Friday, October 28, 2016


FEAR, DOUBT, AND IGNORANCE How Do These Effects What Is Happening Now? By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Fear, doubt and ignorance have always been the monster of mankind throughout our history. Let us briefly look at these three factors in relationship to current events within our personal lives, and world events. Fear is an absence of love. As a human species we are choosing to learn what we need to learn through our relationship with self; self being a reflection of all there is. We are learning to love self so that can be mirrored out to others. Right now and in the past our world has been ‘ruled’ by those without a loving relationship with self (trying to control what they did not create). We are currently seeing the effect of our world being dominated by ‘wounded’ leaders without a loving relationship with themselves. They have developed ego defenses around their unloving wounds and are acting out in destructive rather than constructive ways. It is time to realize everything negative that is happening in our lives and world is the result of the absence of love. This sounds simple but it is true. Are we ready as a human species to accept this truth and make some new choices based upon loving self, thus truly loving others? When we doubt we cannot trust and when we cannot trust we cannot surrender to the process of manifesting the life we say we want. Doubt prevents the process of creation. When we surrender to the process of creating what we intend all things are probable and possible. One iota of doubt prevents creating what we say we want and need. What supports the doubt within ourselves is the unloving relationship with self, thus others. Ignorance is not knowing something. We are all born not knowing many things. If we doubt knowledge when it is presented to us and we are not able to accept applied knowledge as wisdom that becomes stupidity. Because of a non-loving relationship with self and doubting applied knowledge as wisdom we can see the reason for much of the duality, separation and confrontation in our lives and world today. Fear, doubt and ignorance create a climate of not trusting. Not trusting prevents us from surrendering to the loving and wise evolution of life itself. Are we ready to release, clear and cleanse the massive fear, doubt and ignorance in our lives and world and create communities of equality, harmony and balance that we all desire? I sense we are…

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


"You can't be great if you're not enthusiastic!" Look people, I love your passion, I love seeing so many of my friends living their dreams, discovering themselves and shedding the limitations they once accepted. Today's message is simply this, find what brings you joy, discover what moves you and allow your soul to bring this gift to us all. WE NEED YOU! I NEED YOU! YOU NEED YOU!!! (When you discover the origins of the word enthusiasm, you'll totally get why it's so important as well.). President Obama at the National Teacher of the Year Award. BUT THIS IS SO TRUE FOR ALL WE ARE AND DO IN LIFE !

Saturday, October 22, 2016





Discourse #3



Beloved Students,

Many of you are aware you are moving from the worn out old to an unknown new. At this gifted time of ascension of your planet and yourselves, you are being given a divine gift to awaken to your True Selves and purpose in being here (to learn to love, as the Lover-versity of Creation).
If you choose, it is time to let go of duality and confrontation that still holds your world captive. Together, let us now join in Oneness and We Consciousness to fully activate your divine soul plans for the planet and people alike.

I, St. Germain, who once walked the Earth like you now, am a vital link to this personal process of moving from the mercurial me to the wondrous we. As you awaken further, more is being revealed beyond your organized religions, governments, corporations and erroneous belief systems. Together we are destined to be the sons and daughters of Source, ALL THERE IS.

Recently my divine soul plan has been ushering in the I AM PRESENCE from the Piscean into the Aquarian ages. During this channel’s birth month, August, 2016, you once again experienced the Harmonic Convergence where several of your solar system’s planets aligned to energetically assist your ascension process.
This cosmic event further allowed the integration of your I AM Presence within your third dimensional reality of emotions, thoughts and physicality. NEITHER MAN NOR ANY OTHER BEING CAN NOW SHUT THIS UNIFIED PORTAL. This is a balancing of personal and planetary karma where you eventually will no longer need to learn from karma (karma being a learning tool, not a punishment). It is your divine birthright for this event to take place now.

The Piscean Age is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. These represent the lower and the higher self that are in opposition to one another that are evolving through duality. In effect, the lower and the higher selves during the last 2,000-year cycle have been evolving in duality. As a result of the Ascension Process of the planet, you are evolving to a state where now the two (higher and lower selves) can unite into the Aquarian Age (represented by the water bearer, balancing the emotional and mental bodies to manifest Unity/We Consciousness). This balance will insure the awakening of the human soul.

