Saturday, June 30, 2018




Facilitated by The Angel News Network

Thursday, July 5th, 7 PM
Bridges Of Wellness
1881 N.E. 26 St., St. 244
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33305
As we celebrate the July 4th birth of The United States of America, during our next quarterly July 5th Ascension Chair Ceremony, at 7 PM, we also shall have the opportunity to directly connect with the Ascended Master St Germain who was instrumental in the creation of our great nation and from whose beloved heart this ceremony originates.
Converting Bridges of Wellness into a sacred temple, we shall facilitate this higher realm ceremony, appropriately raising the vibration and consciousness of each participating ascension candidate. Having performed this “greatest gift to humanity” ceremony for over 20 years, it has built a personal and global momentum.
This sacred ritual is a valuable tool for those wishing to increase their vibrational rate. By simply choosing to show up, you will receive all the loving community support and instructions you need for your personal ascension growth. Light Ascension Therapist and channel Phillip Elton Collins and assistants Joel Anastasi and Sharon Ann Meyer (aka SAM) facilitate the ceremony where each participant may receive a personal message from St Germain.

In a balance of giving and receiving, the ceremony is offered for a suggested love-offering of $25 which goes to support Bridges of Wellness. Invest in your Self; SHOW UP AND SHIFT. Participants please arrive and be seated before 7 PM. Once the ritual begins, the doors are closed and the ascension energy is maintained and sustained in community for the full benefit of all.

For those who cannot be physically present (or those who wish to review the ceremony) below is a description of this sacred ceremony, which you can create and perform on your own.


If you so choose, show up and shift
We are honored to be able to offer this sacred ritual to you.
Your Active Angel Agents,


During our human evolution/ascension process now, perhaps for the first time on our planet we have a free willed choice to be conscious or not. We are mastering the reality that we are consciousness becoming conscious of itself. 

Through the ascension energy we are receiving now there is an unprecedented influx of consciousness, many light workers and way showers no longer need to go through in-depth pain and suffering to become conscious. These individuals, often led by the feminine energy and the children of the world (who come fully equipped to be conscious) are leading the way in the new Earth paradigm of moving from me to we (consciousness).

Friday, June 29, 2018



Source/All There Is/Creation is formless consciousness and the divine essence of who we are. Everything else is form. Through us creation is becoming aware of itself. A healed, balanced human life is a dance between these two dimensions that make up formlessness and form. Most humans (but this is changing) are only aware of form through our emotions, thoughts and physicality. Form allows us to exist in this 3D world but we would not exist without the essential formless dimension, which is the divine eternal essence of who we are. Physical existence is the foreground of life, BEing is the unseen background. Eternity (our origin, our home) is the living reality of who we really are.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

All nations have a reason to be here on this planet. The United States of America’s soul plan is to create a country based upon love, equality, harmony and balance. We are constantly guided by higher realms to reveal the better angels of our nature. Often in our history, including the present all can seem lost only to give way to the light (our divine destiny). Our Nation has often been where we are now but like trapped gas, this too will pass…

The United States of America’s creed of liberty, self-government and equal opportunity was received from higher realms to support the ascension of the planet and humanity transcending into higher frequencies of existence, as we maneuver the barricades of our own wounded selves and behavior.
Our brief history on this planet has taught us that progress begins at the bottom and proceeds to the top. All leaders are reflecting the present state of the people they are governing.  We often see that politics is an uneven symphony, not always a continuous step forward. Sometimes we have to step back to learn how to continue to move forward. 

Higher realms (divine providence) have not bestowed upon any set of human beings a monopoly of patriotism and character. The United States is intended to be an united blend of diversity. We can never be what we ought to be until we are what we ought to be (divine beings having a human experience). This is the way creation is made. The United States of America is tied together in the single destination of destiny, in an inescapable mission of mutuality. We are ever ancient, ever new in the healing of ourselves and actions.

The fierce urgency of NOW is present in order to free the future. Each of us can choice to become an apostle of love, equality, harmony and balance through a healed relationship with self. Let us affirm we can be and do for the highest good of each other.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


When we are out of alignment with the present now moment (denying that moment) we often create unhappiness. When we release any resistance to the now moment, we can discover how we are being empowered by life itself. When we are unconscious and not in the present moment we find endless reasons to be upset, angry, hurt, depressed, fearful, resentful, etc. These are not the cause of unhappiness but act as the trigger to it. These emotions and thoughts bring back to life old stored (in our cellular memory) emotions and thoughts. The emotions and thoughts then move and energize the ego housed in our mind.

