Wednesday, February 24, 2021



                                                     HEALING ERRORS OF CHURCHES

Higher realm energies are neutralizing in many ways the mistakes and errors of churchmen and theologians worldwide, knowing that many contain the germ of true spiritual life that has been misused and abused.

Sunday, February 21, 2021




From the Hall of Records, with Adama, Father of Humanity

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

After your reason to be here is fulfilled, desires, aspirations, longings and ideals have been mostly experienced, you then reach a point in your present incarnational cycle, a last stage called ‘maturity’.  You begin to know and feel the ‘inadequacy’ of remaining in physical form.  You are preparing to return to your eternal, non-physical being which can never die.

Then comes the happy release which you call death, that great moment in which the ‘spirit in prison’ escapes from the confining walls of its physical form (the silver cord that maintains spirit and body is broken).   Beloved Children your ideas about death have been all wrong, you have looked upon it with great dread and fear. The truth is in reality it is your GREAT ESCAPE, the entrance into a more expanded measure of reality and your release from a very limited form of existence when has completed its purpose in this life time. Remember you can always come back, if you so choose.

All your erroneous teachings and thoughts must inevitably disintegrate so that you can manifest a better more satisfactory means of expressing life and more fully activate your soul plan, your purpose in being here.

You all came from the same Source and ultimately will return to it fulfilling The Law of Oneness after being a diversified, inadequate version of that Oneness. The Source you came from is intelligent Love and the fulfillment of that Love is for you to become that Love.

Let us know and remember there is no such thing as death, even every atom has eternal life and you are composed of those atoms.  Each one of you is an expression of the indwelling entity of eternal life.  Thus, you now have a better understand of yourself and perhaps more of the mystery of death being life has been revealed, again.  



Saturday, February 20, 2021




From the Halls of Wisdom, with Adama, The Father of Humanity

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Early 2021

The purpose of this essay is to present additional ‘spiritual science’ regarding the relationship of matter (atom) and consciousness within the ascension pathway you humans continue to travel within. You have all heard repeatedly that things are in ‘divine order’.  Let us now look more deeply into actually what this really means. The following words will serve for ‘first timers’ as an introduction to the laws of life and human enfoldment included in the term ‘spiritual science’. This science takes into consideration the majority of reality which is unseen.  Humanity is now living within the densest frequency within the universal plane by choice.  Your divine birthright is to ascend into a higher frequency of existence.

With ascension energies coming in to support humanity’s evolution like never before, your present moment allows you an unique opportunity to assimilate the following new truths for many: the secrets of life and existence are ready to be revealed and you as a human species are better able to receive them now.


By better understanding the foundation and reality of your existence you on the surface of the planet will be better prepared to answer the following questions: What is the meaning underlying all that you see around you? What will be the outcome of domestic and global affairs, viewing them as a whole? What is the destiny of the human race? What is its origin? What are the solutions to your present conditions? Is there more than one life time?  These questions have plagued humanity for eons. Without knowing the answers, you have been building many of your foundations of reality on false clay.

In the past and present there have been three basic responses to the above questions what we might call: (1) Realism, (2) supernaturalism, and (3) Idealism. These are terms created through human language to  better assist your understanding of the truth.

Realism is just another name for materialism. It says what you perceive in the material world is true and the only reality. It goes even further and says this is all you need to know. Accept it and shut up. Things that cannot be seen and accounted for from a ‘reliable’ source must be discounted. This is the product of the unknowing ego in the human mind.

Supernaturalism is when humanity awakens and becomes conscious to the truth that things are not exactly what they seem. There is much that needs explaining beyond past and present ‘science,’ or religion.  You awaken to the reality you are not just an accumulation of physical form (atoms), a material thing but deep within you is a consciousness, a higher power which connects you to all of creation. There is the feeling there is a power or being who has created everything and is guiding humanity in divine order to some ascended destination.  This view is based upon self-consciousness, mastering of the self and recognizing your own divinity. This is the product of partially connecting with your higher self.

Idealism is a reality that connects life with a cosmic process, a divine order.    It is the opposite of materialism and brings the supernatural into an  ever evolving evolution via all of creation; just as you are a human evolving consciousness through the means of an emotional, mental and physical body. This is the product of you connecting with your eternal self.

All of the above contain partial truths with none of them being complete without the others. When followed alone each one leaves the mystery of life unresolved. When they are combined you will better understand your present stage of evolution/ascension as best you can grasp at this stage of your process. You are not ready to know everything but this endeavor is an attempt to explain in simple terms what you are ready to accept and perhaps apply.

