stars, sons and daughters of the Sun. Know that wherever you inhabit you are One with the stars. Your emotional, mental, and physical bodies are like planets revolving around your soul, the Sun. As you are again remembering your talents and gifts, they will shine into the darkness and you will see and be one with the light again.

Dear ones, you are not of the Earth, but a child of the Conscious Cosmic Light; your talents and gifts were born here. Once you remember this, you will know your mother and father are the light. You then can finish healing yourselves and world, and move into your master teachership of the universe.


*The poems in this book are all from SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES by Phillip Elton Collins.


Humankind walks in the forgetting of our Greatness, 
Not remembering what Power and Knowledge lies 
within each of our souls.

We walk through Life unaware of our Talents and Gifts, 
Seeking secrets already known within us.

We are Eternal Beings of Light, 
Awaiting our Awakening and En-light-en-ment.

Wisdoms once known will now awaken 
Within each of us in World Service, 
If we so choose in our observance.

All that ever was and still is
Is waiting to be born in WE CONSCIOUSNESS,

 If we can just get the me out of the we, 
Creating worlds of equality, and harmony.

Are you ready? 
I AM. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Who is Archangel Uriel?

Excerpt from Activate Your Soul Plan by Phillip Elton Collins

From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel

Dear Beloved Human Brothers and Sisters,

We come to you at this most crucial path in your planetary and personal human evolution, entering your divine destiny, to further explain who we are, the frequency of consciousness you call Archangel Uriel, and our eternal love and support of your planet and all people. Our name Uriel means “The Light of God,” and we have ancient and deep ties to your Earth and humanity.

Dear ones, long before your world and humanity existed, we have been in service to ALL THERE IS, the Creator, Source, God—whatever name of which you resonate or not. For whether you believe or know we exist, we do.

There are many higher-realm beings that have always existed beyond the denser frequency in which you now reside and of which you are ascending. From your frequency point, unseen beings such as Earth-bound elementals, Inner Earth civilizations (inside your planet), angels and archangels (serving humanity), intergalactic beings (who act as a liaison between denser and higher frequencies), star systems (that seeded your planet), and universal and multiverse councils (just to name a few), have always been working toward the highest good of your planet and all living things (including you) upon, within, and above your Earth.

You are in the process of remembering that your world is much more expansive than you ever were taught or imagined. We of Uriel are one of an unlimited arena of realms that serve Creation, and often serve you, through unconditional love. We are forever joining the macrocosm with the microcosm.

Not to overwhelm you with names (which we really don’t have, since we do not have language as you know it) and responsibilities, let us singularly focus on the frequency in which we of Uriel reside. There are many teachings available to you concerning the other higher realms of which we speak. The names we are about to use regarding Uriel are those humanity has created and adopted to better know us. If they resonate, use them; if not, create names of your own, dear ones. The purpose of this exploration is to further identify ourselves so our hearts, minds, and hands may join in oneness.

There are many levels of angels and archangels within this solar system and galaxy. We of the Archangelic Realm of Uriel are one the four major archangels (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael) whose assignment, if you will, is to serve humanity. While never having been human, we maintain and sustain essential aspects of your mental, emotional bodies, your thoughts, feelings, and consciousness, in order to support the divine distribution of the universal flow (power) and how that supports all aspects of the Earth’s environment, especially you.

In effect, we are humanity’s link to the higher spiritual realms that can show you how to connect with your inner self-empowerment (self-mastery), which is the tool to help you individually shift in consciousness, thus accelerate the whole of humanity into higher realms of consciousness. No small order, dear ones.

While working closely with the Christ Consciousness energies, the Mary feminine energies, and the Great White Brotherhood (path of personal Christhood), we of Uriel are often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth and are in selfless service to Creation and humanity. We can show you how to take ownership of all the aspects of your lives you have chosen through your divine soul plans to learn what you came here to learn—turning victimhood into ownership, transforming disappointments into freedom—knowing there is victory and blessings in 3-D adversities. We of Uriel can assist you in clearing and cleansing feelings and thoughts of the past and present trapped within your cellular DNA, allowing your acceptance and compassion of self, thus unconditional forgiveness (penetrating each plane until it reaches the physical).

Beloveds, we bring the power of unconditional forgiveness of self and others to humanity as the key to entering higher energetic vibration and consciousness: the penetration of the divine force to the physical plane. This will set you free!

As Archangel Michael uses his sword to assist you in moving from your mind to your heart, we of Uriel also use a flaming sword to purify mental and emotional understanding (that has been creating your dense reality) that transmutes lower vibrational energies into enlightened spiritual understanding.