Gratitude for this event can and will produce abundance, employing the cosmic equation: Gratitude=Abundance.
As shared (in a previous Discourse), I have had many incarnations on this planet always assisting humanity in ascending onward and upward. My mission is to reveal to each of you your true purpose as light bearers and way showers in world service leading to universal service.

As has been explained in the past, this planet is a unique divine experiment in the universe reflected in your diversified races, languages, cultures, sexual preferences and gender--all becoming united. And you all signed on for the experiment. How do you think and feel you have done so far?

Through the teachings I and other higher realms are bringing once again into the world, you can directly know your higher self as your divine self as you continue to heal your wounds and ego defenses around those wounds--as well as negative karma from past and present lives.
In an earlier discourse and dialogue, we discussed “The Violet Flame”, which utilizes the Law of Transformation and the I AM Presence. This Flame is giving humanity worldwide the opportunity to become free of false prophets, false pastors, false gurus and false Christ’s in your religions, governments and corporations. Through the intentions and energies of Ascended Mastership, the truth will set you free.
The I AM Presence lives within each of you, and “The Violet Flame” energies are available all the time for the asking. If all the ways that separate you could know and accept this truth, peace and Oneness would come to this world!
If you so choose, now is the time to know and stop the often hidden forces that keep humanity pitted against itself for profit and greed. The solution lies within yourselves, not outside. Your ascension process is one of awakening inside out (not outside in), a process of you being the Creator creating all that is and all that is not. You are not only All That Is but you are all that will ever be and is yet to be. This is who you are!

All that I speak of is forever present through your I AM Presence. No one and no thing can take this away from you. Are you ready to wake up and claim your divine self? Know you are in the process of accepting this now.
Your I AM Presence is Creation being undifferentiated consciousness until it connects with a soul like you and activates your divine soul plan (your purpose to be here). As has been said many times, the purpose of all physical evolution is to learn to love. Remember, your unique part of Creation is learning how to master being human and to transcend that reality.

Please know we of the Ascended Masterships realms are ever present, and we shall never leave you until we are united. Soon you will graduate from this Lover-versity having mastered being human in order to transcend this reality into your true state of divine beingness.

Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

How To Be An Ascended Master, Faster *

The creative life forces within our bodies
Are to be raised into
The crown of your head,
And instead of flowing down,
Are to flow up in recognition, instead,
Of your I AM Presence,
Which is always around.
Then through awakened oneness,
Thoughts and emotions,
Needing nothing else,
We can conceive creative works
At the mental and emotional levels
Through the creation of equality,
Harmony and balance,
With the alliance of
Idealistic ideas, ideals of art,
Imagination and invention,
That serves and blesses,
All our intention.
With this constructive consciousness
The physical body can remain,
Eternally youthful and beautiful
Being the image and likeness,
And brightness of the God-likeness, within.
Once we achieve immorality,
And creator consciousness,
Our true mission begins,
As the ascended master, faster,
Mending the past, we awaken at last,
And feel the good God-force, again.
Feeling gloriously connected
To perfection and true direction
Our true divine soul plan begins.


Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

Sunday, October 16, 2016



From Archangel Uriel, Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK, Dedicated to Bringing the Wisdom of Higher Realms to Humanity.

Dear Beloved Humans being human,

You presently reside within the third dimension expressing reality through your emotions, thoughts that create your physical reality. Through the ascension process of your planet and human species you are at present within the process of moving into a higher dimension/frequency of existence. This is your divine destiny and birthright.

When you go to sleep or experienced what is called physical death you transition into the fourth dimension, or what you call the astral or psychic realm. This is a disembodied reflection of your third dimension. There is no teaching or universal wisdom within this dimension. But it does allow you to know there are dimensions beyond the one you currently reside within. This is the dimension you reside within for a period of time prior to moving temporarily into the next higher dimension and choosing your next incarnational cycle. You all are capable of connecting with this fourth dimension through your day and nights dreams or through what you call psychic mediumship. We caution any relying on “psychic readings” from others since they can interfere with your freedom of choice and will. True psychic ability is a process of inside out, not outside in, Dear Ones. Always Dear Ones, rely on your own resonance (how you feel about it) and your discernment (how you think about it) during any ‘reading’ outside yourself. There is much mischief and misunderstanding within these readings since they must go through the ‘filter’ of the reader/medium.