Unconsciousness and ego are tight roommates. They need each other. The triggering response/reaction is then processed through the screen of an emotional/mind-oriented ego. Becoming conscious/awake/aware frees us from the ego that will never set us free to be completely and permanently happy.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 The Energy of Flow

The energy of flow is the energy of balance. 
Look at where you are in flow in your relationships or in opposition. 
Opposing energy is energy used to keep you separated.
Examples of this are:
Judging and shaming others 
Looking at others as less than
Seeing others as better than you
Seeing others not equal to you

You can release opposition by moving into acceptance. 
If you are seeking oneness, look at your definition of oneness. What is it? 
It is important to raise your level of resonance and vibration so you can move from opposition to oneness. 

When looking outside of you in the world, it is important to see what resonates and what doesn’t. Do you find yourself saying; I don’t like this, I don’t like him or I don’t like her? This is simply an opinion that is formed in the mental body. When you see what or who resonates or doesn’t, you will shift from the opinion of what or who you say you like or don’t like. If you recognize your level of resonance and vibration and what you resonate and vibrate with, you can release the duality of what you don’t like to what resonates and what doesn’t. By doing this you release opposition. Instead of saying, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I don’t like him or her, you can release this opposition by saying; I know what resonates for me. I resonate with love within me.
If someone doesn’t resonate with you, if their energetic structure doesn’t resonate with you, if their behavior doesn’t resonate with you, you can make another choice. By moving within and into your heart you will feel what resonates and what doesn’t.    

The question We have is:
Are you willing to look at yourself to shift from opposition to acceptance?

Thursday, June 21, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 


The universe relies upon balance to maintain and sustain itself; a balancing of giving and receiving. The major cause of most of the pain on this planet is due to the imbalance of the masculine (assertive energy) and the feminine (receptive energy). This imbalance is the cause of most of the duality, separation, hatred, inequality and confrontation in our world.

The suppression of the feminine energy by the masculine over the past three thousand years has enabled the ego to gain a major foothold within the human collective culture. What was it that made men feel so threatened by the female; perhaps the empowering female’s ego evolution. Then the male knew they could only gain full control by rendering the female powerless. The ego has gained more of a hold on the masculine (mind-oriented) than the feminine (less mind oriented).  The feminine is more connected to their inner spiritual aspects and the intuitive.

If our cultural evolution had been different and the masculine had not so effectively subjugated the feminine we would not have declared past wars on ourselves and the planet, and alienated our divine Being. But with the ascension energies flooding the planet things are quickly changing. With more light workers and way showers becoming conscious, the ego is losing its hold on humanity as the ego mind is moving into service to the loving heart; we are learning to think with our hearts.
There has been only one perpetrator of major destruction on the planet: human unconsciousness. As we accept with compassion, thus forgive how we have chosen to learn, rather than curse the darkness; let us bless it with our Light THIS LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Channeled by Jeff Fasano


What is your concept of love?

Many understand in their mental body, the concepts of the teachings We bring you. It is now important to move the understanding of the concepts from your mind to your heart space and implement them in your life. It is time to begin to practice love. It is time to practice self love and loving others.  

How do you practice self-love?
Do you give to yourself each and every day?

It is time to move from the concept of love, the idea of love, in the mental body, and begin to practice it from your heart. 

The idea of love may be wonderful to you and the energy of the concept may open your heart space and raise your resonance and vibration. The question now is; Are you taking the concepts and the tools We give you and practicing love?  If you are practicing love, you then have moved to a deeper level of loving honoring and valuing you. 

Yet, many remain in the mental body, in the conceptual mind and resist practicing love, most likely because of the fear of feeling their feelings surrounding love. Many know; If I open my heart to love, that will trigger deep rooted repressed and suppressed feelings. Perhaps feeling abandoned or betrayed. 

You now can choose to open your heart and practice self love. 
You now can choose to open your heart and love others. 

Making this energetic choice within your heart will trigger repressed and suppressed feelings and memories surrounding this. This is where many will stop because in the conceptual mind they think they should be feeling joyous with love.  You are joyous with love of course.  Yet, if you make the choice to move from the conceptual mind into your heart, and begin to practice love, by making the choice energetically, it will trigger repressed and suppressed feelings and memories when you open your heart.  

Questions We have for you:
Where are you within the practice of love, self-love and loving others and giving and receiving in balance? 
Are you exploring opening your heart and practicing love? 

A way in which you can gauge how deeply you are practicing love is to look at your relationships. Look at your relationship with yourself and others.

Ask yourself, As I open my heart to love, what feelings surface? 
It is important to be aware of what is being triggered within you when you open your heart to love.
What are the memories that surface?
What are the fears that surface? 
Perhaps you fear being betrayed or abandoned? 
You might find yourself saying this:
No matter how hard I try I will never get them to love me. So why open my heart to love?

These are the wounds of the child. You now can choose to explore this so you can love fully. If you choose to explore this, it is important in your process, to connect with this wounded child often because you are dealing with the wounds of that child.

The child may be saying, No matter what I do, Dad (Mom) will never love me for who I am.  As the adult you think, why should I open my heart to love because they will never love me. Therefore, I must be unlovable because Dad (Mom) never loved me for who I am.  You are living in the illusion of the wounded child. 