We now once again speak with you during this sacred time of ascension upon your planet and your willingness to embrace the shift into higher consciousness. Dear ones, are you ready to listen, act, and transcend the human experience? We stand ever present to assist you in every area of your lives.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: The Power of Gentleness Parts 1 and 2


Channeled by Jeff Fasano, author of JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART


Part One

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael

We welcome you now at this wonderful and most glorious time and come to speak to you about gentleness, being gentle with yourself by accepting with compassion where you are in your life. Many of you may be expanding to points where you had never thought you would, not so much in the physical world by moving toward great things, but within yourself by moving toward a greater depth and awareness of "self".

You have found a greater depth of meaning, value and purpose within and grown to a greater awareness of self and what you need to release in order to stand in your power.

We are here to speak to you about the power of gentleness.

Many of you are expanding greatly in your life to where you have broken through "The Old" and now come to where you may be experiencing contraction.

However even at this place, you think that you must still forge on forward into life.

We ask you to become "present with the present". A place where you can become conscious and aware of where you are at all times, thus consciously being present.

Many of you have taken broad steps and now come to where it just may be time for you to take a step back and become gentle and more accepting with compassion with where you are in your life.  It is a time to "ease up" where you can become gentle with yourself and acknowledge what you have accomplished so far in your life.

Within this gentleness you come to a place of contemplation.

When being present with the present, you expose yourself to yourself and others, and in doing so possibly feel a bit vulnerable and overwhelmed in that moment.

Some of you are still looking to move forward "with a vengance" so to speak. As you come to be present with the present you may realize how you may objectify everything and everyone outside of you.

Yet what you have found within all of this is the freedom to be you when becoming present with the present.

The reason why We bring this up is because each of you may be encountering the core of your specific defense. It has become present as you become present, and you may not sure what to do now.

As you become aware and conscious of this judgment and shame may surface.

As you reach the core of your defense through the process of becoming "present with the present" shame and judgment may surface. Know that no one outside of you has shamed or judged you, the feelings exist in you.

You are moving within "in contraction" and looking for a place of neutrality there and this can lead you to acceptance, compassion and gentleness with yourself.

As you contract a bit you might possibly feel as if you are powerless.

You ask, "If I am not being assertive, I am in a quiet place and feel alone."

You are now moving into a place called "aloneness".

In becoming present with the present you become present with many wonderful and glorious souls outside of you. In becoming present and conscious in the moment you reach a point where much of what is transpiring outside of you might not make sense nor have meaning, value and purpose any longer and perhaps you have become disillusioned.

You are now looking at yourself with a deeper meaning, value and purpose and "the self" has a different agenda so to speak.

You find now that you are coming to a new way of personifying and identifying yourself that is not through what is outside of yourself any longer, yet you are not quite sure what you are identifying yourself with.

You may now have moved to a place called "aloneness" because you have realized that the reference point for your identification is no longer outside of yourself.

You are seeing the myths and illusions in the 3rd dimension and now "being" you. You also see how you had wanted to "fit in" out in the world. You now know you can no longer do this.

So you may have retreated and contracted to a place that does not feel comfortable yet know that you must be in the "aloneness".

Many of you are now beginning to redefine and refine your life where meaning, value and purpose of it is concerned.

Some may be feeling disillusioned and overwhelmed because you are shifting from looking outside of yourself to get something to moving within and into "aloneness".

Many of you feel as if you now have to "figure all of this out" all over again.

You have now moved to this place of quietness and wondering why you are not feeling assertive.

It is time to move into the power of gentleness.

Many of you now are feeling something that is much deeper than you have ever felt before because you have moved to a "singular" place, and something is brewing beneath the surface and you are not sure what that is.

Many of you are being asked now,

What is my purpose?

What am I doing?

What is my passion?

Where do I want to give?

"I am not sure of this because as I became present with the present I found the illusions and myths that I have been carrying and where I have given my power away "out there" and now realizing my power is, I am the source and creator."    

In this place of "aloneness" feelings are surfacing. You have also realized that you don't fit in any longer out there so Our question to you is:

How do you feel about this and what are your feelings?

As you find that you don't fit in out there any longer and what is out there is a grand illusion containing many myths, many of you ask these questions:

Where do I fit in?

Who am I?

What am I doing?

I see the grand illusion out there and it doesn't make any sense to me, what do I need to do? And state:

"I am in a place of disillusionment right now and I feel as if I am floating with nowhere to go and moving somewhere yet don't know where."

"I feel gentle, quiet, and alone and I am not quite sure what to do. "

Many of you are used to constantly being assertive and have associated power with assertiveness.