The next, higher frequency dimension is the fifth dimension. Within this higher vibrational dimension resides we of the Higher Realms such as the angelic and archangelic realms, the ascended masters, Inner Earth civilizations, the Christ (soul) Consciousness, and I Am Presence, etc. From this dimension and beyond we are bringing in the teachings, tools and messages necessary to assist humanity evolving into your eternal, divine state of beingness. Those divine souls who channel this dimension choose as a fragment of their divine soul plan to be and do so and then are chosen from the higher realm.

It is the intention of this brief message to bring clarity and wisdom into your relationship with the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. As with all information received from any source, continue to apply your resonance and discernment prior to application.

Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Planetary Guardian

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


"In effect dear ones, there is not failure within your frequency of existence. There are only 
circumstances you create to learn what you came here to learn and master in order to share it with others in order to create joyful communities of equality, harmony and balance. If you can accept this truth with compassion and forgive how you have chosen to learn, you will free yourselves from needing to learn the ways of the past and present and create a new future of divine love: the composite of creation,"

 Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian, Received by Phillip Elton Collins.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016





Discourse #2

The I AM Presence &

The Violet Flame


Beloved Students,

The purpose of this discourse and dialogue is to further reveal two essential tools within your ascension process, moving these tools from being an abstraction to becoming integrated, applied knowledge/wisdom. You are a wise and eternal being, and you have chosen to incarnate in this time and space to assist with the evolution of human consciousness.

Let us begin with The I AM Presence and a poem this channel received from me that further explains this divine aspect of your higher self:

The I AM Presence *

What is this thing, this force called the I AM?
 What exactly is present in this name?
A force, a presence that has no shame nor blame.

We hear The Christ, and the name Saint Germain,
Associated with this, the same.
Does anyone truly understand this name,
That has neither shame nor blame?
Let us now attempt to explain...

The I AM seems ancient in its claim
To have created all in this domain.

By the mere spoken word the power of creation
Is released in elaboration.
But since we are part of creation, 
This I AM force is part of our self-relation.

The promise of this power
We are told is ours, forever more.

Whatever follows the words I AM,
Life forces give mirth to the birth.

I AM first vibrates in the brain,
Followed by the flesh it becomes,
the same.

I AM THAT I AM is also my name,
And I can know I am connected to all,
with no shame.

It is the imperishable, eternal, Individual identity of every human being,
Rather than doing, just being.

Perhaps, I AM is just what humanity needs,
To know it is already Divine Perfection, indeed!


Your ‘I AM Presence’ is your original and permanent connection to your eternal, Divine Higher Self and we Ascended Masters, as well. It is a gift from the gods, an insurance policy that will never expire. You are born from the 'I AM’, and you will return to it. There is no other way to be. This is creation creating.

What you choose to experience between your ‘I AM’ and human lifetimes (your sacred journeys) is how you choose to learn what you need to learn through your freedom of choice and will. Within the reality of Oneness, this is how the universe keeps eternally growing and expanding.

There are different frequencies and vibrations (intentions) within each of your lifetimes. The meaning, value, purpose and intention of each lifetime are to learn to master love, since love is the foundation of all creation. Everything else is the absence of love. And you have been experiencing a lot of this. You are learning ‘what is’ through ‘what is not.’ This is not the easiest path to wisdom but the one you have chosen in order to effect a permanent healing, thus, achieve your ascension.

Through the ascension process of the planet herself, you are also experiencing your human ascension (personal) process of moving from a dense carbon based reality (frequency) to crystalline/light formatting. The ‘human contract’ of how you have chosen to learn in the past (through duality, separation and conflict) is coming to an end, as you have the choice now to stay connected to your ‘I AM Presence’ and (fifth dimensional) higher realms supporting your transition/ascension.

You are becoming multidimensional, and the time to bridge the separation between dense matter and higher realms is upon you. You are in the process of embracing your true divine nature and your Oneness with ALL THERE IS. You have been preparing for this ever since you came to this planet from other worlds.

