Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Being ignorant can be human, but when applied knowledge teaches you the truth and you choose not to apply it; it be becomes stupidity. 


Sunday, September 18, 2016

                                  TEACHING US?

The Presidential election campaign in the United States has a lot of people here and around the world confused and scared.

This is especially true of many of us in the spiritual community who have been told by the highest spiritual realms that we have entered a new spiritual era in which mankind will come together in brotherhood to recognize at last that we are all one.  These realms also have said it is the destiny and mission of the United States to lead the world to this unity.

Yet, we are witnessing in the United States the most divisive presidential election within memory, perhaps in our nation’s history. One of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump,  fearlessly and repeatedly  appeals to national, religious and racial bigotry and makes not so veiled threats of violence against his opponents.  Shockingly, half the U.S. population appears to be supporting him. Students of history can see the parallels between Trump and past villains of history, including Adolph Hitler, and the ruin they inevitably brought to their nation and people.

How can this be happening in this land founded, (divinely inspired we are told) to foster freedom and equality? How does this mesh with spiritual teachings of the coming enlightenment of mankind?

We at the Angel News Network regularly receive messages of wisdom from the higher spiritual realms including the Archangelic and Ascendant Mastery which we post on our website and in social media. All the spiritual wisdom is consistent with the  comments I am posting here made recently by Archangel Uriel channeled through Phillip Collins:

. It looks like things are moving backward. That is not the case. There is always a breakdown before the break through. This is the era of evolving into equality, harmony and balance. There is more harmony on Earth than ever before.

. Humanity is divided between those creating duality and those creating unity. One is moving forward through love, and the other is vacillating through fear. They are aspects of the same oneness. All of life is about integrating it all rather than judging and taking sides.

. HOW CAN YOU CREATE EQUALITY, HARMONY AND BALANCE WITH THOSE WHO WOULD DO YOU HARM AT ANY GIVEN OPPORTUNITY? You all have the same needs: to love and be loved. It begins with compassion. By learning about others you can understand what they feel, need and their belief systems and what guides and motivates them. Without love you fall back into separation, duality and often confrontation. Lack of love (fear) never overcomes love.

. Your emotions and thoughts create your reality. It is time to free yourself from this form of creation. FORGIVING SELF AND OTHERS IS THE NEXT STEP FOR HUMANITY CREATING A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS FREQUENCY. This gives you the opportunity to set positive energy into motion for yourself rather than reacting to someone else’s emotion.

. You cannot solve a problem with the same negative energy that created it. Build a parallel path by stepping out of your negative emotion and start creating a higher frequency of love (which carries more light.)

. That is why The Christ Consciousness energies have been teaching love thy enemies for eons. Expand that into LOVE ANYONE DIFFERENT FROM YOU FOR THEY ARE A DIVERSIFIED VERSION OF YOU AND CREATION. You are all each other in disguise. IT IS THE LACK OF LOVE THAT IS KEEPING HUMANITY WHERE IT IS.

. You are all players on the stage of life on this planet learning to love. This is why you have decided to come here. Before you decided to return to this planet you were collaborating with the very beings you are in conflict with now. You were agreeing to the Earth dance you would do to learn what you needed to learn.

. When enough of you wake up to create critical mass, the old paradigm will be instantly replaced with a new one based on creating equality, harmony and balance.

So, folks, according to Archangel Uriel, before we came here we were all collaborating with the people we are in conflict with (as Mr. Shakespeare once told us) in this drama called life to learn what we needed to learn. Perhaps this Act can be called a Clearing and Cleansing, as we have been told we are experiencing. Meanwhile, we might consider what this messy campaign drama has to teach us. Love  (including thy enemy), perhaps?

Next week I’ll share what the Cosmic Keepers of Creation (another divine realm) has to say about the U.S. Presidential Election 2016 and what it will NOT do to our United States of America.

Friday, September 16, 2016


September 22, 2016 – 7 PM
Center for Spiritual Living Fort Lauderdale
4849 N. Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park, Fl.
Facilitated by The Angel News Network

As Mother Earth begins to take her seasonal in-breath, Autumn begins (Spring is the out-breath). We are aligning our energies with this planetary event by gathering Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm for our quarterly ASCENSION CHAIR CEREMONY.

This sacred ritual is gifted from the Ascended Master’s realms and has been described as one of the grandest gifts to humanity. Each time a divine soul joins in this ceremony they raise their frequency/vibratory rate by receiving as much ascension energy that is appropriate at that moment. Many of us who have been regularly participating in these ceremonies have seen a marked increase in our consciousness and Ascension Process over the years. Those who cannot be physically present can create this ceremony on your own with the attached details.

The ceremony, where participants often receive a specific message regarding their ascension process, will be facilitated by Light Ascension Therapist and channel Phillip Elton Collins. Also assisting in the ceremony will be Joel D.Anastasi and Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM).