Please remember dear Children until you have further ascended in your ascension process and you are better able to think in spiritual scientific energetic realities it will not be possible to fully answer all the questions at the beginning of this essay.  One-third of you have come more ‘equipped’ than others and can see the unity underlying all being said here. Others are prone to think that their outlook and interpretation is the only one or others have no idea what is going on (the other two-thirds). All being said here is to link matter and the spiritual effecting science, government, religion and philosophy so you may arrive at a better understanding of what truth is (knowing truth lies within you).  Remember, no one’s expression of truth is the whole expression and the sole purpose of thought is to allow you to make better choices going forward. It is essential to know that there is a divine, intelligent purpose working through forms of every kind, races, nations. And that purpose is to master being the love from whence you came. Your evolution, your ascension is the ever- unfolding divine power within you to respond.

The gift of ascension within you is a force which is gradually bringing order out of chaos, the ultimate perfection out of the imperfection, good out of seeming evil, light into darkness and knowing everything that you are creating in your lives are learning tools to free you from yourselves.


Your ascension/evolution is a cyclic development from life time to life time reflecting the choices you have made to learn what you need to learn.  Attraction and repulsion fill the cosmos as well as your lives. This is the discriminating faculty of atoms and you being like atoms in the choices you make. Atoms, like you, can adapt and grow in various environments through the rejection of certain factors and the acceptance of others. It shows in you as free will or the power/gift to choose.

Like atoms your evolution/ascension is ordered change and constant shifts/mutations. This demonstrates in the ceaseless activity of an incarnation or the eternal life/activity of an atom, interacting between others and the endless interchange of one force or type of energy upon another. Whether it is of matter or spirit creation is an ever- increasing power to respond to vibration, through constant change, by choices. In humans this evolutionary process might be divided into three stages of life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The atom is self-contained as you are when within these three stages. The way atoms demonstrate (through your choices) prior to your incarnation determines your gender and race: an aggregate of all forms, of all groups and all states of consciousness blended, unified and synthesized into a perfected whole.  

‘The whole’ you may call the atom itself, nature, God or you. Names matter not.  The same thing is going on in each of these as in the atom. That something is divine intelligence underlying all. From any separation will come union merging into one perfect fully conscious whole composed of all the diverfiites of creation.


Beloved children if you begin to understand what seems complex here you may be asking how can you make practical applications of this wisdom in your own lives. In the cosmic sense you are a vital part of it all or you would not be here. The first aim you have heard many times, known thy self. Through the practice/commitment of self-realization, deep self-examination and discrimination you will learn to emote positive feelings and think clearly in your choices. You will create and find communities of like- minded/spirit people where you can transmute selfishness into loving service to others and your planet by bringing your talents and gifts out into the world.


An atom has been defined as a center of force, a phase of electrical phenomena, a center of energy, active through its own internal make-up and giving off energy, radiation or heat. Sounds like a human being doesn’t it?  Well, it’s true. You are a big pile of atoms!

An atom is composed of a positive nucleus of energy surrounded (just like the sun by planets) with many negative corpuscles thus subdividing the atom into numerous lesser bodies (just like the organs in your body). The elements differ according to their positive nucleus and how they rotate around a central charge (again like your solar system and planets).  The atom can be seen as an entire solar system or human body, the heart being the sun.  It contains a divine intelligence that is the basis for the creation of all matter, including you. It possesses ‘qualities’ that allow it to respond or not. The atom teaches us that matter is not inert. It also teaches us that life is eternal; for energy can never die, only change form.

The atom also teaches you that your bodies are composed of a myriad of infinitesimal entities, each in itself a unit of life, just as the atom is composed of a myriad of electrons. We in the higher realms witness the innate instinct and desire for life that all atoms possess and how they inspire you humans. Again, you both have the qualities of energy, intelligence, ability to select and reject, to attract and repulse, sensation, movement and desire.

The atom is a living entity, an unseen, small vibrant world and within its sphere of influence other lives are created like the cells in your body. What can be said of the atom can in degree be said about YOU.

Once the unseen world, creating the seen world, is fully known disease through ignorance, and separation and confrontation will no longer exist, and the methods of transmitting energy will be mastered. You will advance into an epoch where science and religion will come to help each other and you will have a full understanding of the truth. You will then be truly ‘intelliegent atoms,’ a being you, as yet, are not, but can be….