Let us now review some of the wisdoms that are contained within your ‘I AM Presence’ that you are continuing to master:
  • All you have agreed to experience has been a pathway awakening (ascension process) your consciousness to knowing you came from love, you are love, loved and lovable.
  • There is plenty to be and do here now, but know when your Earth journey is complete your cosmic journey begins as an ascended being of light.
  • Cosmic and ascension energies are coming into your world and lives like never before, empowering you homeward.
  • Universal wisdoms are coming into your consciousness along with how to apply them.
  • You are experiencing Oneness/We Consciousness through a healed relationship with self. This is a transition into the infinite.
  • Joy, bliss and peace are the emotions powering your pathways.
  • You are beginning to remember you are an eternal, formless being of light having a human experience for known reasons.
  • You are mastering who you are and why you are here.
  • Your human self is finding its eternal self.
  • All spoken here is stored within the DNA of your heart, and you are learning to think with your heart, as your believing mind moves into service to your knowing heart.

The Violet Flame

As many of you know there are several sacred flames, which various Ascended Masters work with. These flames are bands of energy and consciousness gifted from Creation to support the divine soul plan of this planet (to learn to love) and all things within and upon it. The detailed teachings about these flames are available to all of humanity.

 All energies of these various flames flood the planet from the higher realms each day. For the purposes of this discourse and dialogue we shall focus on the Violet Flame from which I receive such love and support and work within.

This most magical Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom brings the frequency/vibration of change, alchemy, and release from limitations, kindness and comfort.

As you fill your emotions and thoughts with the wonders of this Flame, its vibration will begin clearing and cleansing from your life the obstacles (wounds and ego defenses) and karmic consequence preventing your pathway to your self-mastery and ascension.

In effect, all the flames work together in perfect balance and harmony to assist your healing and your destined ascension. Self-mastery and self-empowerment come from the dedicated application of these Flames. You are the Creator creating your life, balancing the universal equation, Responsibility=Consequences. When you are responsible for everything in your life, you create consequences to your liking, creating the life you say you want.

These eternal and ever-lasting Flames of Creation will work for you as you do the work, working with them. No one can do the work for you, and no one can interfere with your freedom of choice and will. Spiritual growth and expansion is achieved by making it the priority of your life.

Resonating and receiving with this Violet Flame and its attributes opens the creative cosmic channels to balance giving and receiving in your lives, while better understanding the CODES OF CREATION that support your return to your divinity.

Breathe in, summon and receive this self-empowering energy. During your meditation or when out in nature, connect with the energy of this Violet Flame that will connect you with your higher self as well as we of the Ascended Master Realms.

By connecting with this fabulous Flame you will diminish the dimensional walls that separate us. You will clearly see your divine purpose in being here. I am ever ready and present to be with you. You simply have to open your heart and ask, and you will receive.
Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain 

How To Call A Higher Being *

To call a Higher Being
Let us first think upon them,
And in our mind’s eye,
Let our seeing, become their being.

Call upon the Higher Being,
And they will answer every call
If your motive is for the good and love of all.

The Higher Being Gives of itself unconditionally,
In all conditions, unceasingly.

Ask and ye shall receive,
If your intention is not to deceive.

For the Higher Being is here Merely to truly please,
As you lovingly receive.

And when you meet a Higher Being,
You soon have a deep desire
To be who they are, just being.


Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Sunday, October 9, 2016



By Joel D. Anastasi, The Angel News Network

In my last blog I discussed how the Archangelic and Ascendant Master Realms have been telling us for years that the United States would lead the world into a new era of peace and unity in which mankind would come to understand that we are all one.

Yet, in this year’s Presidential campaign, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has made repeated appeals to national, religious and racial bigotry and has baited his most ardent supporters with veiled hints of violence towards his opponents. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is distrusted by American voters almost as much as Mr. Trump, though she has vastly more government experience and repeatedly proclaims, “We are stronger together.”