Your Active Angel Agents,

Sunday, September 11, 2016


September 11, 2016

“The Cause And Cure For Terrorism”

Chapter for DIVINE DISCUSSIONS, By Phillip Elton Collins

From: Adama, The Father Of Humanity.
Dear Beloved Children Upon The Surface Of Planet Earth,
We of the Inner Earth Civilizations come to you at this crucial time within your evolutionary personal process of moving into a higher frequency of existence (ascension, your divine birthright). This is an inside-out process of healing the relationship with self, self being all there is.
Having once dwelled upon the surface of this planet on the vast advanced Lemurian continent and having experienced all that you are now, we intend to support you from our higher realm perspective and existence.
Once again you find yourselves experiencing upheaval and chaos within your world because of your unhealed relationship with self, thus with others. Your world is currently learning what is through what is not through increased duality, separation and confrontation. It is time, if you so choose, to master the cause and effect and cure of what you call “terrorism.” Needing to learn the way you have been learning is coming to an end – no matter how things appear on the outside. What you see and are experiencing is a major clearing and cleansing of the unhealed self.
Once you understand the cause of so-called terrorism and realize it is being fueled by hidden forces who intend to keep you in separation and confrontation, you can decide, if you so choose through your freedom of will and choice, to make another choice in healing what you call “terrorism.”
As many of you have been taught, love is the force of all Creation. The purpose of this planet is to learn to love (Christ Consciousness) self first, and foremost, and to allow that love to mirror to others in order to create communities of equality, harmony and balance, allowing world service through We Consciousness/Oneness.
What you are experiencing in your world today is a lack of love creating lack and limitation throughout your world. This allows the few to attempt to control the many (realizing ultimately you cannot control what you did not create).
Taught wounded feelings of not being good or worthy enough cause many people to have unmet basic needs because they have not been assimilated into their various societies. Through this negative relationship with self, these people become isolated and do not become part of their society or see themselves as part of the Whole (part of the Oneness of everything). This isolation builds upon itself and under certain circumstances can develop into extreme unhealed behavior (especially if others are fueling it) such as terrorism motivated by hopelessness. “Nobody loves me and never will so I have nothing to lose but to act out.” This is the ultimate form of self-sabotage projected onto others.
The consciousness of these people needs to shift before they can truly know what they need. They are not able to receive until they wake up. Thus, they stay within a blind spot of acting out. These individuals will stay within this vortex of drama until they are ready to commit to changing.
In the meantime, your chosen leaders can begin to focus on the hidden forces that are fueling the negative actions, which are creating separation and control through confrontation. As you say, “follow the money.” You might be surprised where the funding for these many destructive actions originates. So let us discuss giving assistance to those who are able to balance giving and receiving.
We of the higher realms have gifted humanity with many tools and teachings throughout the eons to improve your relationship with self so that you may reflect that onto others. The channel we are coming through at this time is part of an endeavor called The Angel News Network, which is filled with wisdoms from a higher perspective to assist you in healing the relationship with self that then allows constructive interpersonal relationships with others.
Once you begin to love and support others, this behavior teaches others to be and to do the same and you begin to create a worldwide community of consciousness, building communities of equality, harmony and balance. You then begin to understand the importance of balancing giving and receiving as a cosmic law, as well as balancing the masculine and feminine energies.
The imbalances between giving and receiving and between male and female energies are the root cause of your duality, separation and confrontation. Many cosmic equations, tenets, codes and universal laws are now available to you to heal what needs to be healed. Remember, all of this is the way humanity has chosen to learn what it needs to learn (to love) the way it needs to learn it. By using the above tools, you can more fully activate your individual soul plans (your reason to be here).
Through your unique talents and gifts, you can begin to support others, teaching them how to also support others, thus creating a circular vortex of energy. This can lead to creating a new paradigm shift for the entire world of Unity/Oneness Consciousness. This process is taking place no matter how you think things appear in your outside world. How and when you achieve it is up to you. You all came from the same Cosmic stuff and are in the process of returning to it (Love and Light).
As more of you wake up through the circular love vortex of energy, more joy and happiness is created allowing hopelessness to become replaced by self-empowerment through love. You are beginning to see the meaning, value and purpose of your expressed feelings as empowering tools. Those who felt hopeless are transformed, allowing them to create communities of equality, harmony and balance through their unique talents and gifts. If you are not aware of your talents and gifts there are many tools to assist you. (See Life Mastery, A Guide For Creating The Life You Want And The Courage To Live It by Joel D. Anastasi.)
Others who were not given a chance to participate in their societies in the past now can have an opportunity to contribute, which will benefit themselves and others. All of this begins with one person at a time. Each of you matters. The world would be incomplete without each of you, or you would not be here. When was the last time someone told you that?
Another powerful tool to assist you in creating the world you say you want is your I AM Presence. This is your God presence within you, your Divine Self, and the origin of your soul just above physical form, you as the creator. Say:
“I AM a Divine Spiritual Being choosing to have a human experience right now. I AM aware that all life forms on this planet are conscious beings and have a right to be here. I AM aware I cannot control what I did not create.”
When you place the words “I AM” in front of a sentence, it immediately connects you to your higher self and higher realms.
Many things, which you are preparing yourselves to know and to be in the future (about creation and life), are not currently understood. In the meantime, surrender to not knowing. That will allow the possibilities and probabilities to come forth. Quiet your mental bodies that always want to know. You have created the world that exists through your erroneous belief systems and lack of knowing.
Prior to coming here, you all agreed to a ‘human contract.’ This contract contained your Divine Soul Plan (your reason to be here) and fully defined your talents and gifts. Some of you know your soul plan and are aware of your talents and gifts. Some of you are still discovering the truth about you. Either way is perfect. There is no right or wrong, better, or worse way to fully experience you (Creation expressing itself). When this human contract is fully expressed, there can be no terrorism.
When you are not conscious of your soul plan or your purpose in being here, you see yourself as not good or worthy enough to make a difference in the world. The wounded and defended self will ask, “What can one person possibly do?” If you choose through your freedom of will, it is time to know and act on the wisdom (applied knowledge) that your being here does matter. It is time to apply your talents and gifts contained in your soul plan to create the life and world you say you want -- in effect, create a new world paradigm of Oneness where each of you matters.
Begin to shift the mental body belief that you do matter into the knowing heart that knows you are the Creator creating and that you do matter in matter. As more people become aware of this truth, you will create a quantum shift and begin creating communities of equality, harmony and balance. You will begin to see everyone and everything as an aspect of yourself -- other humans, animals, plants and minerals. You will begin to see the planet herself as a conscious living BEing whose organs are the air, water, oil, gas and minerals.
You will begin to know the essential importance of wisdom and to begin to honor all life, especially the gift of the elders. Within advanced civilizations where we have lived for thousands of years, the elder wisdom is the keystone of our lives. In your world you often take the declining body of the elder and ‘warehouse’ them within old folk’s facilities, rather than value what they can teach (especially to the young). You are taking one of the most vital parts of your lives (your elders) and, in effect, throwing them away. This is a form of insanity. If you so choose, begin to see your elders as beacons of Light to guide you along your pathway through their past experiences.
The cycles of life, birth, childhood, adulthood and elder are like your planet’s seasons. Each has a purpose for being and doing. No matter which cycle you find yourself in, that cycle can bring grace and joy into your life and the lives of others. This is why these cycles were created. You are in the process of preparing yourselves to become immortal beings. Honoring your life cycles is a true path to that eternal existence.
Please know that your concept of terrorism is based upon a lack of understanding of your integrated We Consciousness of Oneness. You are, in effect, moving from the me to the We by healing the relationship with self, reflecting All There Is.
Remember, this life and all the lives you have had on this beautiful planet have all been learning tools to teach and support all of which we share at this time. Wake up, dear humanity, and know you are Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience to master being human and to transcend into the Eternal BEing of Love and Light that you are!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