Sunday, February 7, 2021


                                                Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


  A Message for February 2021


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into a new parameter in the third dimensional realm that is coinciding with multidimensional energies moving into the earthly plain at this time. Many are moving into balance with fifth dimensional energies and third dimensional energies. The energies moving in are now enhancing the life beingness of each individual soul who is moving on a path of self mastery and moving in congruence with fifth dimensional energy. Those who are now moving in a multi-dimensional existence knowing who they are in their physical bodies, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, are connecting with like minded souls and moving into this multi-dimensional existence in the third dimensional plain as the human in the world today.  


The energies that moved into your earthly plain in August 2020 were specifically designed to move into your physical body to bring up the old. Many of you who experienced this in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body on a multi-dimensional level and allowed the old dense, low vibrational wounding to come to the surface and still possibly going through the process, are now moving to a new soul existence. You are moving to a new level of a soul incarnation in the physical sense of you in the third dimensional realm. You are moving to a new level of soul development and new level of soul connectiveness. Many are having a revelation of the soul. Many are moving to new depth of understanding, honoring, valuing and loving themselves like they never have before. Many are moving into the full adult self where they are differentiating from the wounded child and the adult in the soul space. 


So you are now moving in a soul existence and releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm. What We are giving you is an overview of where you are now as you have released your attachments to the third dimensional realm. 


You are now living a soul replenished life within you where there are no or minimal  attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. Thus what you see in third dimensional realm is the illusion and myth of the low dense vibrational energy of it.  And you are moving into a multi-dimensional experience and life opening now to a fifth dimensional existence. This is where you are in the process of your life in your human incarnation.  You are living the soul experience and having the soul experience. 


You can look now at your relationships. Are you having a soul experience? Are you connected on a soul level or is it a linear attachment that is based on the third dimensional world of form? 


As you move into your month of February what is transpiring is a revelation period. You are now moving through a soul revelation. A revelation in your heart space of who you truly are. We are speaking now to the enlightened ones, those who have committed to a self mastery process. A personal process of moving within where you can release your attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. Perhaps now seeing where you have looked to the mythical, defied leader to lead you to the promise land. In many ways the wounded child still looking outside of itself to mom and dad. Are you still doing that? Many are realizing this and moving to a new consciousness and awareness within themselves where they are no longer attached to what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm right now in your year of 2021. 


You see it for what it is. It no longer has an affect on you to where it dictates your life. You are now living an autonomous, soul revealed life within you where you can be in the third dimensional realm and not of it. This is something you have heard many times. 


You are now moving into a soul revelation, moving in life from a soul perspective you have never had before. This is what is transpiring for many as you move into your month of February. A month of living in your heart space and identifying who you truly are in the depth and breadth of your soul’s divine plan.    


The only way you can truly live your soul’s divine plan is by releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm. Release living in a linear connection to a third dimensional energy that is not of your resonance and vibration. By releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm where you are not living in a linear connectedness to the third dimension you move into your soul space and into the true resonance and vibration of who you are as a multi-dimensional being. Thus opening up to living a multi-dimensional experience and allowing the energies from the fifth dimensional realm to move in. 


Higher vibrational energies from the fifth dimensional realm are now moving into your earthly plain that will be your guide. They will enlighten your pathway and illuminate it. You will be able to connect to like minded, like soul’ed individuals on a soul basis. In many ways calling in your soul connections as those soul connections will call you. 


It is about releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm. Releasing your story. Releasing your agenda in life. Releasing the agenda of what you thought your life should be and who you should be connecting with. This is based upon linear aspects of the third dimension. What will this get me? Where can I move to? How will I attain more things? How can I make more money?  All of that will simply transpire when you move into a greater soul connectiveness of self. 


Look to see how much time you are spending in your mental body attached to the third dimensional realm as opposed to how much time you spend in your heart space detached, unattached from the third dimensional realm and the outcomes of it. You can now spend more time in your heart space connecting to multi-dimensional energy and allowing your soul plan to develop. Thus in charge of your life and viewing your life from a soul perspective.    


By letting go of the linear third dimensional attachments to see where what is transpiring in the world dictates your life as opposed to see what is transpiring in the world is affecting your life. There is a difference. Since you have incarnated into the human condition, what transpires in the third dimensional world will affect you. If you look at it from a soul perspective, it affects you to heal an aspect of yourself. It affects you in a way that allows you to be more of who you are.   Many now are beginning the process of moving within and living their lives in the third dimensional realm unattached to it and living life from a soul perspective. It is then you will be able to affect those outside of you in a more profound way be allowing yourself to be who you are.