Can either candidate lead America to achieve its spiritual destiny? Recently, I posed the question of America’s spiritual destiny to the Cosmic Keepers of Creation, a spiritual realm charged with the mission of helping mankind ascend into a higher realm of consciousness. These comments were made during Divine Discussions, a program sponsored by The Angel News Network and conducted bimonthly at the Center for Spiritual Living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The channel was Phillip Collins. Here is their response:

“The ascendant master realms in combination with all the other spiritual realms hereby declare to you at this time and forever more that the United States of America has been divinely created and will lead this world and planet into a new paradigm, a new world order of equality, harmony and balance.

“For those of you who resonate and discern with this message, this truth, we ask you to hold it in intention, an energetic intention, no matter how things appear in the outside world. Dear ones, this is where your surrender and trust comes in. The ascended mastership are working constantly to maintain and sustain and have been for some 70, 000 years the intention of these United States leading the world with a new order. This will take place, dear ones.

“What you are experiencing now is the clearing and the cleansing of the wounded little boys and wounded little girls who think they are in control of what they did not create, who are in what you call ‘ leadership capacities’ who are thrashing about as wounded children saying to the world, love me, like me, pay attention to me. I will do, I will say anything through the media you have at this time.

“You have been gifted with cyberspace from the higher realms, particularly by the higher realm of Archangel Uriel, to escape this so as not to allow yourselves to be imprisoned by untruth and to share what you know as truth with one another. For many, many millennia, dear ones, the intention of creating a new world order through what you call North America as a residue of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies has been seeded within this continent. That is in the process of being activated as we speak, and you are seeing some dramatic birthing pains of acting out.

“But we ask you, dear ones, through all the chaos, chaos leading to creation, to see the thrashing about, the drama, as the birthing pains of a new reality. There is a brand new world order ahead of you. And we of the higher realms promise you this: it can be no other way.

“There will be nothing and no one on this planet that will interfere with the destiny of this particular planet, called the lover-versity of creation, to be a symbol of the mastering of the construct of love and mirroring that out to all of creation. That is the reason this planet was seeded by twelve different star systems and many other higher realms forces that most of you are completely unaware of.

“Follow your resonance, dear ones. Follow your discernment. A great new dawn is ahead of you. It doesn’t matter how things appear outside of you. That birthing, that embryo within you, will birth from the inside out, not the outside in.”

As you can see, the Cosmic Keepers of Creation are answering YES to the question posed by my title. My guess, however, is, but not with a President Donald Trump.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016





Discourse #1


Who Am I? (St. Germain)

Beloved Students,
It is important and essential for you to know and remember that I have been human just like you. Many of the higher realms have never been human. I am proof that you can and will achieve what I have chosen to be and do--to become an Ascended Master. I am the divine way shower, and so are you.
Like you, I have had many incarnations on this planet. Not to overload you with historical information, I shall briefly review some (not all) significant ones. You, too, have had some life times that made a huge difference in the ascension of the planet and humanity.

I was the father of Jesus and the husband of Mary. I was the alchemist and prophet Merlin during the court of King Arthur. I was Christopher Columbus who re-discovered North America. I was Francis Bacon, statesman, philosopher and literary master you know as Shakespeare. My last human life time was the Count Saint Germain where I assisted in the creation of The United States of America (USA) and received my dispensation to ascend. All these incarnations were experienced within a 2,000 Earth cycle ending during your 19th century calendar.

We of the Ascended Mastership Realms consider this endeavor a simplified, concise teaching of all that has preceded it. The meaning and value of this outreach is for you to have a more immediate connection/dialogue with the frequency you are destined to become. This in no way attempts to be a complete teaching from our fifth dimensional realm. It is our intention that some of your fear, doubt and ignorance regarding us is healed through this interchange. Once there is further trust that we truly exist and you fully surrender/receive our love and support, the sooner your ascension process will flow with grace and ease.
It is within your divine soul plan that each of you becomes an Ascended Master. This is your destiny that no one and no thing can take away from you. It has only been through your mental bodies thinking you are not good enough or worthy enough that you have built a resistance to your birthright. What you have been taught about yourself is now being retaught, if you so choose, to make another choice now.

You are a divine spiritual being choosing to have a human experience in order to master the human self so that you may embrace your ascended mastership. The human choice you have made is an essential aspect of creation expressing itself in order to advance creation itself. We of the higher realms honor the choices and challenges you have made for the betterment of ALL THERE IS.