If you move within and connect with the wounded child often, you will see more clearly where you are as the adult in the illusion that has been created surrounding love.  As adults, many are living in the illusion that has been created by the wounded child, yet are unaware of the illusion.  This is because the memories and feelings are embedded within them. 

If you intend to open your heart to love, it is important to connect with that child and begin to heal the wounds of the child. You can assure the child that you are there for them, and they are loved. This is the practice of love.

Many think the practice of love is doing loving things. This is an expression of love. The practice of love is moving within your heart space and loving the wounded child who is seeking love from mom and dad, but may never have received love or the nurturing the child needs.  This is the deepest aspect of the practice of love.  

We ask you: 
Where are you where Love is concerned?
Where are you where Self-Love is concerned?
Are you practicing love and using the tools you have been given?
Or, are you cherishing the concept of love and wondering why it is not in your life? 
If you are cherishing the concept of love, you may wonder what love is about. Thus remaining in the concept, wishing you had it, and thus not having it. 

It is time to implement the concepts into your life. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart

Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Expansions and Contractions
Celebrating You in Every Moment of Your Life

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael, this is Michael, and We welcome you as you move through aspects of your life into the core aspects of the self.  What We mean by aspects of life is, in the moment of now you are experiencing an aspect of your life or an episode of your life. 

We ask you to look at what is transpiring in your life right now.
What aspect of your life are you in right now?   
Are you in a contraction?
Are you in an expansion?
Are you moving within and gaining greater clarity of you?
Are you moving through a dark shadow period?

These are episodes or aspects of your life that are where you are in the moment of now.  An episode or aspect of your life transpires in the moment of now. The moment of now is all you have and it is important to raise your awareness and consciousness in each and every moment to be aware of what is transpiring in your life so you can remain centered in your heart space.  Doing so will allow you to identify the episode or aspect of your life that you are moving through right now. 

As you move through an aspect of your life, know, there is a specific end point to it. Aspects of your life appear chronologically in accordance with your soul’s divine plan and have a specific time of duration that corresponds to your soul’s divine plan as well.      

As these aspects transpire, it is most important as We have stressed to you, to feel your feelings and nurture yourself through them.  If you are moving through a wonderful expansion, feel your feelings, embrace the feelings as you move though it.  If you move into a contraction, allow yourself to feel your feelings and nurture yourself.  If you are moving through a shadow period within the contraction allow yourself to be where you are because it is most important in your soul’s divine plan that you move though this to receive the lessons that is important to receive. 

The most important part trough all of this is self-introspection.

If you are moving through an expansion where perhaps your resonance and vibration is raising, ask yourself;
Am I feeling my feelings in the expansion?
Am I receiving the feelings in the expansion? 
How does the expansion make me feel?
Is there joy in the expansion?
What is transpiring in the expansion?

When you move into a contraction quite possibly moving through a shadow period, it is most important to be where you are and in it. It is not about enduring the contraction or celebrating the expansion, it is allowing yourself to be in the moment of the episode in your life. 

If you are moving through an expansion and wonderful things are happening in your life and it is time to celebrate yourself, do so. When you move into a contraction in your life and quite possibly through a dark night of the soul, what is of importance is to celebrate here as well.  

Many, when they move into contraction and move through a shadow period tend to judge and shame themselves and continually lower your resonance and vibration.   

We are here to talk to you about fully celebrating you in each and every moment of your life.  The celebration of you, the celebration of the beingness of you, the celebration of your truth, the celebration of who you are is a consistent practice. 

Are you celebrating yourself through the peaks and valleys of life? 
Are you celebrating yourself through the expansions and contractions in your life?
Or do you only celebrate yourself when you move through an expansion?
Then demean yourself and move into judgment and shame when you move into a contraction? 

Based upon the laws of Quantum Physics, expansions and contractions happen symbiotically.  An expansion cannot sustain itself for an extended period of time. It is only natural that after an expansion you move into a contraction.  When you move into a contraction many yearn for the expansion. Yearning for the high vibrational resonance of the expansion and wonder why they cannot be in that place all the time. You will move into contractions, it important to understand this.   

The expansion is the exhale of the beingness and wonderfulness and powerfuleness and greatness of you. On the in breath you move within, quite possibly into a contraction, yet you are still in the wonderfulness and greatness and powerfulness of you in that moment as well.    

It is most important to know that as you move through episodes or aspects of your life, there will be expansions and contractions.  Where are you now?  Are you in an expansion or a contraction? 

As you move into a contraction it is important to feel your feelings and not sink or indulge yourself into the contraction and begin to judge and shame yourself. Be aware if you begin to do this. Raise your awareness and consciousness if you are indulging and sinking into the feelings within the contraction.   

As you move through the episodes and aspects of your life, always celebrate the beingness and the truth of who you are.