In Remembrance of 9/11

In Remembrance of 9/11

Written by Phillip Elton Collins

What mysterious opiate origin lies deep within humanity’s ancestral rage?

From whence its ancient source that can kill and conquer, we ask?

It lives deep within us all. And yet it can frighten us when it reveals its cruel countenance in duality and confrontation.

What is the cause, knowing its effect, of this monstrous force, we ask?

The moment is upon us to understand, release, and heal this ugly anger from our being that has kept us imprisoned so long…

Dear Souls, this ragged rage comes from our so many Golden Ages, loss. Loss due our ‘mighty minds’ that thought they could control creation, replace it, be it.

A fierce force came upon us that could not, would not accept and trust our divinity, and connection to creation; whence once we could.

As humanity went its own way, deep within we knew we had lost something most precious. We became enraged at self for being so selfish, so foolish.

This self-rage has reflected out, and created the much madness in our world for millennium.

Throughout the eons we have carried this self-sabotaging sense, and inflicted it upon self, each other, and our unconditionally loving home, Mother Earth.

Dear Souls, the time has come to accept with compassion, thus forgive how we have chosen to learn through our freedom of will and choice.

It is time to re-connect with Creation. To know we are a divine aspect of it.

We have travelled as far from the truth as possible. Let us now turn around and head home…

When now, at last again we consciously connect with creation, our rage shall ramble away like an angry child replaced by cosmic love, as adults.

For only through our connection to creation can we embrace our final Golden Age in service to ALL THERE IS.

Are we ready to release our furious face, and create a world knowing we are god experiencing self? An equal, balanced world without the angry ‘me’, replaced by the loving ‘we’…

Saturday, September 3, 2016



By Phillip Elton Collins

The greatest power in every hour,
Ever at hand,
For ourselves and our use,
Is the labor of our love
As an energy like a finger pushing through a glove,
Resolving and solving,
All human dilemmas
That perpetuates the human fondness for drama.

True love has no boundary,
Ever-flowing through wisdom,
As its domain.
It is the lifter of life,
And the pocket book of humanity.

When we stay connected to love,
All achievements and accomplishments flow,
And struggles vanish, and go,
As love becomes varnish vocalized.

When we adore love,
Loving results absolutely follow,
As we deepen our love of our fellow man.

The more we are being love and contemplating love,
The less we separate and isolate,
With people, places and things,
And your soul sings like a swinging swing.