Once you achieve your full ascended state through something called your higher self “I AM Presence” and world service, your service to all creation begins. In addition to your I AM Presence, together we shall also be employing “The Violet Flame” in assisting you in achieving your ascended mastership.
Both the I AM Presence and The Violet Flame utilize the Cosmic Laws and Science of frequency and vibration. Mastership is all about mastering the use of energy through frequency and vibration. This allows you to manifest what you intend through focusing your attention. There will be more on these within our dialogue later…
All Creation would be incomplete without each and every one of you; otherwise, you would not be here. When you trust, surrender and embrace this truth, your resistance will vanish like the wounds and ego defenses you created to survive being human.
The thing that humanity fears the most is recognizing and embracing your divinity through your “I AM Presence” that lives within your hearts. For eons, those working on the dark side of humanity have taught you that you are something else in an attempt to control you. And they have done a pretty good job. But what these hidden forces do not realize is they cannot permanently control what they did not create. And they did not create this world or you.
Your emotional and mental bodies have been filled with erroneous belief systems that are not true. There has actually been very little truth in your world. But the truth will set you free, and it is available to you now, if you so choose to receive/accept it. We of the higher realms have gifted you with cyber communications systems to free you from the control of others, even as these are attempting to be controlled now. Use your resonance (how you feel about it) and your discernment (how you think about it) as your internal gyro system to know what to know and bring into your life and world.
Your ascension process is all about raising your vibration/frequency through your awareness/consciousness so you can transmute/transcend/ascend into a higher frequency of existence. The higher realms cannot allow a lower frequency within them. Right now, your present frequency is what is preventing your ascension. We of the higher realms continue to send you ways and means to heal yourself so we may join together as One. Endeavors such as The Angel News Network and others are dedicated to sending our support to you while also allowing you to have direct access to us.
We again acknowledge the choices you have made in being human, learning the way you have chosen to learn what you need to master in order to free yourself from yourself. Please know this is the only way there could be a permanent healing due to the demises of past golden ages due to your disconnect from higher realms (the human mental body thinking it could be and do it a better way). The goal is for you to achieve a permanent connection to the higher realms so that together we can be in service to ALL THERE IS.

As your planet moves into its final 2,000-year cycle of creating the final seventh golden age of returning to light from whence all came, your healing and transformation will come through a personal process that requires you being and doing the work and accepting with compassion, thus forgiving, how you have chosen to learn. All the tools you need to master self are available in great detail through this endeavor and others.
Your ascension process does not have to be as painful as your experiences in the past. It is not a punishment. The Universe is built upon love. The pain does not have to continue to be long-term suffering. Right now, if you so choose, you can see this as the grandest journey of all your lifetimes joined with us working together hand and hand, heart to heart. Remember, our DNA is the same since we walked where you are walking now. We ask that you join us knowing we have been where you are and have made another choice to ascend.

We of the Ascended Realms are committed to supporting you as you transform your world into communities of equality, harmony and balance through a loving relationship with self. When you are ready to meet our commitment and make it the most important priority in your life, our world will become one.

There is actually a co-dependence between our dimensions. As our frequencies join as One, it allows the destiny of humanity and this planet to be further fulfilled: to become the master teachers of the universe. This is who you truly are and why you are here. This is the big picture!

For your destiny to take place you need to master self and manifest this final golden age through the application of love (the building block of all). When you have reflected love in all human endeavors, all your beingness will entrain to this highest frequency and you will transmute into your ‘light bodies’ and become the Ascended Masters you are destined to be in being human.
As we further embark on this dialogue, let us fill our hearts and eternal souls with the ascension fire that burns within you. I am Saint Germain, your ascended way shower, teacher, brother and friend.
Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

Ascended Masters, Amongst Us *

Ascended masters are always amongst us,
Guardians and gifts of humanity,
Who have worked many millennia
From the unseen to the seen.
They enlighten and brighten and lift
Humanity out of our self-created
Self-centered creations.
These higher beings’ domain
Is beyond death’s doors,
Having eternal dominance
Over the physical body and terrain.
All things obey their command,
As they demand the laws of nature,
And the universe is at their converse.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,