"If I am standing in my power I must be assertive."

There is truth to this but learning to be gentle and alone and honor where you are, will allow you to understand that there is a power in this as well.

Stand in the power of gentleness alone and your uniqueness as you have found this as well.

You have found your individuality and that you do not "fit in" with the herd and the herd is doing something else all together.

Many of you may have come to realize that you don't fit in anywhere, even with your soul group and your soul family. You may see how you used that to perpetuate herd mentality and this might be a surprise to you.

It is time to be with what surfaces from the core of your defense and see that "fitting in" with the herd no longer exists for you even when it comes to your soul family and soul group.

It is time to move into gentleness and acceptance of where you are and be you.


Part Two

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael

It is time now to move to full individuation and in doing this you will find your passion and this is different for each of you.

Finding your passion is akin to finding your soul note, and it is unique to each of you.

It is something that has been encoded in the depth of your heart and if you choose to bring it forth it will reveal the true individuated soul and the individuated mission that you will follow for your service to the world and the universe.

Your service to the world is not just about this world, it is service to past lifetimes, this lifetimes and lifetimes to come and is a connection to your soul's divine mission, your passion.

It is unique to each of you and no two have the same encodement, mission or plan, yet there are similarities.

As you stand in gentleness, aloneness and the gentleness of the aloneness, this is another step to the depth of your uniqueness and individuality.

It is time to stand here.

Many of you feel as if you a floating freely down a river and many feel as if you have no control what so ever over anything, and this is the truth, you control nothing.

Many feel that being gentle in the "aloneness" you are not in charge of your life because you thought what you were controlling you were in charge of.

You thought you were controlling yourself in the 3rd dimension by putting up a mask to see if you still fit in.

Many of you now realize this and ask,

What is there to fit into "out there"?

"I don't fit in out there and I am wondering if I fit in anywhere because I thought I fit in well with my soul family but I don't fit in there either."

We now caution you about moving to isolation and separation, which is where you can move if the defense or ego is not satisfied.

Be aware of this and is why gentleness and "aloneness" is important. 

Being alone does not mean isolation and separation.

It means standing in a power of individuation and being gentle with you, accepting yourself with compassion yet being available to those who call you, need you, come to you for guidance and to those you just want to love you.

We also caution you about moving to isolation and separation in regard to your soul family as well because you might feel that you don't fit in there any longer.

It is not there nor anywhere where you must fit in, it is just feeling and being free to "be" you anywhere.

You may be find the myth in your soul group and soul family. Yet it is not so much the myth of the family, but your myth about it, your attachments to it and your illusion of it.

It is what it is, and you can be in it expressing your individuality and giving and receiving in balance.

You have now come to gentleness in the "aloneness".

Be gentle with yourself and honor and value you where you are with acceptance and compassion for you. 

Many of you are trying to figure all of this out because you are tying to figure out where you fit in.

It its time to blaze your pathway individuated in your uniqueness moving towards life, however as you move along in life you might try to figure out where you just might fit in.

Know that you no longer fit in anywhere, and who you are is who you are and where you are is where you are.

Beneath all of this is your passion because the meaning, value and purpose of your life has shifted and you are seeing your myths and the myths and illusions of the world outside.

Many feel as if you are floating along in life aimlessly, so it is time now to move into quietness and reflect upon what has transpired for you up to now in the process.

You are now at a place of gentleness, feel the power of the gentleness, aloneness and accept with compassion where you are.

You now see the illusions, the illusions that you placed upon your soul family and you soul group.

A combination of Pleidian and Sirian energies are entering at this time to move you to what they most represent, comfort, nurturance, compassion and acceptance.

A cleansing period is ending and many are feeling this physically. Some have felt extremely fatigued where you have over extended yourself and expended an inordinate amount of energy, some experienced disease and feel that it is time to be gentle with yourself.

Give yourself time to regenerate because you are moving to a place of neutrality.

You are not quite sure if you exist in neutrality because up to now you have been using your assertive energy in releasing the old through your process and in doing so felt stimulated thus a great sense of self.

You're a now coming to a place of quietness, aloneness and gentleness and looking for your sense of self here.


Do I exist in the quiet?

Do I exist and am I powerful in the aloneness?

Do I exist and am I powerful when I am not asserting myself and boldly moving towards?

This will show you that you do exist in the quiet and in the depth of the aloneness.

Within the aloneness and gentleness and beneath it there is a fire burning. And as you move into the quiet alone, you will allow that fire to burn brightly, this is your passion.

It is your uniqueness and the depth of your individuality and it is ingrained in the depth of your soul.
It is your soul note and it individuates you from everyone and everyone from you.